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Videogame: Hyper Princess Pitch
A Spin-Off game to Daniel Remar's Garden Gnome Carnage. You play as Princess Pitch, a side character from GGC, who is very fond of explosions and bears a big grudge against Mecha Santa. Supported by your trusty ally, Catstrike, and your mother, the Goddess of Explosions, you blast into Santa's factory and Shoot Everything That Moves (mainly robotic Christmas Elves, turrets and combat-suitable toys) with explosive bricks, rainbow beams and ice rays, intending to confront Mecha Santa himself in the end.

In terms of gameplay and design, it's a cute, tongue-in-cheek remake of the obscure, rather dark DOS arena shooter Operation Carnage. You have a limited amount of lives, explore Santa's base room by room and defeat hordes of enemies Zerg Rushing you. The game is rather short (only containing four normal stages) and you cannot save, but it has a high replay value due to multiple Difficulty Levels, many paths to take and tons of secrets. It's fast-paced, has smooth controls, and focuses on dodging and destroying enemies about equally.

The free Windows version of Hyper Princess Pitch was released on December 1st, 2011. Which you can download here and you can check out the excellent game trailer here.

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alternative title(s): Hyper Princess Pitch
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