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Nightmare Fuel / Batman Begins

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"Who knows you're here? WHO KNOOOWS?!"
"Gentlemen, time to spread the word. And the word is... panic."
Ra's al Ghul

Batman Begins meant the start of a new continuity in film. However, it also meant a Darker and Edgier start.

  • Crane exposing Falcone to the fear toxin.
    Crane: Would you like to see my mask? I use it in my experiments. Now probably not frightening to a guy like you, but his crazies, they can't stand it.
    Falcone: So when did the nut take over the nuthouse?
    (Crane sprays fear gas into Falcone's face; Falcone begins to scream in terror as the gas takes effect: Crane's voice is altered, and the mask appears to move like a real face)
    Crane: (in a demonic voice) They scream and they cry, much as you're doing now.
  • Batman's whole shtick is to be Nightmare Fuel to his enemies.
    • The end sequence where the Narrows are just teeming with Fear Toxin, and all the escaped convicts see Batman flying above. Their collective hallucination paints Batman as a huge black shadow with GLOWING RED EYES! It then distorts his voice to an even more horrible growl... Though it is quite the subversion in that it's the HERO that's terrifying.
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    • Crane's vision of Batman while on the toxin. It'd be more apt to call the hallucination a Bat-Demon, complete with black ooze frothing out of the mouth while he speaks. And he himself is more unhinged than ever before.
  • When Batman gets sprayed by the fear toxin by Scarecrow, he sees bats flying out of Scarecrows eyes and mouth.
  • BUF Special Effects (the team who created the Scarecrow effects for the film) released an FX reel after the film came out that highlighted several sequences from the film. One of them is a deleted shot featuring Rachel's perspective of Crane when the elevator doors open in Arkham. In the theatrical cut, Crane immediately grabs her when the doors open. In the FX reel, Crane stands there staring straight into the screen with a passive look while maggots fall off of his face.
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  • When Scarecrow sets Batman on fire. The song that plays as he leaps from the balcony while ablaze sums it all up.
    Scarecrow: Do you want my opinion? You need to lighten up.
  • Ra's Al Ghul walks right into Bruce's home and pulls Batman's own famous Stealth Hi/Bye on him with the Jump Scare becoming a nasty surprise once the realisation of who that is, starts to sink in.
  • Crane, now calling himself "Scarecrow", chasing Rachel and the boy from earlier through the streets of Gotham riding a horse that, because of the fear toxin in the air, seems to be a Hellish Horse with glowing red eyes and breathing fire. This while Crane calls to them in a booming, distorted, demonic voice.
  • The Narrows and almost everyone in it, is driven insane by Scarecrow's toxin thanks to the monorail, once built to help Gotham, being used to destroy the city from the inside. This leads to some violent riots, with whole crowds attacking Batman and amid all the chaos Zsasz walking towards Rachel Dawes with a knife.
    • Those intoxicated by Fear Toxin seem to be totally beside themselves. We can see a group of intoxicated inmates who are totally disoriented.


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