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Webcomic: Iji
"And this is why Gurren Lagann fans should never be allowed to retell deconstructionist anti-war stories."
The author himself at the end of the Recap.

An Interactive Comic by Captain Lhurgoyf, based on Daniel Remar's game Iji, hosted on MSPA Forum Adventures. Well, mainly based on Iji. Because it has become a Mega Crossover of epic proportions.

The adventure initially follows the story of a killer game, starting in Iji's house on the morning of Bring-Your-Children-To-Work day. But a few differences appear quickly: For starters, Iji's mental state is already not that good. Her father being a Mad Scientist and her brother having a crush on her probably didn't help...

And it goes downhill from there as the Alpha Strike happens, Iji wakes up and starts killing, and the boundaries of the universe weaken even more.

Link to the adventures (It's not mirrored because the Four Lines, All Waiting story format doesn't interact well with the mirror's format)


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