Funny / Westworld

The Original
  • When Peter Abernathy, in a past configuration, was a Hannibal Lecter-esque cannibal, he was programmed to quote and reference, among others, William Shakespeare, John Donne and Gertrude Stein. Ford notes that he knew the Stein references were anachronistic, but couldn't resist putting them in.
  • During the saloon robbery, Hector politely moves Maeve to the side, then a safe gets shoved off the upper gallery, slamming to the floor right next to them. Neither of them look at it.

The Bicameral Mind
  • The blackest of Black Comedy, but Destin's antics as he is about to have his way with what he thinks is a deactivated Hector. Especially with all that's going on in the background.
    • When he finally catches on, he turns around and stares in shock at Armistice.... And he has a very visible erection under his smock with his pants down.
  • Plenty of what Armistice gets up to also falls into Black Comedy, including her trolling of Sylvester and her odd fascination with Felix. And her and Hector's delight upon being introduced to automatic weapons.
  • When Felix questions his humanity, he starts unconsciously doing the robot dance move until Maeve tells him not to be ridiculous.
  • During Ford's party, the Man in Black passes by Bernard and does a double take when he sees him. He's the only one at the company besides Ford who remembers Arnold, much less knew what he looked like, so he's no doubt surprised to see his long dead colleague back from the dead (although it's unclear if this is the first time he's ever seen Bernard or not, given the amount of time he spends inside the park).