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The characters' clans in the Masquerade LARP:
  • Joel & Mark: Ventrue.
  • Abby: Gangrel.
  • Talking Guy: Malkavian.
    • Could also be Caitiff.
  • Sarah: Lasombra Antitribu (Confirmed).
  • Dustin: Toreador (Confirmed).

    • Abbie sounds more like Brujah to me. Mark (and thus Joel) are probably not Ventrue, as Mark drinks blood that Sarah left out without any concerns (he mentions that that blood type is his favorite, but that seems to be mostly a matter of choice), while the Ventrue clan weakness is to only be able to drink from one category of human. Dustin is confirmed Toreador, as he introduces his new childe as Toreador, and Sarah is confirmed Lasombra (she uses Obtenebration at one point). No confirmation on the others.
    • According to a note under a picture during the Vampire LARP game show in "Vampire Game Redux", the Author stats that one of the theme of the past story was "Grangrel in fishnet shirts". That fits Abbie's Talon — who wears a fishnet net. So the one that start this WMG in the first place was correct in placing Abbie's character in Gangrel.

  • Currently they're running some mish-mash of Masquerade and Requiem. So their clans could be closer to the N Wo D versions.

Mark is immune to the Anti-Geek weapons
  • Joel suggested that it was because Mark was more normal than the rest of the group that he was having trouble transforming at will. This will come into play later when Mark fights the hunters.
    • Wouldn't surprise me if he was, given that the thing was a L.A.R.P all along and Mark didn't know that. He wouldn't know to playact being affected by the weapons.

The unnamed sergeant from Omega Squad will become a main character after making a Heel–Face Turn
  • He read some comic books, so he might be at least a bit geeky. Realizing his blunder makes him next on his leader's list, he intends to ask refuge to the Resistance and may be one of the most effectives geeks on the battlefield.

The Shadow-Geek form is so powerful due to geeks repressed back-lash against their tormentors
  • Okay, it sounds a bit weird, but it makes more sense if you imagine every geek's Shadow-Geek form is like the Hulk, though triggered by fangirl/boy emotions instead of rage (mostly). That kind of power has to come from somewhere, and we have seen with the one geek that got captured that the Shadow-Geek form can come about as a self-defense mechanism. My theory is that after many years of being part of the geek culture, not only does all the teasing from Jerk Jocks and others build up, but geeks also gain minor paranormal abilities due to the increased levels of crazy and imagination that runs rampant in the geek community. Those two factors combined lead to geeks gaining their Shadow-Geek forms, and also explains why everyone's looks different: outside of different body-types, each geek has their own style and specific fandoms, which pool together to create their Shadow-Geek form. Thoughts anyone?

The Origins of the Hunters are Linked to the Satanism Scares of the 80's:
  • Alright, this might be a bit of soapboxing but some people remember the groups like BADD and the like claiming that D&D was evil, blaming it for suicides and the like. It initially gave the hobby some publicity but then gave it problems, while it's sort of a joke now let's look at it from a different perspective. Some of these Hunters, or those that would become Hunters, saw a correlation, something linked to the occult and satanism with people suddenly transforming into shadow beasts. Combine that with the fact that most geeks can also behave kind of oddly or start rebelling by wearing costumes or 'freaking the mundanes' and the Hunters think that the geeks are a real threat.

Now sure, the geeks are really only dangerous when riled, but some of these guys (the Hunters) might also be the type that bullied nerds as kids and there's this little fear linked in with the whole evil thing that maybe now that geeks can get big and dangerous that they might try for revenge on them. It might also explain that during the whole truce comment on Halloween the geeks got blamed for all the weirdness, on some level maybe the Hunters view geeks in general as a kind of cultural pollutant. Seeing them as a force for cultural decay or just things they don't understand, a kind of literal culture war linked with ideas of the supernatural.

The book Joel gave Mark when they first met was the rulebook for the Hunter/Weregeek LARP.
This is how Mark knew the Hunter chase wasn't real but was still taken off-guard by the Vampire LARP.

I think Sarah's Vampire character is a Deava...
...I was reading character sheet for the New World of Darkness's Vampire game on TV Tropes, and every added up as following.
  • Sexy: That long red dress reads sexy.
  • Passionate: The love between her character and Prince Allen (Mark's vampire character)
  • Speed: She can speed pretty quick as she in the climax of the most recently Vamp LARP before the Changing LARP.

The guy that quit the Vampire LARP was a Malkavian...
To prephrase a familar face: "the proof is in this comic." All the stuff that is character did sound a bit Malkavian.

I think Sarah is a horror geek.
Her vampire character and her weregeek form share the same legs.