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Trivia: Bewitched

This Series is the Trope Namer of:

  • The Danza: Maurice Evans plays Samantha's father, Maurice.
    • Also doubles as It Is Pronounced Tro PAY: in Real Life, Maurice Evans insisted that his name be pronounced in Proper (British) English - "Morris" - however, there was one occasion on the show, in which another warlock [1] refers to him as, "Morris", only for him to correct him with, "Maurice".
  • Dueling Shows
    • I Dream of Jeannie. Though Bewitched lasted much longer, both shows — and their viewers — won. Elizabeth Montgomery reportedly hated Jeannie because she felt it was a shameless knock off of her show, but with all the social commentary replaced with fanservice. Decades later Barbara Eden sort of agreed with her. When NBC hired Sidney Sheldon to create the series for them to compete with the success of ABC's Bewitched, he went to Bewitched directed William Asher for advice, admitting, "I have this, sort of, rip-off of you..."
      • The 2005 film lampshades this, when Isabel is telling her neighbor Maria about being in the new series.
      Maria: Oh, I love that show! Is it the one about the genie?
      • Elizabeth was infuriated that Jeannie later had a reunion TV-movie in The Eighties, especially after she repeatedly turned-down offers to do the same with Bewitched (though, to be fair, she felt that any form of a reunion special would jeopardize the original series' credibility).
    • Some would even feel that both shows also were to compete against previously successful monster sitcoms, such as The Addams Family and The Munsters.
  • Edited for Syndication: The opening animated credit sequence usually included a bit with that week's sponsor's logo, such as the Darrin and Samantha characters riding the Chevrolet logo through the sky, or Samantha turning herself into a sheepdog for Ken-L-Ration dog food.
  • Missing Episodes: Syndication packages during The Eighties left out the black and white seasons, which did not reappear on TV until Nick At Nite obtained the rights to air them.
  • The Other Darrin: Not just Darrin, but Gladys Kravitz, Louise Tate and Darrin's father, not to mention two babies and three different sets of twins playing Tabitha.
    • The trope namer has the bonus of both actors being named Dick, leading fans to affectionately call it "the Dick switch."
  • Reality Subtext: Tabitha was conceived and born because Elizabeth Montgomery got pregnant.
  • Rerun
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Dick Sargent was actually the original choice for Darrin all along. He and Elizabeth Montgomery had been good friends prior to the show's start, and she and husband/producer/director William Asher felt he was the perfect for the role of Darrin, though Sargent was under contract to another studio at the time the show was starting up production, making him unavailable to accept the role.
      • On the same token, a third Dick was also considered for the role: Richard Crenna (who also eerily bears a striking resemblance to Dick York).
    • In an effort to keep the show on a little while longer, ABC tried negotiating with Elizabeth Montgomery and Bill Asher into continuing the show past its fifth season. While Seasons Six and Seven were eventually set in stone, ABC also gave them the options for Season Eight, Nine, and a partial Season Ten which would have included a Grand Finale TV-movie. Preparations began for a ninth season, but by then, Elizabeth wanted out, and there was no question that while Darrin could've been played by other actors (Dick Sargent was also wanting out by then as well), no one could play Samantha like Elizabeth.
    • Years later, Bill Asher attempted to develop a sequel series called Bewitched Again, which would focus on an entirely new couple (formally introduced to viewers in the pilot by Samantha, who would have only appeared in that episode), the only difference is unlike Darrin wanting Samantha wanting to give up her powers, the new husband would actually encourage his witch wife's craft. The new series never materialized.

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