Webcomic / Weregeek

Welcome to The Masquerade, Mark.

"You, sir, may be a natural-born munchkin."

Mark once was just an ordinary guy with an office job and a blonde girlfriend. Except that every once in a while he had a strange urge to hang in front of a tabletop RPG store and stare at its wares pointlessly... Then one day, after a run in with the local vampire coven and The Hunters, he discovered a mind-blowing truth: there is a secret society out there, The Masquerade... OF GEEKS! And he is one of them, "a human by day and a geek by night"...

Weregeek is a Webcomic written and drawn by Alina Pete and Layne Myhre, first published in November 2006. It has its own site (administrated by Layne's brother Todd). Alina also writes the Journal Comic Moosehead Stew.

Weregeek provides examples of: