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Tropers: Karlz Belena
Hi, I'm Karlz, and I live in a van by the crick. I like literature, writing, food, and Team Fortress 2. I hate vans, planes, the woods, tunnels, subways, sewers, hospitals, doctors, cops, churches, walking, boats, boat people, dead things, elevators, stairs, helicopters, trainyards, small towns, water, lawyers, boat lawyers, Ayn Rand, vampires, zombies, electric fences, Witches, Tanks, Smokers, Boomers, Hunters, barns, turnpikes, caca, walking, jumping, churches, mazes, hotels, whispering, the list goes on. I'll add to this page when I feel like it.

Vandalize my page to validate my self-worth.

Your avatar is disturbing! Also, feel your self-worth swing to the positive, because FIRST!!! —a vandal

I don't know you very well but you seem COOL! — Rumetzen


Woah! You like that awesome soundtrack! Great taste there... — SRC

You have so much hate in your heart. You should let it out somehow! Like trolling a christian forum, full of batshit insane fundamentalists or beating up That Troper (he really deserves it). Also: First two line vandalizing! Woohoo! - Nyarly

All of your avatars are credit to team! - BlaineTheM0n0

I'm guessing by your avatar you read Homestuck. That automatically makes you awesome. Just sayin'. - Siranae

I'm a random troper but now all your pages are belong to mine - Kennisaurus

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