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Heartwarming: Bewitched
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  • "A is For Aardvark": After Darrin breaks his leg, Samantha casts a spell that instantly fulfills his requests for food and such. Darrin soon decides that he and Sam could live luxuriously off of her witchcraft, and quits his job. However, when he gives Sam a simple anniversary present of flowers and an engraved watch, her Tears of Joy assure him that she truly believes they don't need magic to have a happy marriage. At Darrin's request, Sam turns back time to before he got a taste of supernatural instant gratification, so they can resume life as a mostly-normal couple.
  • "Illegal Separation" has one, too. Gladys and Abner Kravitz have an enormous fight that results in Abner moving in with the Stephens and driving them crazy. To reunite the couple, Samantha uses her powers to give them both the same dream about the happiest day of their lives—namely, the day Abner proposed to Gladys. After seeing the entire dream (which is quite sweet in and of itself) through to the end, Abner and Gladys wake up simultaneously and immediately start calling for each other, running out of their houses and into one another's arms. Samantha lampshades the whole incident by making the Kravitzes run in slow motion, but that doesn't make it any less romantic.
  • In the episode, "And Then There Were Three," Darrin and Endora have a moment with each other. Yes, the two of them actually have a moment with each other. Endora pops into the waiting room to relay to Darrin all about the birth of Tabitha, and the two of them are so overcome with emotion, they start shedding tears; they even hug each other, and Endora even zaps up some hankies for them to share. Of course, the moment still ends on a silly note, when Endora jokes that she watched Tabitha slapped the doctor across the face after he slapped her on the rear.
    Darrin: You know, Endora, sometimes, you can almost be human.
    Endora: This is no time to be insulting!
  • Also, this brief little moment between Darrin and Uncle Arthur:
    Darrin: Strange as this may seem, you're the best friend I have in Sam's family. Even with all your practical jokes, I know that you really love us, and you mean well, and—
    Uncle Arthur: Alright, let's not get sticky. You know, Sammy? Even though he is a party pooper... I like 'im.

  • In the film, the friendship that Maria and Nina display with Isobel. Isobel displays some odd gestures and behaviours around the set (and off the set) that would label her socially awkward at best. But instead of ditching her, both women continue to stay on with her throughout her troubles and help her make sense of what it's like to be a mortal.
  • Isobel's father. While Isobel shunned being a witch, not once did Nigel ever make life worse for her. Sure he'd pop up from time to time, but he continued to be there for her, especially after her breakup.
  • While Jack does have MAJOR Jerkass tendencies, the fact that he continued to stick by Isobel even after she went off at him, shows that he can see potential in her and wants her to succeed.
  • The scene after the taping where Isobel and Jack are eating Chinese food in the park.
    • And the scene in the studio.
  • This is a minor heartwarming moment, but while Isobel has been known to manipulate things (and to some extent, people), she does concede that dropping a light fixture on Jack's "wife" is a bit too much and modifies things so she's not going to harm anybody (or herself).
  • Iris lending Isobel some support on-set when she's getting screwed by Jack and the crew.
    • Iris also manipulating things at the party so that Nigel is not going to pull his usual tricks counts too.

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