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Couldn't decide between "Misused" and "Ambiguous Name". The title sounds a lot like Mix-and-Match Critter, but it's not, the description says "Two or more characters are (for some reason) joined together into one entity." The name seems to cause a lot of MAMC-style misuse. Semi-randomly-selected sample (39 of 385; thought it was 10%, not sqrt):
  1. WesternAnimation.Aaahh Real Monsters ... correct but Zero-Context Example
  2. Anime.Digimon Tamers — "The first season to have the Digimon merge with the children."
  3. Blue Devil — (Main character is a human fused with a demon.)
  4. ElfQuest — "...the result of a giant snake and a saber-toothed tiger fighting in an area tainted by stagnant magic and struck by lightning."'
  5. Harsher in Hindsight — "...Trakeena, having recently gone off the deep end due to an accidental Biological Mashup with Deviot..."
  6. Hermaphrodite — The word origin is Hermes + Aphrodite (their offspring Hermaphroditus)... didn't know that.
  7. Hero108 — "One of Woo the Wise's inventions can merge 6 total subjects into a hybrid."
  8. Hybrid Monster — "Two already existing creatures become one already existing creature. [...] Common subtypes include: Tuvix..."
  9. Jekyll & Hyde — "Or, sometimes, a completely different character is sharing body space with another."
  10. Literature.Frankenstein — (Monster has aspects of the people/creatures whose parts it is composed of.)
  11. Phantom Zone — "...Bo-bobo, Don Patchi, and Tokoro Tennosuke combine into "Bobopatchnosuke" to defeat a trio of oddball ninjas."
  12. Shapeshifter Guilt Trip — (Guess from example context / name "Brainithor".)
  13. Soul Chess — "[Alice and Bob] were fused together to..." (spoiler)
  14. Stock Monsters — "These will usually have at least some properties they're 'supposed to have,' i.e. [...] chimeras will be made of various animals."
  15. Stuff Blowing Up — "...a fused Excel and Hyatt are returned to their original bodies when..."
  16. Super Serum — "His mask-slash-helmet allowed him to control animals, though the elixir allowed him to fuse two animals into one... which he could control with the helmet."
  17. Red Hulk — "The Compound Hulk in Hulk #30."

  1. A God Am I — "Invoked in the "Puzzle of the Lambs" episode of Epic Meal Time, where they play God and make a "culinary abomination"."
  2. OneWingedAngel.Anime And Manga — "Taro is cursed to become a winged minotaur-like creature with an eel's tail..."
  3. Authority Equals Asskicking — "The Mad Scientist is more likely to go One-Winged Angel, but he can still invoke this trope if he's got a large enough cadre of mutants, henchmen, and/or combat robots at his disposal."
  4. Corum — "The Chaos pack, which is composed of former humans mutated into animals courtesy of their allegiance to Chaos."
  5. Dark Heavens — "The Xuan Wu. Not at the moment though. And the children of [Alice and Bob] should be interesting."
  6. Characters.Dune — "With sandtrout." (Those are worm larvae, not a mix of anything.)
  7. Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action — "In the Xanth novels, any two species of creature are capable of breeding and having viable offspring."
  8. Lands of Lore — "The winged spiders."
  9. Love Is in the Air — "It works on the titular hero too, but this is justified because he is part-human."
  10. Necessarily Evil — "...[Bob] especially fits the trope: he merges with an alien species..."
  11. Psychopomp — "It's also explained that the reason Davy Jones and his crew look like half-man, half-sea-creature hybrids is because he was neglecting this duty."
  12. Shifters — "Kinsmir - A mix of Vampire and Werewolf."
  13. Starfish Aliens — "Jack L. Chalker's Well World series had numerous beings ranging from those that looked like a Biological Mashup of Earth species..."
  14. Rasputinian Death — (Quickstrike's beast form is a MAMC.)
  15. Wild Cards — "A lot of the Wild Card virus' victims have variations on this as they turn partially animalistic."

  1. And Then John Was a Zombie — " of the Multiple Endings leads to the player getting converted into a hybrid Bydo/human/R9-Series..."
  2. Circus of Fear — "An episode of Loonatics Unleashed had one where Biological Mashups are made and used to perform."
  3. Kill It with Fire — seems like misuse but not sure: "Aliens, of course, can be Immune to Bullets but will burn up nicely in fire and not go into Body Horror or Biological Mashup."
  4. One-Gender Race — "...though their status as a One-Gender Race may be justified by the insinuation that they're actually an artificial race used as biological weapons..."
  5. Pun-Based Title — (seems like misuse but unfamiliar with Tokyo Mew Mew) ""Mew" is both a homophone of "mu" (a Greek letter and biological term, fitting with the Biological Mash Up cast) and an onomatopoeia for a cat (the main character is a Catgirl)."
  6. Shapeshifting — clearly misuse, but this is an index it shouldn't be on I don't think, not a trope/work page... not the right place?
  7. Strapped to an Operating Table — "This trope is just the beginning of one's problems if Frantisek Markov gets ahold of you." Who?

The examples seem mostly right but a mere glance shows several mistaken ones. ~38% (15/39) misuse without counting the 7 "uncertain" wicks as misuse, which they lean toward. I think the name is directly responsible, everything else (description, laconic, etc...) is clear*. Also, it has no redirects.

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Becky: Who are you? The Mysterious Stranger: An angel.
Huck: What's your name? The Mysterious Stranger: Satan.
[up]Are those wicks or examples? The Beast Wars example on Rasputinian Death doesn't wick Biological Mashup. The example on the Biological Mashup page is correct as regards Tigerhawk, but the Fuzors are actually Mix-and-Match Critter s, not this.

Hermaphroditus is a Biological Mashup of Salmakis and the original Hermaphroditus, not of Hermes and Aphrodite, but otherwise that example is right.
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Not examples, yes it does, and didn't say anything about Hermaphroditus being a mashup (but elaborated).

Hm, there is a lot of "genetically (by breeding or by Mad Science) a combination of different species" misuse. Is there a page about that?

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Becky: Who are you? The Mysterious Stranger: An angel.
Huck: What's your name? The Mysterious Stranger: Satan.
4 Deboss22nd Mar 2012 07:40:26 PM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
Two Beings, One Body added as a redirect.
[up][up]Ah, had to go into the edit thinger to find the pothole on Rasputinian Death. It's wrong.
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I think it could use a rename due to demonstrated misuse. The name is unclear.

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The Internet misuses, abuses, and overuses everything.

By the way, the description of Biological Mashup given on Fusion Dance doesn't seem to match the page definition on Biological Mashup itself. It focuses on two personalities fighting for control over the body, not on the physical traits being mixed.

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Oppression anywhere is a threat to democracy everywhere.
Also, the following examples on the page are further misuse:

* This is how Digimon often evolve, either to Perfect (Ultimate) with other Digimon (Digimon Adventure 02 and the second movie), or to Ultimate (Mega) with their human partners (Digimon Tamers), depending on which series.
  • As well, Chimeramon in Digimon Adventure 02 was created this way, by replicating parts of other Digimon.
    • Stir in Machinedramon and Chimeramon becomes a Japan-only video game's Big Bad, the eventually-godlike space/time-bending Millenniumon. (And since the games reveal that that's who was in the flashback releasing the Dark Spores, leading to Ken becoming evil and eventually creating Chimeramon, Millenniumon is one big Stable Time Loop: he creates himself using Ken.)
    • Speaking of Machinedramon, it sorta fills the trope, as it is made up of parts of other digimon. Granted they are the metal parts of several cyborg digimon, but that left arm is Metalgreymon's.
  • And the games reveal that Cyberdramon came from a combination of Ryo's second partner and Millenniumon, his original partner. And while his being the cause isn't made explicit, it's generally accepted that Millenniumon's influence is the reason for Cyberdramon's sunny disposition.
  • A Mad Scientist in Fullmetal Alchemist combined people with animals mostly to find out if he could. The results weren't pretty. Years after his initial introduction, it's revealed that he's gotten much better at it with practice.
    • YOU BASTARD!!! How could You do such a thing to your own Daughter!!!
      • Or your own dog, for that matter...
        • Though we don't actually see it, his own wife
    • Later on, other human/animal chimeras are introduced as characters.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! has an entire type of card called a "Fusion monster", which results from a fusion of two or three monster cards. Oddly enough, this sometimes results in two monsters fusing into something that looks nothing like either of its components, such as the fusion of Witch of the Black Forest and Lady of Faith (both female magic-users) into Musician King (a male rock-guitar player)! More recently, however, the fusions have started to make more sense. The Elemental Hero monsters are known for this, with most combinations of them having some fusion.
  • The Pokémon Special manga has Zapmolcuno, a chimaera resembling a mashup between Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, respectively.
    • Also, an episode of the Pokémon involving Gastly had Gastly turn into a chimaera resembling a weird mashup between a Venusaur and a Blastoise as an attempt to fight off Team Rocket's Pokemon.
  • MOTHER 3. The biological chimeras that the player encounters are bizarre amalgamations of ordinary animals created by the Big Bad because the normal creatures "suck". Examples include the Monkalrus, Ostrelephant, and Cattlesnake. You don't get points for guessing what they're combinations of.

There's more, but this is what I found right now.
I support a rename, however Two Beings In One Body sounds too much like one of our alter ego trope.

Mabye something with the word "Merge" in it?

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Some of the Digimon examples are in fact correct. They do sometimes merge two mons together to make a new one, though usually it doesn't look much like a merged creature.
Oppression anywhere is a threat to democracy everywhere.
Two or more characters are (for some reason) joined together into one entity. They either have one aggregate personality, or the two fight for control of the common body.

This isn't just a fusion of two creatures. The only Digimon that would count are those that go through DNA Evolution, like Shakkuomon and Paildramon. Things like Chimeramon or Metaldramon are Mix-and-Match Critters.
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Calling crowner in favor of renaming.
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I've made and hooked an Alternative Titles crowner, but let's add some more suggestions.
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Hmm, Two Beings, One Body sounds too much like two souls in one body to me, as opposed to the physical conglomeration that this trope seems to be about.
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How about Joined By A Body, as a play of Joined By The Hips?
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Actually, now that I look closer, I see this: "Alternatively, it can be a case of bodily possession by a deceased cast member, or one temporarily without a body."

We may want to do some clarification on the definition, whatever happens with the name. Because I'm frankly a little confused by the definition.
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The problem I have with Physical Fusion is that it's extremely easy to confuse with Fusion Dance.

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Alternative Titles: Biological Mashup
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At issue:
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