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Senki Zesshou Symphogear, being a sci-fi series about Magical Girl Warriors who use Power Armor fueled by The Power of Rock to fight alien-like bioweapons, greatly capitalizes on the singing prowess of its cast, which is saying a lot.

Image Songs

Each Gear user has their own battle song, which changes from season to season. Also included on the CDs are their mundane songs, which don't feature as heavily in the anime itself.

  • Hibiki Tachibana gets plenty of Celtic(?) action with:
  • Tsubasa Kazanari has a Japanese theme to her music, with:
  • Chris Yukine has very hard dakka-centric character songs:
    • Symphogear: "Makyuu - Ichaival" and "Tsunaida Te Dake ga Tsumugu Mono".
    • G: "Bye-Bye Lullaby" (hell yeah!) On the softer side of things, she also sings "Kyoushitsu Monochrome".
    • GX: "TRUST HEART", her battle song and the much softer "Houkago Keyholder".
    • AXZ: "GUN BULLET XXX" dials back on the hard rock in favor of adding more techno sounds and even a piano while still remaining as aggressive as ever. On the other hand, "Todoke Happy♥Uta Zukin" is just plain silly as it can best be described as Chris trying to sing to a Halloween-themed magical girl anime openingnote . And the kicker? It serves as a Call-Back to when Chris introduced herself as "Little Red Singing Hood" to Elfnein back in GX.note 
    • XDU: "SAKURA BLIZZARD", in which Chris takes a page from her senpai Tsubasa and sings to a Japanese-themed soundtrack while still adding elements of her own hard rock style.
  • Maria Cadenzavna Eve has a symphonic R&B theme:
    • G: "Ressou - Gungnir" is her battle song, named after the Relic she wields in common with Hibiki. Also reappears in GX for a single instance, stealing Tsubasa's thunder (previously, Tsubasa was the only Gear user to have a battle song repeat from an earlier season). Her mundane song, "Dark Oblivion" is also very good, despite its Engrish.
    • GX: With a new Gear, Maria continues the pattern of naming the first battle song of any gear with Descriptor - Gear, with "Ginwan - Airgetlam" as well as "Innocent White Pure". Furthermore, as the first Gear wielder to enter IGNITE mode alone, we're also treated to "Ginwan - Airgetlam (IGNITED arrangement)" within the same episode.
    • AXZ: This time around, Maria has "Stand Up! Ready!!" for her battle song and "Stand Up! Lady!!" for her mundane song. Despite the similar sounding names, the two songs are very much different in their own unique ways, with the former containing powerful lyrics that solidify Maria's renewed confidence in herself after her Character Development from the previous season and the latter being a catchy country song complete with an acoustic guitar.
    • XDU: "Hadaka ni Natte...Natsu". An uplifting summer-themed tune that's all about releasing yourself from your worries and enjoying the now to find who you truly are.
  • Kirika Akatsuki, in symphonic rock style, has:
  • Shirabe Tsukuyomi has J-pop and techno elements in:
    • G: "Oukyo - Shul-Shagana" is Shirabe's battle theme. PRACTICE MODE is Shirabe's B-side song.
    • GX: Shirabe gets "GENOCIDE SAW HEAVEN" to go along with her new weapons and "SENSE OF DISTANCE".
    • AXZ: "Melodious Moonlight" ups the tempo on the techno beats and even adds hints of dubstep and a guitar to give us one of Shirabe's most energetic songs to date. Outside of battles, there's "Draft Folder", which, despite the plain-sounding name, has a catchy beat that wouldn't sound out of place in a vocaloid album.
    • XDU: "Gohoushi Maid Mode" is an incredibly cute yet catchy techno song that'll have you know that this up-and-coming maid is here and ready to serve.
  • As a Battle Couple, Kirika and Shirabe's songs are in perfect rhythmic sync with each other. Furthermore, their battle songs are remixed into a duet in each season:
    • G: "Gokuren - Igalima" and "Oukyo - Shul Shagana" are remixed into "Edge Works of Goddess ZABABA", underscoring that in some translations, Igalima and Shul Shagana are the paired mythological weapons of the god/goddess Zababa.
    • GX: With their status as a couple cemented in GX, "OVERKILL SCYTHE HELL" and "GENOCIDE SAW HEAVEN" are blended into "Just Loving X-Edge".
    • AXZ: "Dangerous Sunshine" and "Melodious Moonlight" are combined to create "Gizagizagirari Full Throttle". Don't the funny name fool you; this just might be the Zababa duo's most dynamic song to date, showing that with a new batch of LiNKER to keep themselves synced, the two are more battle-ready than ever before.
  • Miku Kohinata gives us the following:
    • Symphogear: The very sweet "Hidamari Memoria".
    • G: "Waikyou - Shenshou Jing", her Symphogear battle song. We also get Kaban No Kakushigoto though it was never actually used in the show.
    • GX: Although Miku didn't have a song in the series the third bonus cd coming with the bluray #3 release gives us a duet with her and Hibiki called "Rainbow Memoria".
    • XDU: Miku's theme for her X-Drive form, Eternal Love Promise, is proof that Miku's still capable of being a badass when she has to and somehow manages to be even more obvious about her feelings for Hibiki than "Waikyou - Shenshou Jing".
  • Kanade Amou has "Kimi To Iu Oto Kanade Tsukiru Made" and "Orbital Beat" (sung along with Nana Mizuki, and also sung again in season 2 by Shirabe and Kirika) going on for her in Symphogear. Too bad she dies early on.
    • XDU: Kanade has made her triumphant return to the series after five long years and has brought a new song to go with it. Behold: "Gyakko no Resolve". Welcome back, old friend.
  • Serena Cadenzavna Eve, for the short duration of her appearance, gives us a soothing melody in "Apple", which also reappears whenever her sister starts humming it.
    • XDU: After much anticipation, Serena has returned wielding the full power of the Airgetlam and has received not one but two battle songs to finally call her own. "Dareka no Tame no Hikari" is a light electronic J-pop theme while "Kono Ima wo Ikite" is more intense and fast-paced while also incorporating hints of Maria's symphonic R&B elements.
  • The first three seasons include a duet set to an amazingly animated sequence in the first episode.
  • In GX, Carol takes to the field and overwhelms the girls, set to her song "Senkin - Dur da Blá", which perfectly encapsulates Carol's motivations. Note that the title means "Genocide Harp". Her character CD also contained a second song named "Tomorrow" that ended up being unused.
  • GX also introduced IGNITE mode, a time limited powerup for all symphogear users. Almost every time any Symphogear or team of Symphogears engage IGNITE mode, their relevant leitmotif is remixed into a faster paced, more rocking version. With the exception of Kirika and Shirabe (Because they never fought solo in their IGNITE forms). They have had their duet Just Loving X-Edge Ignited. Hibiki, Tsubasa, Chris and Maria all have their main battle songs remixed into Ignite form.
  • GX on top of that introduced group image songs - essentially group battle themes for when multiple Symphogears take to the field. Mass ass-kicking often ensues.
    • Hibiki x Chris x Tsubasa: "RADIANT FORCE". First revealed in a preview for GX and later used to kick off the third season within its first few moments, it perfectly sets the tone for the awesome things to come, starting off with a slow instrumental before the voices of Hibiki, Chris, and Tsubasa join together to create something that's truly amazing. Then later the aforementioned IGNITE mode kicks things even further giving us "RADIANT FORCE-IGNITE"
    • Chris x Tsubasa: "BAYONET CHARGE", in which the oriental instruments of Tsubasa's Genre Motif and the guitars of Chris's are combined to create a rocking war anthem heralding the characters' return to the battlefield.
    • Maria x Kirika x Shirabe: "Arigatou o Utai Nagara". A heartwarming ballad filled with words of thankfulness that convey the girls' hopes for the future and their feelings towards those who were able to give them a second chance at life.
  • AXZ group image songs:
    • Hibiki x Chris x Tsubasa: "Gekishou Infinity" (ignite). The main trio once again starting the season on the right note by giving us a battle song that's equal parts triumphant and intense as they delve into newer territories and tougher battles. "Let's fly", indeed.
    • Maria x Shirabe x Kirika: "Senritsu Sorority" (ignite), which captures their newfound determination to push towards the future despite their weaknesses and puts it into words of motivation.
    • Chris x Maria: "CHANGE THE FUTURE", in which Chris and Maria start this season's trend of having Gear users from different trios fighting together and getting their own duet, and boy do they start off with a bang, as Chris's rocking guitars combine with Maria's graceful symphony to create one of THE most triumphant and heroic-sounding songs in the entire franchise.
    • Tsubasa x Shirabe: "Fuugetsu no Shissou". A perfect blend of Japanese instruments and techno sounds backed by guitars, piano, and a melodious harmony provided by Tsubasa's low but confident voice and Shirabe's high yet calm voice.
    • Hibiki x Kirika: "Hitsuai Duo Shout", in which both of our resident genki girls show us how to rock out and have a fun time doing it as Celtic rock and symphonic rock collide to create an energetic, Hot-Blooded song that will make you want to shout with them.
    • Saint-Germain x Cagliostro x Prelati: "Shitou -Ewigkeit-". A rocking remix of the melody they sung in Episode 1, the alchemists take center stage in the climax of the show and sing like there's no tomorrow, fitting for their first and last song together.

OPs, EDs, and Others

  • As per the Nana Mizuki tradition whenever she voices a major character, she writes and sings the openings for the entire series:
    • Symphogear: "Synchrogazer". The first few seconds are enough to set the tone for the series, from the techno sounds and guitars kicking things off to Mizuki asking the audience to "listen to my song." And everything just gets better from there.
    • G: "Vitalization". Hard dubstep and strings collide with each other to create something that's equal parts awesome and chaotic.
    • GX: "Exterminate". The techno beats and guitars of "Synchrograzer" come together with the strings of "Vitalization", now upgraded to a full on orchestra, to give us the best of both worlds.
    • AXZ: "TESTAMENT". If the rocking guitars and Mizuki counting down from seven aren't enough to get you excited from the start, then the triumphant-sounding orchestra backed by a choir will be sure to get your blood pumping.
    • XDU: "Unlimited Beat". Pure, fast-paced, symphonic rocking amazingness that's sure to leave goosebumps every time you listen to it. In fact, it's so awesome it was even used as an insert song in Episode 11 of AXZ. WOAH WOAH WOOOOAAAAHHHH!
  • Ayahi Takagaki sings all the endings, serving as counterpoint to Nana Mizuki:
    • Symphogear: "Meteor Light". Set to a harmony of techno beats and electric guitar while littered with some Surprisingly Good English here and there, the song also details Chris's yearning for hope in her dark life.
    • G: "Next Destination" comes with a more optimistic feeling that is reflected in its ED imagery and lyrics, possibly representing Chris's newfound outlook on life now that she's adjusting to a normal life.
    • GX: "Re-birth Day". Faster techno beats and a more prominent guitar combine to give us the most energetic ending Takagaki has given us to date.
    • AXZ: "Futurism", in which the guitar is replaced with an orchestra to create a more foreboding atmosphere, fitting for Chris's newfound conflicts with her Dark and Troubled Past in this season.
  • The first season's finale reaches its climax with "FIRST LOVE SONG".
  • "Gyakko no Flugel" is reprised in G's finale as "Niji Iro No Flügel", sung by six Symphogears. Also, in G, "Hajimari no Babel", which also unites all six Symphogear users.
  • For a funny homage to Jackie Chan's Police Story, and Rocky Balboa Genjuro Kazanari breaks out with a hilarious Training Montage while singing in Cantonese, followed shortly by Hibiki.
  • Special mention has to be made for this fan made remix of Kanade's "Kimi to Iu Oto Kanade Tsukiru Made" and Hibiki's "Watashi to Iu Oto Hibiki Sono Saki ni", merging it into a duet.
  • The ED for episode 6 of AXZ, "Axia no Kaze", is very powerful for fans who have followed the series through all four seasons. It involves all six current Symphogear wielders singing all of the activation incantations that have been used throughout all four seasons, including Kanade and Maria's Gungnir incantations and Miku's Shenshou Jing incantation, before ending with all of them singing the swan song together. The final episode, however, reveals it was simply the first half for a larger song that the girls sing during the final battle with lyrics that reference the titles of all of their respective character songs.


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