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Trivia: The Nostalgia Critic

  • Acting for Two: Besides any time Spider-Smith appears, Mortal Kombat Annihilation has a dialogue between the Critic, Ask That Guy with the Glasses, and Chester A. Bum, and Captain N has an appearance by Dominic, from Video Game Confessions.
    • When his future self (who looks and acts a lot like Doc Brown) shows up, he plays both characters, and they sometimes even appear in the same shot.
    • His argument with himself during his review for Suburban Commando during which he ends an argument with "I WAS FROZEN TODAY!"
    • For the review of Scooby-Doo, which was intended to be his last, he watches the film with his future and his past self, causing a time paradox that almost unleashes the end of the world.
    • For the Son of the Mask review, Rachel plays Kim Kardashian and her daughter Evilina.
  • Ascended Fanon: Critic and Ask That Guy being related, if not necessarily close twins.
  • Cash Cow Franchise: And he knows it full well as evidenced by the improvised-by-Doug Scooby-Doo rant.
  • Colbert Bump: Even on this wiki, pages for obscure movies have been created because he reviewed them.
    • Films seem to appear within weeks on Netflix Watch instantly after he has reviewed them.
    • The Christmas Tree didn’t even have a page on this wiki or the other wiki until after Doug reviewed it.
  • Cowboy Bebop at His Computer: The Little Mermaid is not English literature as he claims in his review of The King and I (it’s Danish). Particularly bad since he was making fun of how cartoon adaptations get everything wrong.
    • The mistake is even stranger because Doug spent the opening of his Disneycember The Little Mermaid review comparing the book to the movie, so clearly he knew about the country of origin back then.
  • Creator Backlash: Towards the Batman & Robin review. He said in his Batman: The Animated Series commentary that he doesn't think it's his best review and only makes jokes about it because other people love it so much.
    • Doug posted on Facebook (and on a commentary video) that he personally didn't like how the infamous Let's Play of Bart's Nightmare turned out, even before submitting it.
    • He also seems to regret the testosterone poisoned, Male Gaze-y "Top 11 Hottest Animated Women", making it probably the only episode to be Canon Banned. Especially after realizing that the countdown included fourteen-year-olds.
    • He sounds very embarrassed on the commentary to Cartoon Allstars, mainly because he felt like the Critic was nowhere near his now-usual pathetic characterization and sounded more angry and threatening.
    • In the voiceovered-after-said-episode commentary of "The Review Must Go On", Doug said that he hates the Timothy Green episode. Commence eye-rolling, kids.
    • He's also ashamed of Signs, feeling like it only worked because of the aliens conversation and realizing while editing that everyone would call him out for trying too hard to please the "we only want rage" crowd with the Freak Out.
    • While he still thinks the review was funny, Doug felt the sketches in the Catwoman review were too disconnected from the review itself.
    • In a weird example of the backlash coming before the video in audience eyes, at a Youmacon panel Doug was squirming about how bitter and offensive he got in the Reloaded reviews of the anniversary movies, and used the script as scrap paper for a scene in Demo Reel.
    • In the A.I. commentary, Doug at least realizes that he was being far too mean to TMZ fans (despite still feeling that way) in “The Top 11 South Park Episodes” and didn't really like that section anyway. He also calls the AI episode one of the cruelest things he's ever done.
    • He's talked in commentaries note  about regretting quite a few post-Kickassia reviews like “Pound Puppies” and “Pebble And The Penguin”, feeling like they dragged. This is a big reason why Cerebus Syndrome started to creep in a bit later starting with “My Pet Monster” onwards, as he liked actually acting and it gave him a creative boost.
    • He regrets the Gratuitous Special Effects of the Alice in Wonderland review, explaining in the commentary that he had limited time and had to choose between either making it look pretty or putting as much emotion into the ending as he wanted.
  • Creator Breakdown: "The Review Must Go On" both invoked it in-universe and is an example of the trope itself. The Critic tells Doug that he wasn't really ready to end the show, he just got burned out from doing an episode every week alongside convention appearances, anniversary specials, and his normal day-to-day life. This turns out to be false and gaslighting on Critic's part as the special was actually the result of a lot of bitterness towards the fans. Doug admitted on his commentary that Rob had to rewrite a lot of it because it was even nastier and filled with plot errors, and "Donnie = Critic" was only because they were so tired of demands to bring Critic back.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Rachel, for quick gags, played Justin Stewart and Dexter. In the commentary for the Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie review, Doug suggests she could play boys in animation.
  • The Danza: Critic is only one of Doug's characters to share his name.
  • Dawson Casting: Ma-Ti is fourteen, Bhargav is in his twenties. Seeing as how he's raped Ask That Guy (after nearly getting raped himself) and had a threesome with the Chick and MarzGurl, this is probably for the best. It helps that Captain Planet was written in the 90s so realistically, he should have aged by now, and the character may very well be a delusional Indian guy anyway.
    • Thirty year old Doug is playing his teenage self in Scooby-Doo. Luckily Doug's already pretty young-looking, so it doesn't come off as too stupid. Doesn't work quite so well in the infamous dick-talking sketch in the Sailor Moon review though.
  • Doing It for the Art: Almost depressing example from the beginning of his internet career. He had to quit his illustrating job to fulfill his "three TGWTG videos a week" contract, and as it was a while before things got secure, had to sell off the birthday and Christmas gifts Rob got him to pay costs.
  • Dyeing for Your Art: The Turbo commentary reveals the outside scenes were done when it was 94 (later 98) degrees weather. Skin-tight suit, heavy helmet, lots of flailing and dancing... Rob was scared Doug would suffer health-wise but had to let him do multiple takes anyway (because Doug was complaining about the tie looking wrong), and Doug did indeed have to fix the costume so he could breathe.
  • Enforced Method Acting: Too Kinky to Torture variant. Doug really was getting hit in the groin for The Wicker Man torture scene. Variant because he was excited about getting his balls hit, requested a second take, only wore a bit of protection to shut concern up, and in the commentary says if he's not able to have kids then so be it.
  • Executive Meddling: In the 2014 Anime Midwest panel, Doug admitted that he only did Sharknado because Michaud wanted him to pander to the base.
  • Fandom Nod: Sage is practically an Audience Surrogate when he gets creepily turned on by Critic's crying.
    • In “Ghost Dad”, Tamara says “I liked [Critic] better when he was dead”. Just because he was nicer and happier then, a whole lot of people agree. Including Doug. note 
    • MikeJ muttering in “Ghost Rider 2” that Critic's re-reviewed about ten movies he's done first, but he'll just ignore that. It's both a fandom complaint and something Mike's brought up quite a few times on twitter.
  • Fan Nickname: NuCritic for the episodes produced after The Review Must Go On.
    • Satan's nickname to the fandom is 'Mr. Zebub', after Critic called him that in one episode. It sort of stuck as an Affectionate Nickname.
    • Doug's father, Barney, is mostly known as "Papa Walker".
  • Flip Flop of God: It's a little more complicated than usual because memory issues and self-admitted bitter, but since comeback (he was firmly addicted to back/story and Character Development before), Doug can't seem to make up his mind if Critic's nicer, worse or not even a character anymore, whether he expects and wants people to be offended by him or just thinks they're overly sensitive and letting themselves get hurt, or if there's several story arcs going at the same time because he wants to go even darker or there's very little continuity now because he can't take Critic anywhere after To Boldly Flee finished his main plotline. Note this is just what he says at cons or in commentaries, what he consistently puts in the episodes is a different very self-aware story.
  • He Also Did: Jim's the photoshop artist for the sketches, did the stop-motion intro for the 2013 Nostalgiaween and does also the current title cards for Doug's videos.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Briana Laws plays the Chia Child in the fake advertisement from The Odd Life of Timothy Green's review.
  • I Am Not Spock: Spoony and Film Brain have stated that Bhargav wants to avoid being typecast as Ma-Ti.
    • The Critic himself: The Nostalgia Critic is a character; Doug Walker is the actual person, although as evident by the reviews and comments regarding Disney's "Doug" series the Critic's first name is also Doug.
  • I Knew It:
    • Everyone who thought that Critic was still having job issues and was getting more depressed over the course of 2012 was validated when the big Scooby-Doo rant came. And after validation arrived the sad, as it was a huge Tear Jerker.
    • When it was announced that he would do a review of the Uncanny Valley movie, fans assumed/hoped that he would go easy on Dark Side Of The Internet because with producers talking about genuine threats sent to them, Doug would look like a complete prick making fun of that, especially when he's got a lot of fandom issues himself. Sure enough, when Allison talks about the abuse she's received, he's too depressed to do any mocking.
  • Image Source
  • Index Namer: Sorta. He raised the phrase into infamy at least, so he's at least partially responsible for These Tropes Were Frozen Today.
  • Irony as She Is Cast: During the review of TheKingAndI, there is a Parody Commercial for Russell Crowe (played by Walker), and Shakira (played by Rachel Tietz) performing songs from said musical. They give rather tone-deaf performances, but Walker and Tietz are both very talented singers.
  • Leslie Nielsen Syndrome: Rachel and Malcolm started on Demo Reel, a show that placed more importance on drama than comedy, but "do what they're told" on Critic and ham it up in whatever skits they're given.
  • Lying Creator: Doug said pretty often (before comeback but regardless) that he would never review The Lorax because Lindsay covered everything. By the end of The Swan Princess, guess what he's reviewing?
  • Magnum Opus: Doug considers it to be The Cat in the Hat, closely followed by Moulin Rouge!.
  • Magnum Opus Dissonance: While Doug has apparently committed himself to doing Critic for the rest of his life (The Review Must Go On commentary), he's made it known that his Magnum Opus was meant to be Demo Reel. He'd been wanting to do it since 2008, talked in a 2012 con about how he wanted Critic over with so he could get on with it, and outright complains in The Shining commentary that things are only successful when he's in the Critic outfit; if he did the same thing in the Donnie hat he'd get threats.
  • Method Acting: In Doug and Rob's commentary of "The OTHER Animated Titanic Movie", Rob mentioned that Doug attached clothespins to his scrotum in order to shoot the crying scene.
  • Old Shame: At the end of his review of A Simple Wish review, the actual Mara Wilson gets revenge on him mocking her by showing videos that he made as a child.
  • One of Us: As evident in the editorial "Why is Loki So Hot?", where he reads word-for-word this wiki's definition of The Woobie and is surprised that he is listed as well (although as a Jerkass Woobie instead of a regular one).
    • In The Cat in the Hat commentary, Doug mentions that he has read the Heartwarming page for the Nostalgia Critic and was pretty confused over people being charmed by Critic/Evilina.
    • Rachel is a huge fan of the work of J. R. R. Tolkien, and has reportedly geeked out with Rob about it.
  • Playing Against Type: The Critic points out in Hook that Julia Roberts played a character who is traditionally very similar to her real-life persona... by playing it in a manner completely opposite of her real life persona.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Animator Andrew Kaiko, who did 3 Nostalgia Critic fanimations on Youtube a la Game Grumps fanimations, was hired to create the 45-second-long Pinky and the Brain animation at the end of The Purge review.
  • Reality Subtext: Critic "realizing" in Catwoman that he shouldn't be refusing female attention gets off-putting when you find out there's quite a bit of con footage of Doug trying to refuse sexual requests from women but having to submit anyway.
    • The only reason AI exists and is so humiliatingly mean-spirited (which Doug admits in commentary) was because TMZ asked the Fan Hater rant on the YouTube upload to be taken off.
    • The ending of "The Worst Christmas Special EVER" can be seen as Doug trying to make up (making an effort) for all those vlogs where he frustrated Rob, treating Rachel and Malcolm badly enough that the tagline for the Behind The Scenes video for The Shining compared him to Kubrick jerkass, and insulting his dad in the Eight Crazy Nights filming by calling him an old man who shouldn't be listened to.
    • One that doesn't even try to disguise itself is any Demo Reel mention. Every time it comes up it's never portrayed as Critic remembering another life (which makes sense because it wasn't) and 100% as Doug being upset that his show got screwed.
    • Critic's constant need for money in the reboot, from telling Tamara he needs her for views to having a breakdown over not getting a reward for sitting through Food Fight, is less subtext from Doug and more like dropping an anvil, as he admitted in a stream that the Plot Hole got him three months of debt, and he's only doing cartoon vlogs every day because watching them on his own “isn't cost-effective”.
    • Watching post-comeback vlogs, convention panels and drives, you'll notice that Critic and Doug both developed Weight Woe, Hates Being Touched and lampshaded Sanity Slippage right about the same time.
    • Critic's younger self in the Scooby-Doo review was based off of what Doug was like as a teenager.
    • "the subtext rapidly becoming text" of the reboot was alluded to in Doug's interview with Lindsay, where he agrees that fiction writing is more telling of a person’s emotions and inner workings than documentaries/memoirs, and admits that he identifies with that more and more as times goes on.
    • While it mostly character-angst explosion despite being improvised, Doug admitted later that the Scooby-Doo opening rant had some basis in how he actually felt about his lack of social life and the need for ratings.
    • The Hyper Fangirl is based on Doug's real fangirls, particularly ones that he meets at cons. In the behind the scenes of The Lorax review, Rob brought up how this was mean-spirited.
  • Real-Life Relative: Rob is Doug's brother and played Critic's brother on the show.
    • Jason and Jori are married, and are happier than their AI/Demo Reel counterparts.
    • Barney Walker is Doug and Rob's father.
  • Serendipity Writes the Plot: According to the commentary for The Star Wars Holiday Special review, Santa Christ only exists because the copy of the special Doug got abruptly ended in the middle of Leia's song, and he needed a gag to mask that. That, and Rob wanted a bigger on-screen presence in the reviews.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Occasionally he takes the role of both people in an imaginary conversation, distinguished by changes in voice, posture and shot.
    • When Doug shaved off his beard, the Critic talks to Ask That Guy about it, with Chester A. Bum also joining in.
    • The Nostalgia Critic has also knocked out Ask That Guy on at least one occasion.
    • In his review of Suburban Commando he gives an example of how using "I was frozen today!" can be used to mess with people in an argument. Both people arguing are the Nostalgia Critic.
    • In his The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog review, "he" plays out an example of two different people giving assignments; one being the premise of the saturday morning Sonic the Hedgehog series and the other being The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. The person grading them is also the Critic.
    • At the end of the TMNT review, Ask That Guy and the Nostalgia Critic appear onscreen together for a moment and yell at each other offscreen.
    • The Nostalgia Critic literally talks to himself from the past, in his attempt to give us a Clip Show for the one hundredth episode.
    • The Critic hires Chester A. Bum to operate his computer during some of the Star Trek Month reviews.
    • Hell, Doug has his characters interact with one another pretty much all the time!, even with himself. TWICE.
  • Trolling Creator: All the hyping build-up to Critic heroically saving the Avatar franchise comes to nothing in the actual review. Sokka and Katara realize they've got the wrong person, he keeps running away, Amon bends out “what's left of” his talent, Doug manages to slam him in-universe, the “only one show” speech doesn't work and it's Aang who saves the day.
    • Both Doug and Tamara shared a picture of Critic and Hyper Fangirl about to kiss a day before the Princess Diaries 2 review, telling people to get excited. (The fact that most people were terrified of Stalking Is Love being a thing probably helped with views.) It turns out in the episode that while Critic is a shallow manchild who just wants stereotypical manly things and money, any chance of an relationship would be in HF's deluded brain. Even the actual Almost Kiss had Critic stiff and expressionless, while she was delighted and about to cop a feel.
  • Throw It In: Linkara being president of Marvel and DC in "You're a Dirty Rotten Bastard", as well as Nella saying that she has a "relationship based on trust and mutual respect" with The Nostalgia Chick in the world without the Critic.
    • The famous Despair Event Horizon in Scooby-Doo was only meant to be two lines. Doug wanted more drama for the Critic's finale, so he improvised.
    • In the first showdown between the Crtitic and the Nerd, it's revealed in outtakes that the line "That's the fuckest thing I've ever heard, shit mop" was originally going to be "That's the fuckin' weirdest thing I've ever heard, shit moth", but Doug flubbed the line and decided he liked it that way.
    • Much of the Earthbender rant in The Last Airbender review was improvised according to the commentary.
    • Subverted in “The Worst Christmas Special EVER”. Rachel, Rob and Doug's dad all look surprised at Doug turning the camera on them, making people think his gushing on them/their thoughts on Christmas was improvised, but it was revealed behind the scenes that Doug had just told them to be shocked and start off not knowing what to say.
  • Type Casting: Rachel gets fanservicey stereotypes of women, and apart from the devil, Malcolm gets pathetic characters. Acknowledged by Doug in the Turbo commentary.
    Doug: That seems to be the running thing. Whenever I write something for Rachel, she just acts crazy. Whenever I write something for Malcolm, he is just somebody's bitch."
    • Most of Orlando's characters enter the badass territory, even in The Cinema Snob Movie.
    • Tamara is either Cute and Psycho, a Meta Girl to point out Critic's issues, a quasi-love interest (or stalker) for him, or usually all three at the same time.
  • What Could Have Been: There were several movies, that the Critic was scheduled to review, but no videos were made for various reasons.
    • Toward the end of Nickelodeon Month, he would review the Game Shows that were on Nick, but Walker could not find any high quality footage from any show (except of Double Dare, which he already reviewed), so the Critic reviewed Good Burger instead.
    • He was also about to review Newsies, but he reviewed Rocky IV instead, since The Nostalgia Chick wanted to review that movie.
    • There was originally going to be an Old vs. New of The War of the Worlds, but it was held up due to the controversy with The Room. Eventually it was dropped, because Walker found both movies too underwhelming and overrated to compare.
    • Drop Zone was dropped and replaced with Ernest Scared Stupid, because the Critic decided to take the opportunity of spending the whole October of 2010 talking about horror movies.
    • Walker wanted to review Matilda because he hates it so much (It was #3 on "Doug's Top 10 Movies He Hates But Everyone Else Loves"), but so much backlash from his audience caused him to scrap the review. The later cameo appear of THE Mara Wilson, and her subsequent appearances in more Channel Awesome videos, have made up for the loss.
    • After the disastrous reaction to Let's Play Bart's Nightmare, the review of James and the Giant Peach was supposed to open with an argument between the Critic and Douchey McNitpick, which would basically have been a massive Take That against those who complained. Doug was talked out of it by others, who persuaded him that in the best case it would look like he didn't understand why the video was so disliked, and in the worst-case (and probably more likely) scenario he would wind up destroying his fanbase overnight.
    • The Follow That Bird review was originally meant to be a straight forward Nostalgia Critic episode — until Doug watched it to get ready for the review and realized he couldn't make fun of it. He wound up writing in Chester A. Bum to take over the review after the Critic broke down, and the review itself became 5 minutes long!
    • One of the post-To Boldly Flee tributes was going to be the “Top 11 Worst NC Episodes”, but someone smart realized Doug apologizing for fifty minutes wouldn't be an enjoyable experience, and made him do the “Top 11 Worst NC-Reviewed Movies” instead.
    • The sexual harrassment Running Gag in Dawn Of The Commercials could have been worse, as Doug wanted Rachel to fondle him at the end of their bit and Jim said "So you're going to be on your knees touching Doug".
    • As stated at the end of Face/Off, the original review was going to double as a big farewell video to Rachel (with story that tied into the reviewing parts) while also introducing the new actress, but Doug deleted it by accident. So the retake ended up being more review, less skits and Rachel having to send in footage from California.
      • As this commentary elaborates, the plot would have had Tamara switching faces with Rachel in an attempt to get on the show. After the two women switch faces constantly, the Critic & Malcolm would then send Rachel to California mistaking her for Tamara and end up hiring Tamara to be Rachel's replacement.
    • The Wicker Man commentary reveals that Spoony was originally set to appear in The Shining, but the review was running too long so his role was cut.
      • He also says here that Rachel was going to leave just after Catwoman, but her moving plans fell through.
    • To the dismay of male-loving fans everywhere, the Chick/Critic Rocky Horror Picture Show crossover with Doug singing in fetish gear will probably never happen. After Critic came back, Lindsay tweeted that it would exist in the future, but Doug shot it down at Almacon 2014 saying he wouldn't be able to cope with it.
    • The After Earth review was going to have the Critic be unaware that Will Smith wrote the script to the movie until he reads the credits. The Critic would then begin to feel betrayed and launch into a breakdown like Will's in "Papa's Got A Brand New Excuse". Doug backed out however because he didn't feel comfortable using such a tragic scene for the basis of a joke.
    • As stated by Rob in The Lorax commentary, everyone offended by Hyper Fangirl should count their blessings; she was a lot nastier in the original script draft, and “Tamara saved Doug from his own vile mean spirited-ness”. Plus, she had at least two more prominent roles in following reviews.

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