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Tropers: Jewel Maiden
Hello there!

I'm not going write a lengthy description of myself, since labeling myself is so much more fun: hence the sort-of-lengthy trope list below. But I will mention that I'm a young adult (which means somewhere between 17 and 27), I'm a dedicated writer (troping my WIP was pure heaven), I'm a Christian (but please don't label me with any stereotypes, especially if they start with "evangelical" or "fundamentalist"), and I'm a woman (which should be rather obvious from my handle). My handle also happens to hold several other clues to my personality, but I won't go on about them here. Tropes await!

Jewel Maiden's life provides examples of:

Jewel Maiden's main work-in-progress provides examples of:

Some of Jewel Maiden's current fandoms:




Ten random tropes Jewel Maiden inexplicably adores:

Jewel Maiden's freshly whitewashed wall waiting to be graffitied:

  • Hello! :3 ~Fuzy2K
    • Hey yourself, First Graffitier! :D (Your username is so cute, BTW, that I'm squeaking from cuteness overload.)
  • Hey there sister and fellow Christian! And fellow Type B Tsundere! :D —jcruz
    • D''s so awesome to find a fellow Christ-believer here. It's so awesome, in fact, that I shall proceed to GLOMP you. ^.^ And yes, us derederes have got to stick together!

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