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You never saw this page. It has only ever existed inside Draconic Assassin's head.

Draconic Assassin is a dragon-obsessed girl from the universe inside her own head. She often spaces out in class and loves to watch Anime, Play online games, write, and browse TV Tropes in her spare time. She daydreams about her stories, which are terribly written. She is allergic to mosguito bites and Oranges. She is very random and is a Loner. Her biggest flaw is that she can not be mean to anyone. Ever. Seriously. She's entirely too soft for her own good.

She writes a lot, but there is always at least one major flaw in her writing that ruins the entire thing. (Her main problem used to be with Mary sues.)

Favorite Animes

Scrapped Princess, Sakura Taisen

Favorite Online Games

Lunia, Mabinogi
Tropes that she often uses in stories:

  • Came Back Wrong: At least one instance per story.
  • Creepy Child: Used a lot in her stories.
  • Mary Sue/Villain Sue: in every single story she wrote between when she started writing and when she started coming on TV Tropes, there is at least one Mary sue. Recently, there are more Villain Sues though. * facepalm*
    • Recently, she took a Mary Sue Litmus Test for the main character of one of the first stories she ever wrote. A score of 50 or above means that they are a mary sue. The score the character got was 245.

Tropes that apply to her:
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