YMMV / Westworld

  • Awesome Music: Fred Karlin's creepily discordant score.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The movie itself, of course. And also the trailer, during which the voiceover narrator very robotically tells us about this wonderful place! Where nothing can go wrong-go wrong-go wrong... "SHUT DOWN! SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY!"
    • The trailer for Futureworld is even worse, with this stone-cold line at the very end (scare chord included): "If you afford to make it here, you're lucky. If you can't...YOU MAY BE LUCKIER THAN YOU THINK."
  • Older Than They Think: Osamu Tezuka actually came up with a very similar premise over a decade earlier for an episode of Astro Boy entitled "Robot Land". Not only that, the aesthetic of the park is suspiciously similar to the "Murder Game Room" from the late 1960s Sankei Newspaper Astro Boy serial, right down to the cowboy costumes. Tezuka himself points out the similarities in his introduction to the trade paperback in which the "Robot Land" story appears, where he dismisses it as mere coincidence rather than a deliberate ripoff.
  • Paranoia Fuel: You'll think twice before taking a vacation in a great park like this one from here on in.
    • The poster for Futureworld invokes this: it's a picture of a very human-looking robot getting its faceplate removed, with the tag line "Is this you, or are YOU you?"
  • Uncanny Valley: The disassembled robots. The gunslinger specifically. Even when all together he still looks like he doesn't blend in with the rest of the bots. Especially with those doll like eyes.