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Webcomic: Legend Of The Hunter

The sky trains breaches the clouds like ships in a field of ice. The magic furnaces roar. You have no idea how they keep those arcane steam engines in the air. It is just one of the many strange sights you are presented with, once you enter these lands. The DISHONORED KNIGHT, now free from the heaviest parts of his STOLEN ARMOR, marches on.

Legend of the Hunter is an Interactive Comic hosted on the MS Paint Adventures forums. It follows the adventures of Knight Errant Sebastian and his drunken, punch-happy brother Gwydian as they search for the ULTIMATE WEAPON. Hilarity Ensues when Sebastian is mistaken for an Exorcist, and immediately blunders into the center of a massive Gambit Pileup.

The comic presents itself as a walkthrough of an obscure old-school Role-Playing Game, and plays with video game, forum adventure and storytelling tropes in general with gleeful abandon against a backdrop of horse-throwing, CAPS-SPEAKING Badassery.

For added fun, nearly every character is Genre Savvy, medium-aware or an outright Fourth Wall Observer.

Now with a character sheet!

Legend of the Hunter can be read here [1], and at the original forum thread here [2]

Legend of the Hunter provides examples of:

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