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  • Injustice 2 is now officially announced, with the reveal trailer and initial press release having a number of elements that would please DC Comics fans, ranging from Supergirl and Gorilla Grodd joining the lineup of playable characters to Batman sporting armor that has the Batman Beyond color scheme.
  • Let's see the SDCC reveals. Wonder Woman? Eh, nice addition and she looks fun to play, but she was a secure spot...waitaminute, the other one is BLUE BEETLE? That is awesome!
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  • How about the Gamescom reveals? Oh hey, Harley Quinn is back! But wait, where did Pudding go-WAITAMINUTE, DEADSHOT ALSO JOINS THE FIGHT!
  • Or how about the fact that Ed Boon, the owner of Netherrealm, has put up a poll stating that Buffy, Spawn, The Terminator, or Hellboy may be in the game?
    • Looks like it wasn't just idle talk, either. See further down for details.
  • The roster leak that came out just before the story trailer is an interesting case of this. While it was initially met with the standard amount of skepticism common for this kind of a game, as time went on, every official character reveal lined up with it. The roster described can be seen on this page.
  • Seven words: Pre-Order now to fight as Darkseid.
  • New trailer with new reveals. We have Robin and Bane, that's cool. Wait a minute...POISON IVY? Okay, that's awesome. But wait, there's more; BRAINIAC IS PLAYABLE. The hype train has no stop!
  • The Black Canary reveal. Not only was this pleasing for people who wanted her specifically, but her official website bio confirms that she's returning from another universe as per the comics. This suggests that characters who have died in the Injustice continuity can still return, with many fans hoping for a reunion between Black Canary and her love interest, Green Arrow... which was later confirmed, to much jubilation, in Shattered Alliances Part 2.
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  • Swamp Thing is now a playable character.
  • Who should be in, Catwoman or Cheetah? Oh, look, here come the girls... and we get BOTH! Also, Poison Ivy gameplay reveal. To top it off, these reveals were only one day after Swamp Thing's debut.
  • The mobile game got a soft-launch in the Philippines, and among the characters shown were The Flash, Green Lantern, and Scarecrow.
  • Doctor Fate is confirmed as a playable character.
  • Reverse-Flash is seen fighting normal Flash in a story cutscene, meaning those alternate skins will have actual impact on the setting and not just be fun cameos. Also gives hope that if a character doesn't make the roster that they still could appear in story.
  • A leak of a published book explicitly mentioned Red Hood as one of the game's characters. While this is far from a confirmation that he's in the game, it did get a lot of fans excited after concerns of his absence on the leaked roster (which was basically confirmed at that point).
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  • Let's see...Oooh! Green Lantern (Hal Jordan and John Stewart) are going to be in the official game. Nice, nice...and now we have...FIRESTORM!? THE HEAT IS OOON!
  • The third Shattered Alliances trailer introduces Black Adam.
  • In the It's Good to be Bad Trailer, it is inevitable that Captain Cold joins the fray, especially when he is teased from the VERY FIRST Injustice 2 trailer.
  • How 'bout Aquaman's much improved face graphics between E3 2016 and late March 2017? He's gone from looking like an ugly high school bully cosplayer to actually looking like the well-kept warrior king of Atlantis.
    • For that matter, the same could be said for both Supergirl and to a lesser extent Wonder Woman by December 2016. After years of being criticized for having a rough clay-esque, almost mud-soaked aesthetic to a lot of their character faces, Netherrealm seems to finally be putting effort into making them look like real classic superbeings.
  • Also premiering in the It's Good to be Bad Trailer; Scarecrow, looking radically different than his usual design and with Robert Englund (aka Freddy Krueger) providing the voice.
  • The Flash's supermove is so bat-shit insane, especially compared to the generally toned down other supermoves. People all around the internet praised it for its sheer awesome factor!
  • In the "Your Battles Your Way" trailer, a certain red-goggled icon in Captain Cold's customization screen suggests that Mr. Freeze will be playable as an alternate skin..
  • In the final part of the 'Shattered Alliances' series of trailers, apart from the awe-inspiring display of Braniac's powers, there is also evidence of Batman and Superman working together. It might be an Enemy Mine situation, but The World's Finest are on the same side again.
  • Darkseid's supermove is even more epic since he guides his opponent with a laser behind his back, ricocheting off of satellites until landing on a giant, purple hand. And the best part? Later information confirmed the Omega Beams were fully controllable by the player.
  • The Injustice 2 crew held a pre-game release event in France where some people got a first look at not only Darkseid, but the Joker as well, confirming him as the final character. Gameplay was of course leaked afterwards.
  • The first three DLC characters were revealed as Starfire, Red Hood and Sub-Zero. The reveal trailer also strongly hinted at Black Manta and Raiden. So some of the most requested DLC characters! ...And two Mortal Kombat ones.
  • Images for the Power Girl & John Stewart premier skins for Supergirl & Green Lantern have been revealed along with a first look at the Gods and Demons shaders. Many people have already been thinking that Flash with the Gods shader and right gear could look like Godspeed.
  • More premier skins have been leaked, this time being Mr. Freeze for Captain Cold, Jay Garrick for Flash and Vixen for Cheetah.
  • The announcement of the "To End All Wars" multiverse event to celebrate the release of Wonder Woman (2017). Not only is this exciting for fans of the movie, it also indicates potential future multiverse events with new gear.
  • While Sub-Zero having his moveset play largely the same like he does in Mortal Kombat X is largely expected (though he has moves from both Cryomancer and Grandmaster; jury's still out on Unbreakable, though), unlike Scorpion, he added new moves to his move list, most of which seem to emulate his brother Noob Saibot. Additionally, he can create two ice clones during a backflip, and his match outro is his classic Spinal Rip Fatality.
  • Starfire's trailer is out and it's as good as it was expected to be and- wait. Was that Bizarro?! Life am good!
    • As Bizarro was previously referenced by one of Superman's "common" shaders ("Bizarro's Worst"), his inclusion indicates that other characters referenced by certain shaders of existing characters, such as Orm and Circe, may still make proper appearances in the future as well.
  • Raiden's confirmed? Meh. Black Manta? We expected that, and that's still awesome. Wait a minute... it's fucking Hellboy himself!
  • When it looked like the reception to Raiden's trailer would be lukewarm at best, suddenly Black Lightning shows up, opening the possibilities of characters that don't make the cut as downloadable content at least showing up as premier skins. Furthermore, those who bought the Ultimate Edition automatically unlock said skin.
  • Even Raiden haters had to admit his supermove is pretty fantastic.
  • Before Fighter Pack 3 was properly announced, The Atom was announced out of nowhere and his gameplay awesome! Zipping around opponents like a fly on steroids, shifting sizes mid-attack in ways that'd make Hank Pym jealous, and even turning into a giant and splitting molecules! Way to make an entrance Dr.'s Ryan Choi!
  • During a livestream, they released the trailer for the next character pack, and it features The Atom and The Enchantress throwing down... before they are interrupted by a thrown Sai. Is it Mileena? No, it's the freakin' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! All together now: "COWABUNGA!!!"


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