* AwesomeMusic: Fred Karlin's creepily discordant score.
* OlderThanTheyThink: Creator/OsamuTezuka actually came up with a very similar premise over a decade earlier for an episode of ''Anime/AstroBoy'' entitled "Robot Land". Not only that, the aesthetic of the park is suspiciously similar to the "Murder Game Room" from the late 1960s Sankei Newspaper ''Manga/AstroBoy'' serial, right down to the cowboy costumes. Tezuka himself points out the similarities in his introduction to the trade paperback in which the "Robot Land" story appears, where he dismisses it as mere coincidence rather than a deliberate ripoff.
* ParanoiaFuel:
** You'll think twice before taking a vacation in a great park like this one from here on in.
** The poster for Futureworld invokes this: it's a picture of a very human-looking robot getting its faceplate removed, with the tag line "Is this you, or are YOU you?"
* UncannyValley: The disassembled robots, the gunslinger specifically. Even when all together he still looks like he doesn't blend in with the rest of the bots. Especially with those doll-like eyes.

* AlternateCharacterInterpretation: Dr. Ford; a misanthropic sociopath with a god complex or a paternalist, WellIntentionedExtremist who genuinely tries to protect his unique creatures from being revealed as a threat to mankind?
* AwesomeMusic:
** Ramin Djawadi's [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elkHuRROPfk&ab_channel=HBO haunting main theme]] for the opening titles, which masterfully blends old school Western and CyberPunk sci-fi musical motifs.
** The orchestral rendition of [[Music/TheRollingStones "Paint It Black"]] during the [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0I3EgQ394_k saloon heist massacre]].
** "Ain't No Grave" by Music/JohnnyCash playing over the credits at the end of the pilot.
** [[Music/NineInchNails "Something I Can Never Have"]] gets a similar gorgeous orchestra adaptation during a massive orgy.
** The heartwrenching "Motion Picture Soundtrack" by Music/{{Radiohead}}, during Maeve's tour of the facility.
** Music/AmyWinehouse's "Back to Black" [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHrQL-tTGcE piano cover]] during Maeve's emancipation.
* EnsembleDarkhorse:
** Louis Herthum as Peter Abernathy has received enormous acclaim from critics and audiences. His final scene is considered a highlight in an exceptional first episode due to Herthum's hypnotic performance, in which he swings from warm and sympathetic to robotic and cold to anguished and fearful to angry and vengeful, all while in the buff. It's something special when you steal a scene from Creator/AnthonyHopkins, and carry the most memorable scene in an episode that features other acting heavyweights like Creator/EdHarris and Creator/JeffreyWright.
** The badass raid on the town executed by Hector and Armistice to the tune of an [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome orchestral version of "Paint it Black"]] also made both [[AffablyEvil Hector]] and [[ColdSniper Armistice]] into quite popular characters for the sheer badassery and stylishness of the scene.
* EvilIsCool:
** The mysterious and sadistic Man in Black definitely has one of the more interesting subplots. And he does it all with style, being played by perennial badass Ed Harris.
** Invoked with Hector, the outlaw character who is much more popular than the NiceGuy hero character Teddy.
** [[spoiler:Dr. Ford.]] A given when you have [[spoiler:Sir Anthony Hopkins]] playing a suave yet sinister character.
* FourthWallMyopia: None of the guests have any reason to think the hosts are anything more than mindless robots, and are no more evil in their motivations than your average ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAuto'' player.
* HarsherInHindsight: Not that it wasn't ''already'' harsh, but the Man in Black's implied rape of Dolores in Episode 1 seems even worse after Evan Rachel Wood, Dolores' actress, revealed in November 2016 that she's been raped on two occasions.
* HoYay: William and Logan's counterparts in the film already had plenty, which the show takes UpToEleven as Logan is ''very'' aggressive about anything that would stop them from spending time together. Logan being [[AdaptationalSexuality canonically bisexual]] here doesn't help matters.
* MoralEventHorizon:
** The Man in Black's EstablishingCharacterMoment has him murdering Teddy in front of Dolores and then dragging her away to be raped.
** Ford has one in episode 7 when [[spoiler:he orders Bernard (who is actually a host) to murder Theresa]].
** [[spoiler:Logan cutting Dolores open in front of William to try and break him into a monster like him. [[GoneHorriblyRight It works.]]]]
* NauseaFuel: Maeve's maintenance techs commenting that her organic parts have been harboring an infestation of [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methicillin-resistant_Staphylococcus_aureus MRSA]] courtesy of the beating her innards take from sloppy guests. It takes some of the shine off the whole concept of {{sexbot}}s readily accessible to any and all visitors. (If the uncanny valley factor and the pathetic fate of the Hosts wasn't enough to turn you off.)
* {{Narm}}:
** What is it about the Hosts that every fly in Westworld wants to frolic on their eyes and face? Lampshaded by maintenance techs in the second episode as the constant violent and sexual abuse the hosts get along with half-assed cleaning measures makes the Hosts filthy and draw flies.
** Elsie somehow not recognizing an obvious depiction of a constellation until she turns it slightly. [[spoiler:Turns out it wasn't a constellation at all, though, which makes it forgivable.]]
** After the amazing heist scene in the pilot scored with a fully orchestrated "Paint It Black," it's pretty hard to take seriously when the scenario plays out again (including some reused shots) scored with the main chorus from ''Theatre/{{Carmen}}''.
* ParanoiaFuel: Once [[spoiler:Bernard]] is revealed to be a Host, you have to ask yourself, just who else on Westworld's staff is actually a host?
* PortmanteauCoupleName: Willores for William and Dolores. It has also been [[Main/ApprovalOfGod acknowledged]] by Jimmi Simpson & Creator/EvanRachelWood, who do a lot of [[Main/HeterosexualLifePartners Dubsmash videos together]] (which occasionally involves Ben Barnes).
* RewatchBonus: [[spoiler:Along with the reveal that Bernard was modeled after Arnold comes the realization that we were actually watching Arnold in those scenes of Jeffrey Wright encouraging Delores' development.]]
* SpecialEffectFailure:
** Ford demonstrates his control over the hosts by causing all of them within sight to freeze in place, including what's clearly a still shot rather than the actors holding still.
** In "Trompe L'oeil", the scene where William chases after Dolores on the the train has some hilariously awful green screen.
* UncannyValley: Thanks to good performances from the actors, the hosts give off the feeling of beings trying to ''act'' human but not quite succeeding, and it gets even worse when the hosts start outright malfunctioning. One example is when Dr. Ford shares a drink with an older model who jerks around like a decades-old animatronic robot but looks completely human, enhancing that one's specific effect. This is also played with, as Lee actually actually wants to keep the hosts in the valley so the guests don't actually identify them as being real humans.
* VisualEffectsOfAwesome: "The Stray" features a flashback of a de-aged Anthony Hopkins in the '70s up there with the famous uses of the technique in the Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse.
* WhatAnIdiot:
** Elsie finds evidence of espionage and sabotage that could put people's lives in danger. [[spoiler:She knows that Theresa is one of the people involved. You'd expect her to be ProperlyParanoid and call in Security to secure the scene. Instead, she's still alone and ends up grabbed from behind and strangled to death by Bernard under Ford's orders. However, it is already established that Elsie has an inherent distrust of Security since they take orders directly from Theresa.]]
** Felix and Sylvester going along with every demand of [[spoiler:Maeve. Felix gives her a tour of the facility even though it could get her killed and him fired, and they agree to mess with her personality traits to make her smarter and less loyal under threats of blackmail. While this makes some sense for Felix, who has developed a rapport with her, Sylvester has no reason to be so accommodating even after she threatened to kill him. Admittedly, Maeve's uncharacteristic independence and resistance to reprogramming may have made them wary of attempting to defy her, as well as a desire not to admit to such a massive screw-up.]]
* TheWoobie: Practically all of the hosts count as this due to how they are cruelly exploited by both their creators and the guests. However, a few stand out:
** In just the first episode alone, Dolores' parents are killed by marauding bandits -- one of whom plans to rape her mother's ''corpse'' -- she is forced to watch her lover gunned down in front of her, and then is dragged away to be raped by a sadistic guest. Then, her father malfunctions and is replaced with a different android, with her being reprogrammed not to notice the change. Then, it's revealed that she is the oldest host in Westworld, and it's implied that she's been abused, mistreated, and killed so many times that she needs constant repairs; the Man in Black ''alone'' has been coming to Westworld for thirty years, and most likely rapes her nearly every time he visits. Guests can choose a "white hat" and play the hero or choose a black hat and be a "villain". While this thankfully means better outcomes to her day than the one chosen by the Man in Black, her entire existence is to be a DamselInDistress, either to be saved or violated depending on the guest. Since all of the hosts live in an artificial GroundhogDayLoop, her memories are erased to repeat the loop.
** Peter seems to finally realize the truth of his existence, but cannot properly convey it either to Dolores or to Dr. Ford. He's shackled by his programming and can only relate to his feelings through preprogrammed lines from Shakespeare, leading Dr. Ford to assume that his behavior is the result of a simple glitch and [[AFateWorseThanDeath sends him off to cold storage]].
** Teddy is deeply in love with Dolores and just wants to spend time with her, but is bound by his programming and constantly being pulled away from her, unable to save her or being killed in front of her. He's also repeatedly targeted and killed by guests just for [[ItAmusedMe their own amusement]]. And in "The Stray", when Dr. Ford finally gives him a proper backstory, it's part of a new narrative that takes him away from Dolores to participate in an ill-fated bandit hunt that will result in his death. Then he's picked up by the Man in Black. Really, he just can't catch a break. He becomes a WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds in "The Adversary", where after being captured by union soldiers, he breaks free and fights his way to a [[GatlingGood Gatling gun]] before coldly mowing down the entire camp.
** ''Maeve''. Upon becoming increasingly conscious of the [[GroundhogDayLoop Groundhog Day loop]] she lives in, she's clearly and understandably disturbed by the realization that she's been murdered, raped and otherwise tortured innumerable times over the course of her service in Westworld. She even manages to wake herself up on an operating table (a horrific scene in and of itself), but only after a flashback where she remembers a previous role she played as the mother of a young girl. Once she's gotten to relive her own death and the death of her child in a previous life, she scrambles out of the body shop just to get a glimpse of the existential horror of dozens of 'dead' hosts being casually hosed off by the staff. It seems like she was a hair's breadth away from being sent to cold storage, like Peter, and like Peter her growing self-awareness is threatening a [[GoMadFromTheRevelation total breakdown]] in her future.
** ''Bernard''. [[spoiler:With the revelation that he is just another host, and his wife and son are just part of his programming. Shortly after, Ford casually forces him to kill Theresa, which brings Bernard to anguished tears. It's not the first time Ford's done this either, despite his assurances to Bernard. Just before Ford wipes his memory of killing Theresa, Bernard briefly recalls strangling Elsie to death in the theatre. And then when Bernard becomes self aware again and tries to rebel against Ford, Ford just uses a backdoor in Bernard's code to force him to commit suicide while still fully aware.]]