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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

  • Bruce getting attacked in the food line, which results in this exchange:
    Chinese Prisoner: You are in Hell, little man! And I am the Devil!
    Bruce: You're not the Devil. You're practice.
    • And so begins a beat-down of epic proportions, not just of the guy who attacked him, but every other prisoner who joins the fight. He even breaks a guy's leg!
    • Capped off by this funny/awesome moment when the guards come and drag Bruce away to solitary confinement for "protection":
      Bruce: I don't need protection!
      Guard: Protection for them!
      [cue shot of the prisoners rolling about in the yard, groaning in pain]
    • The whole thing becomes far funnier when you know the meaning of Ra´s al Ghul: The head of the demon. So, in a way, Batman did end up facing the devil as his final enemy in the movie.
  • "Actually, there were seven of them."
    • "I counted six, Mr. Wayne."
  • Falcone's Hannibal Lecture/"The Reason You Suck" Speech is one for the villainous; he has Bruce speechless, because Bruce knows Falcone's got him dead to rights. Which inspires him to walk the earth and eventually become Batman, leading to Falcone's very satisfying comeuppance later.
    Falcone: Look around you. You'll see two councilmen, a union official, couple off-duty cops, and a judge. (draws out a gun) Now, I wouldn't have a second's hesitation of blowing your head off right here and right now in front of them. That's power you can't buy. That's the power of fear. [...] You think you've got nothing to lose. But you haven't thought it through. You haven't thought about your lady friend down at the DA's office. You haven't thought about your old butler. Bang! People from your world...have so much to lose. Now you think, because your mommy and your daddy got shot, you know about the ugly side of life, but you don't. You've never tasted desperate. You're, uh, you're Bruce Wayne, the Prince of Gotham! You'd have to go a thousand miles to meet someone who didn't know your name. So, don't-don't come down here with your anger, trying to prove something to yourself! This is a world you'll never understand, and you always fear what you don't understand.
    • And then, as he's about to have Wayne forcibly removed from the premises, he decides to twist the knife. It's really all in Tom Wilkinson's delivery.
      Falcone: Yeah, you got spirit, kid. I'll give you that. More than your old man, anyway. In the joint, Chill told me, uh, told me about the night he killed your parents. He said your father begged for mercy. Begged. Like a dog.
  • Bruce's final days with the League of Shadows:
    • His last training exercise. Bruce masters his inner fears and showcases his cunning.
      Ducard: [failing to notice that Bruce had slashed several ninja with identical wounds] You cannot leave any sign.
      Bruce: [early version of Batman growl] I haven't.
    • His escape. If Bruce wants to exit the house and catch some air, he won't stop for a piddling obstacle like the entire League.
    • To elaborate, the false Ra's al Ghul tells Bruce to kill this one criminal to affirm his status as member of the League of Shadows. Owing to his one rule before becoming Batman, Bruce basically says, "Hell, no," dips his sword into the hot coal, and tosses it into some bags, beginning to burn down the temple. The League, in response, immediately ready their swords in unison, with Ra's doing the same and fighting Bruce as the temple explodes and collapses around them. Ra's ends up dying from having burning logs collapsing on top of him. The next thing Bruce does is to pick up Ducard and get the hell out, but he ends up flying out as Ducard slides off the mountain. Bruce follows suit and ultimately saves Ducard via using the spiked blades on his arm, proving that they can do more than just follow the Rule of Cool.
  • Bruce confronting his fear of bats in the Batcave definitely deserves mention.
    • And related, a three-sentence exchange that sums up the reason Batman choose such an icon for his identity.
      Alfred: Why bats, Master Wayne?
      Bruce: Bats frighten me. It's time my enemies shared my dread.
  • The scene with Falcone loading a shotgun in his car, where you can just imagine his panic. He then whispers, "What the hell are you?" Cue a smash of glass and...say it with us now: "I'm Batman!"
  • The moment where Batman first appears is not just one of the most Crowning Moments in the character's history, but possibly the greatest moment in motion picture history ever. Not only does he manage to dispatch an entire crew of mobsters single-handedly and reduces their boss from an arrogant, bullying crime lord to a terrified old man cowering in the back of his limo with a shotgun (which Batman then proceeds to pull him out of through the sun roof), he politely compliments an old homeless man on his coat (which Bruce gave to him years ago) in the process.
    • That intro moment in that sequence was with the long-haired guy with the sub-machine gun:
      Goon: [after wildly blasting away with his gun] WHERE ARE YOU?!
      Batman: [hanging upside down, coming into shot as we pan with the goon] Here.
      Goon: GAH—! [cut off as the black cape envelopes him]
    • Jim Gordon shows up with a bunch of other officers to the place where Falcone's goons were. Another officer asks if they're Falcone's men, and Gordon cynically replies "Does it matter? We'll never tie him to it anyway." Then the officer adds, "I wouldn't be too sure of that" and nods his head towards something that Gordon apparently didn't even notice beforehand; a searchlight pointed at the clouds, with Falcone chained to it such that his shadow forms a bat silhouette in said clouds. A symbol of hope in a city that clearly needs it. It also helps that the music used in that scene has the same melody as was used earlier in part of "The Will To Act."
  • Batman snatching Flass from the alley below, dangling him over it by his ankles, and interrogating him after visibly working himself up into the scariest interrogator in the universe.
    Flass: I don't know! I-I-I swear to God!
    Batman: SWEAR TO ME!
    • Later, in the same interrogation:
    Flass: (The drugs) are all in the Narrows! But cops only go there in force and-
    Batman: DO I LOOK LIKE A COP? (Drops Flass)
  • "It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me." Best identity reveal ever.
    • That whole sequence is flawless: he comes down, saves Rachel and the kid, drops the line, lets Rachel register everything, and then leaps from the rooftop and glides off to confront Ra's, all without missing a beat.
  • One for a villain: Jonathan Crane is trying to destroy some evidence, when both of his Mooks are taken out by an unseen assailant, who then reveals himself as the guy who single-handedly took down a mob boss. So does he flee? No! He quickly slips on his mask, releases his fear gas, and then sets Batman on fire!
    • For Crane (and arguably, Cillian Murphy's career) up to this point: "Would you like to see my mask?"
    • In a straitjacket, when he says "Scarecrow..."
  • Cillian Murphy's magnificent performance as Crane/Scarecrow. Up until this point, Scarecrow was a loud, obvious villain; not that this made him any less frightening, mind you. But Murphy's good looks, calm demeanor, soft-spoken delivery, and incredible acting manage to add a whole new side to Crane, and make him more unassuming, more subtle, and more effective as a villain. He's unsettling at first, and downright terrifying when he puts on his mask. No wonder Crane's an Ensemble Dark Horse now.
    • Batman giving Crane a "taste of his own medicine" also counts.
    • Also, even before he unveils the Scarecrow, Crane manages to be the first person to make Carmine Falcone drop his mask of untouchable smugness. Granted, it's mainly due to Crane evoking his employer, but still.
      Crane: No more favors. Someone is sniffing around.
      Falcone: Hey, I scratch your back, you scratch mine, Doc. I'm providing the muscle for all your shipments.
      Crane: We are paying you for that.
      Falcone: Well, maybe money isn't as interestin' to me as favors.
      Crane: [Removes his glasses and exhales] I am more than aware that you are not intimidated by me, Mr. Falcone. But you know who I'm working for. And when he gets here—
      Falcone: [Suddenly apprehensive] He—he's comin' to Gotham?!
      Crane: Yes he is. And when he gets here, he's not going to want to hear that you have endangered our operation just to get your thugs out of a little jail time.
  • To keep SWAT occupied, Batman summons a massive swarm of bats.
    • The scene was taken from Batman: Year One, and was itself just the capper on an entire Moment of Awesome sequence.
  • The car chase is one of the most epic when you consider what Batman uses to take out multiple police cars in spectacular fashion: Lots of caltrops that puncture cruisers' tires, cannons that blow away barriers, and lots of quick maneuvers.
  • Ra's' reappearance in Wayne Manor, complete with him setting the house alight, and the page quote for this.
  • Ra's' line "If someone stands in the way of true justice, you simply walk up behind them...and stab them in the heart", delivered in a calm and cold voice. Made even better as it foreshadows the attacker coming up behind Bruce, which turns out to have been a feint for Ra's making an attack himself!
  • One for Ra's here. His entire plan goes almost without a hitch. The only reason he loses is because he left Bruce in the manor instead of killing him. Had he finished him, no one would have been able to stop him.
  • Even Alfred gets at least one when he knocks out a League of Shadows goon ("I hope you're not a member of the fire brigade") whilst rushing into the burning Wayne Manor to save Bruce. And the subsequent "You still haven't given up on me"/"Never!" exchange.
    • And when he tries to help the pinned Bruce.
      Alfred: What was the point of all those push-ups if you can't lift one bloody log?!
  • Loeb tells a desperate Gordon that "There's nobody left to send in!" Cue the Tumbler coming out of nowhere and jumping into the Narrows.
  • While protecting a little boy, Rachel tasers Scarecrow. In the face. HOW is that NOT awesome?
    • To elaborate, Scarecrow, in that scene, is riding a horse. That breathes fire. And Rachel STILL tasers him in one shot. BAD. ASS!
  • Batman finally defeating Ra's while saving all of Gotham from fear toxin. Topped off by his escape and gliding in the shape of a bat.
    • His breaking into the train carriage through a window while it's moving. Ra's expression as he realizes Bruce is waiting for him is one of disbelief and fury.
      Ra's: You will never learn.
    • Bruce also effectively shutting up Ra's snide dismissal of his abilities in one move.
      Ra's: Familiar! Don't you have anything new?!
      Batman: How about THIS?! [catches the blade of Ra's sword-cane between the spines on his vambrace and shatters it]
    • Even better is the sudden look of apprehension on Ra's' face. He understands just how much he's underestimated his former student.
    • The fight is also quite awesome for Ra's in that he's holding his own without any special armor, against a guy who's draped in some of the best armor ever produced. He still loses, but still.
    • He only loses because Batman managed to distract him by invoking an Oh, Crap! moment. If not for that, Ra's very well might have ended Batman's career right then and there.
    • The climax of the fight, with Ra's straddling Batman, holding him by the throat.
      Ra's: Don't be afraid, Bruce. You are just an ordinary man in a cape; that's why you could not fight injustice and that's why you cannot stop this train!
      Batman: Who said anything about stopping it?
      [Cue Gordon using the Tumbler to blow up the supports of the monorail and collapse the track ahead of them. Ra's snaps his head up to stare as he realizes what Batman has done, allowing him to turn the tables.]
      Batman: (Rolls out from under Ra's, pinning him underneath and with a Batarang to the neck) You never learned to mind your surroundings!
      Ra's: Have you finally learned to do what is necessary?
      Batman: I won't kill you. (throws his Batarang out the window and separates the train to open.) But I don't have to save you. (activates his wingsuit and flies out)
  • Liam Neeson channeling Qui-Gon Jinn as, in his last moment, Ra's calmly faces his death-by-train.
  • "Didn't you get the memo?" Said by Lucius after Bruce takes back Wayne Enterprises.
  • The final scene as Batman takes the "calling card" left behind by a thief and flips it over to reveal...a Joker.