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Trivia: The Nostalgia Chick
  • Colbert Bump: Because of her short episode on Minnie The Moocher, Cab Calloway got a lot of new fans.
  • Creator Couple: Lindsay and Todd write a lot of the scripts together, including episodes where he doesn't appear.
  • Fan Community Nickname: "Chicklets".
  • Fan Nickname: Japanese fans nicknamed her "Nosko."
  • Meaningful Release Date: Her own co-site, Chez Apocalypse came out on the day of the supposed apocalypse. (21/12/2012)
  • Old Shame: In her livestream, Lindsay admitted that she watched "Rapping About Rape" again and could see why it got so much hate.
    • In a weird way, the TLC retrospective. While she doesn't seem to think it's a bad episode, it's more that she thinks sincere emotions on the show are too out of place.
    • Her review of the Dune film. Lindsay took it down because she felt that most of the plot holes she brought up were actually addressed within the film itself, as unclear as they were.
  • One of Us: A video entitled "The Smurfette Principle", where she even called herself a Distaff Counterpart. She also later references The Woobie page on her video of Ever After. Also, "Lord MacGuffin" has edited this page.
  • Talking to Herself: While she only has the one character, she still does the "play both people in the argument" thing.
    Chick 1: What's Natalie Wood doing?
    Chick 2: Uh, she's been dead for ten years, Diane.
    Chick 1: My bad. Um, what about the chick from Bye Bye Birdie? What's she doing?
    Chick 2: She's not doing anything.
    Chick 1: Alright, get out the shoehorn!
  • Throw It In: In the "Kirk vs. Picard" video, the Chick does an impersonation of Picard while Nella acted like Shatner. According to the commentary, neither of those were scripted.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In her commentary for X-Men, Lindsay said she was going to follow the TGWTG trend of having more than one character and play Dr. Tease herself.
      • The same went for Dr. Block, but because Lindsay hates acting so much, Nella took the role herself.
    • The Nostalgia Critic was going to review Newsies, but Lindsay told Doug she expressed interest in reviewing it, so he let her do it instead.
    • In the Les MisÚrables big group song, Ed Glazer or Doug could have played Marius instead of Paw, it could have been a chorus of Lindsays (recorded to set everyone's place, as described in the commentary), or the review might not have happened at all due to Lindsay and Elisa having a car accident on the way to Chicago. (A hurricane just made them swerve into a ditch, they were fine.)
    • In an example that made shippers' hearts soar, the first "Thanks For The Feedback" was going to see the Chick and Critic have sex, and then realize they were related.
    • As charmingly goofy as it was, the Dark Nella Saga was going to be much sillier and originally consisted of the eponymous quasi-demonic force of evil giving everyone evil noogies.
    • The Chick taping Todd to a chair in "Sleepless In Seattle vs. When Harry Met Sally" was originally going to be a Misery parody instead, but was cut for being considered far too creepy.

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