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  • In Rasputin Barxotka, Camello and his muscles seem to attract beautiful women on a regular basis, even though he is an arrogant jerk and a smuggler.
  • Used in a gay sort of way with Abe & Kroenen, because, while Kroenen's not that mean of a guy, he's still an undead Nazi assassin.
  • The Order of the Stick: Belkar kisses a girl, in the middle of massacring her party. End result: she's lying among dead bodies, saying, "My name's Jenny! ... Just in case you ever ... you know" Later, they know.
  • This strip of Freefall proposes a brilliant theory that not only explains this trope, but explains why there are so many of the jerks prowling the planet in the first place.
  • Discussed and subverted in this Something*Positive strip and those that follow it; Mike complains about this trope when seeing a girl he tried to go out with date another guy. Davan points out that, far from her being attracted to a jerk, it's more likely that she's dating him because he actually went to the trouble of asking her out—and, furthermore, guys who misrepresent their intentions by pretending to be a girl's friend solely in order to date (or just have sex with) her and then passive-aggressively whine when she doesn't "reward" them for being her friend (as Mike is currently doing) are hardly that great an improvement over the "jerks" they complain about.
    • Interestingly, another storyline has Davan learn that same lesson himself in a Flashback.
  • Used in a gender-reversed form in Digger. The first-born of Ed and his "wife" Blood-eyes dies, as is normal for hyenas (go look them up on Wikipedia and you'll see why). However, Ed had himself been a rare surviving first-born, and had been encouraging hope in her. Afterward, she started beating him, while he refused to flee from the situation (as was his right) because he still loved her. It gets worse, though. Eventually, she and Ed conceive again; this child is born successfully, but she starts beating it, as well. Ed is now thoroughly exhausted and rips Blood-eyes' throat out while she sleeps, leading to the destruction of his previous name and exile from the tribe.
  • Parodied (along with two of this trope's biggest popularizers) in this strip from Hark! A Vagrant, in which there is clearly something wrong with Anne Brontë.
  • After working for the Labs in Narbonic for a while, Dave is starting to have this effect on some ladies. (It helps that he has a special bond with computers, and he's talking to an A.I.)
    • His main love interest, the titular dr. Narbon, shows this to an extreme degree. This becomes very amusing during Dave's Heel–Face Turn.
  • Ashley in Soul Symphony has a thing for local bad boy metalheads Charlie and Tom.
  • In Sinfest, Satan's TV ad promises "Evil: chicks dig it!"
  • Heavily deconstructed in When Dawn Breaks, So Too, Shall You. The women and girls who have become fans of the Twilyte series seek to gain boyfriends like Edward Cullin.note  However, they instead end up horrifically abused and mistreated by their boyfriends who they believe are their "true loves", still staying with them and putting up with every second of the abuse because they believe that their boyfriends are doing it out of love. This results in overflowing numbers of women being sent to women's shelters, including the one the protagonist works at, and even the shelter's therapist is unable to convince them that they are being used instead of loved. Compounded by the in-universe Liberatist Feminist movement, created by Stephanie Mayernote  built around the idea that women are nothing without men and need men to "complete" them.
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  • Most of the male characters in Homestuck qualify as bad boys, so this trope comes into play quite a lot. Aradia and Feferi both had redrom flings with Sollux, and Feferi was once Eridan's moirail. Nepeta and Terezi both had red feelings for Karkat, to say nothing of Terezi's blackrom with Gamzee. On the human side of things, Terezi also had a brief redrom with Dave.
  • In Skin Horse, Killotron-1 warns Bubbles that Killotron-2 is "not a robot you want to get attached to. He is a machine of dangerous passions! A tormented loner whose emotions are enslaved to wild desires!" Bubbles's reaction is "" (Which admittedly is one of six words she can say, but she seems to mean it.)
  • In a Nodwick storyline, an orc chieftain starts a war against a human kingdom because he and their queen are in love, and they feel the only way they can marry with their subjects' approval is if it's required by a treaty. When the plot is uncovered, the queen gives this as the reason she fell for him.
  • In Darths & Droids, this is the reason Leia gives in-gamenote  for kissing Han. The real reason might have more to do with the characters' players dating in real life, since the main thing about Han in this version so far has been that he's a total Idiot Hero whom nobody trusts to do anything right, least of all Leia.


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