Speculate how the fandom would Rule 34 your hypothetical series:

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1 FurikoMaru10th Sep 2010 09:46:13 PM from The Arrogant Wasteland , Relationship Status: He makes me feel like I have a heart
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I'll go first.

Nikolai's overprotectiveness of his brother Yuri means there's no way to avoid fangirls squeeing for twincest, even though they aren't identical.

I foresee much, much strife between the Allie/Dare faction and the Dare/Lucy faction. Or maybe I'm wrong, and the Allie/Lucy shippers will drown all the others out.

I hope no one makes Nim yandere doujinshi. She's just not like that! Ugh, or Nikolai/Allie rape doujin. >_< And if anyone ships Aaron/Dare, I'll scream.

I wonder who'll be fanonically dubbed The Slut?

And I wonder if anyone will ship the pairing that I would ship, were I a fangirl.

2 Tre10th Sep 2010 09:55:11 PM from inside your radio , Relationship Status: Singularity
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Trista and Norm would probably still be the Ur Couple as they are as Tre and Nora, though I think more people would want Maxine (Max)/Martin (Marissa) to get more attention. Alex and Gloria (Allison + Grassy) would probably be the two Ensemble Darkhorses, and Tracy (Troy) would probably be the Draco in Leather Pants that everyone would go gaga over. (Granted, they do have a bit of a reason there.)

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3 BigDaddyP10th Sep 2010 09:57:33 PM from England , Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
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Fuedal Japan, swordsman stuff.

Mind Control.

'The Rival' stalks and rapes 'love interest', or love interest becomes a slut and takes it every which way.

Mary sue/Marty stu comes in to godmode all over my character because he's meant to be a legendary hero.
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5 Zolnier10th Sep 2010 10:30:35 PM from A suspiciously dull shop
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Cyril and Melissa would get Kissing Cousins for sure. In story they even lampshade this every once in a while.

And Melissa (and people close to her, rarely) is often visited by older versions of herself, selfcest?

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6 Edmania10th Sep 2010 11:21:59 PM from under a pile of erasers
o hai
Fan Fic of people breaking into mindless sex freaks through Stockholm Syndrome and rape.

Given the dark nature of the novel, I might as well expect anyone who reads it to want to see such things unless they are not a particularly sexual person.
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Of the two major works I have planned, one has a few official couples, but a great potential for alien and robot porn, while the other is absolutely begging the yaoi fandom to capitalize on all its Foe Yay. At times I wonder if it's going to be like Death Note with somewhat older characters.
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8 A_H_R11th Sep 2010 04:55:03 AM from Crevice of your Mind
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I could see a lot of incest going on between the main character and his sister and the resident over protective brother and snarky sister.

I could also see shipping between the twenty something year old psycho-mentor and the 13 year old only sane woman.

Probably also shipping between the main character and his best friend due to the slight puppy dogness the main character has towards him.

Yeah, I am mainly hoping for plenty of lovely crack.
9 DraconicAssassin11th Sep 2010 10:43:43 AM from The universe in my head
4th wall? What's that?
The twins Kerri and Kenneth in my books are on opposite sides of the battlefield, but they care deeply about each other (NOT LIKE THAT) because they have a psychic link of sorts with each other. (They care about each other like very close friends. Which they are. when they aren't arguing over whether to kill it with ice or fire.)

Oh, and the FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire Sarah and the boy who changed her. Considering he has mind control abilities, knows how to use them well, and often tries to seduce people with them...
10 MajorTom11th Sep 2010 10:46:47 AM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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I don't want to think about it.
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11 SandJosieph11th Sep 2010 11:01:11 AM from Grand Galloping Galaday , Relationship Status: Brony
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About 75% of my cast of characters are relatively attractive girls of varying professions, tastes, and attitudes. It's all downhill from there.
I have two sisters. The elder is a bisexual Action Girl suffering from major trauma. The younger developed into a Manic Pixie Dream Girl in order to cheer her up. Since I've included Greek Mythology, parallels to Final Fantasy XIII, baggage of the unhealthy-dependency-on-each-other sort, Deconstructions of certain aspects of romantic comedy, and... well, a whole lot of Does This Remind You of Anything? subtext, it's more than likely fans will ship them together instead of with their canon interests.
13 Voltech4411th Sep 2010 12:19:56 PM from Alongside a Virtual Weasel , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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(*looks at signature line)

Oh no.

Where to begin. Well, there's the massive amount of teasing between the hero and the rival, both of which are oh-so-huggable for different reasons. And they're both teens - not 100% Bishōnen boys, but...well, fan interpretation. It certainly helps that one of them looks like the male MC from Persona 3 and the other like a certain half-demon.

To its credit, there are about 3 characters that may be Rule 34-proof (wait, is that even possible?): a tiny old man, and the other two with Geek Physiques, the latter of which has hair that's regularly poked fun of.

And as for the girls? Take your pick:

Got all that? Good. Because it gets worse.

What sort of evils have I unleashed? And what sort of heinous story or characters will top this? I dare not seek the answer...

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14 Wheezy11th Sep 2010 01:00:53 PM from South Philly
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So yeah. Ami.

I um.... I know what it would probably be, but I don't want to...

I can't even...

Oh God.
15 Rainbow11th Sep 2010 01:35:05 PM , Relationship Status: Puppy love
Probably a lot of yuri stories, given that almost all my fan-made Senshi (in Sailor Moon fanfics) are girls.

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16 voiderofwarranties11th Sep 2010 02:01:28 PM from the cliffs of insanity
kind of stupid actually
The fandom I'll never have would be like Warhammer 40k: Shipping Edition, with feelings instead of violence and sex instead of death.

...I'm of mixed feelings between gladness it won't happen and resigned morbid curiosity.

Also, I feel really bad for the teenaged characters in that hypothetical situation.

...Also, there would be lots of soapy romcom sitcom A Us.
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Let's see what I can think of with Gant, the nanomachine construct.
  • Can alter his shape in any possible way you can think of
  • Inhumanly flexible
  • Can assume nearly anyone's appearance
  • Extremely strong and tough
  • Can be extraordinarily sadistic

Hmm. That has opened up a new realm of oddity.
This is this.
18 voiderofwarranties11th Sep 2010 02:27:10 PM from the cliffs of insanity
kind of stupid actually
@ Major Tom: Yyyeah.

@ Wheezy: evil grin

@ Morgulion: I know of some smaller fandoms' closest-thing-to-BN Fs who could get creative with that character.
Real life has become a mountain that must be conquered epically. Cutting back on intarwebz for a bit.
19 Nomic11th Sep 2010 02:30:28 PM from beyond the Void
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Well, there's Zaran (she's not one in canon, but I haven't seen that stop Rule 34 before). And given the setup I have planned for the final battle (Herald, the Big Bad, kidnaps Zaran and has quite a bit of slightly creepy interraction with her while she's tied up as he waits for the next stage of his plan to complete), some Herald/Zaran slash. Hell, even I've drawn them as a sort-of couple for some random non-canonical things, but that's only cause I prefer drawing monsters over humans (and because the Herald is really more her type than any of the protagonists,exept for the whole Omnicidal Maniac bit).
(srahc 84) eltit
I imagine shipping wars for whether to ship Daniel with Rissa or Yuki. (Well, that's a canonical love triangle anyway.) And as much as I'd really hope they didn't, people will probably ship both Daniel and Rissa with Alice. I wonder what the slash fans will go with. Daniel with...Wilson? Tim? I'm sure the femslash fans will gleefully ship Rissa/Yuki.

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I guess it is.
The Titleless
I see, very easily, how Felix and his Not Related By Blood sister Angela could be shipped.

So much that I specifically put lines in about how Felix doesn't see her as 'beautiful' and more as a deadly Cool Big Sis.
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22 JewelyJ11th Sep 2010 04:15:42 PM from A state in the USA
Oh this is a frightening and exciting thing to think about. Well to start off- Timmy and Katsuya will probably be paired together. Especially after Katsuya becomes The Atoner.

Dex is canonically asexual and fears women so it not much of a stretch that he's be paired with the guys. Skye/Blade because lol Foe Yay. Considering that the story majorly involves two families I see lots of incest. Kato and Felix will most certainly paired (and thus Adalaide may fall to Die for Our Ship and so will Gem) . Gem/Blade will be the fandom's Hermione/Draco.

and my goodness considering that Kagami's already a crazy creeper (she tries to seduce her ex-husband's seventeen year old son) I'm a bit frightened to see what the fans will do with her.

I swear if anyone fangirls Derek .....(shudder) but they probably will. Regardless of the fact that in story a girl (Blade's ex-best friend) falls for him and tries to change him and it doesn't go well.

Oh d'uh oy I forgot the most obvious. Blade/Adrian. They were pretty close and Blade's own father sometimes suspects that in his words "there was something funny going on".

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Some of my story concepts are fanfics with no Rule34 capacity that wasn't in the original. The original ones are mostly still at the "idea" phase, without characters developed enough to be remotely useful.

This, on the other hand? Very obvious Power Perversion Potential.
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24 Ronka8712th Sep 2010 10:04:38 AM from the mouth of madness.
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I imagine there'd be Ho Yay and Foe Yay between my main character and his best friend and his arch enemy (dif people). There's some canon Foe Yay, but it's het, so obviously not as Rule 34-y.

There's also my main's relationship to the Artifact of Doom that would definitely become a crack ship.
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Transformation fic. So much transformation fic. In fact I hate myself a little for thinking about it.

Though if people start writing smut about the canonically asexual characters, I will probably flip my shit. Seriously, way to erase and invalidate an already-marginalized sexual identity, fuckbarrels.
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