YMMV / Evolution Worlds

  • Polished Port: The game's main characters have better character models based mainly on the second game's character models. However...
  • Porting Disaster: Not as bad towards the second game port but the problems are really shown in the first. Including things as, levels being reskins of the second game's Bonus Dungeon, less bosses, easier bosses, less Cyframes parts, and Pannam Town being cut down including Chain's mobile and the bar Pepper hangs out at. Not only that, but a number of animations (due to using the majority from Far Off Promise) and outright cutscenes were chopped off the first half.
  • That One Boss: Yurka can be a really surprising brief Difficulty Spike when first fought. He has blinding attacks that affect 2X3 squares, has an entire party hit skill, and his normal attacks can possibly deplete half health or more. The only attack that doesn't work too much is his health absorption.
    • Even though he's not longer eternally five levels higher, Eugune can be this depending on what party you take. Attacks that do high damage, a party wide attack, there are not many opportunities to grind during the first half alongwith the other problems (see Porting Disaster) and your healer is kidnapped meaning you'll primarily be relying on items.
  • The Woobie: Linear, oh so much.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Chain is a girl. her appearance and, to a lesser extent the voice acting, do not help at all. Even Mag kind of lampshades this in the very beginning.