YMMV / Weregeek

  • Broken Base: If the comments sections on some of the comics in question are any indication, then the hunter story and its recent resolution - via revelation that the hunters and weregeeks are part of an elaborate LARP the characters have been playing since the comic began, revealing the comic to this point has been a stealth chronicle of the "Weregeek" LARP - counts. Not everyone liked the hunter/weregeek war anyway, so some are glad just to see it resolved. Meanwhile The Reveal has been criticized as rushed and lazy , or praised as a good Plot Twist with a (hefty or mild) dose of Fridge Brilliance that helped explain any inconsistencies in the premise and presentation.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Joel definitely qualifies as of "The Hunters, Hunted" arc, if not before.
  • Screw the Rules, I Make Them!: Wayne's ruling on the eyes that caused Mather's death is suspect; Mind's Eye Theater specifically says that a character doesn't need to see someone using a Focus or Gaze ability to be affected by it, they just have to have their attention. As such, Dustin has every right to be upset about Mathers being killed by the decision.