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YMMV: Evolution


  • Creator Backlash: Don Jakoby's original script was far more serious than the finished product, thanks to credited co-writers David Diamond and David Weissman. He wasn't happy about it.
  • Fridge Horror: After the space monkeys got napalmed, they all integrated into one giant cell that wasted no time beginning to divide, meaning that the napalm caused the evolutionary process to start all over, but on a MUCH bigger scale. If the single post-napalm alien cell was as big as it was, imagine what the end result would've been. Can you say "space monkeys the size of Russia"?
  • Retroactive Recognition
  • What Could Have Been: The film was originally pitched as a serious drama to Columbia and DreamWorks; but when Ivan Reitman came on board, he had different ideas.
    • According to some design sketches, the final form of the alien's evolution would've been a much more humanoid form. However, seeing how difficult it how to make this a realistic threat, instead they went with the giant cell.
  • What The Hell, Casting Agency?


  • Squick: Apart from the constant, vivid descriptions of excrement and erections, we also have the rape of 12-year-old Neanderthal girl.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Religion was invented by an old woman in order to steal power over her tribe. Sexism and religion bashing at once! Nicely done, Mr. Baxter!



  • Badass Decay: Against The Shield as a whole. Evolution themselves have never been able to handle them in straight brawls, constantly outmaneuvered by them, and tends to rely on having several people help them or jump The Shield first before doing anything. And even that sometimes doesn't work. Throughout the entire storyline, despite what their new creed is, they've failed to actually live up to itůuntil Hunter launched Plan B and had Seth Rollins turn against his brothers.

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