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Funny: Bewitched
Both the TV series and the film display some VERY hilarious moments.

The film:

  • Jack Wyatt during the dinner scene with the ex-girlfriend (as Darrin).
  • Hell, Jack Wyatt when he's under the love spell is absolutely hilarious. It becomes a Funny Moment when he takes it Up to Eleven, causing Isobel to get flustered!
  • Isobel is panicking over undoing the love spell, so she keeps repeating to herself that she'll open the door, undo the spell and slam it in his face. Meanwhile she's getting ready and looking absolutely stunning. Then she opens the door and her plan goes out the window. Hilarity ensues.
  • More of a Funny Background Event than anything, but at the beginning when Isobel is shopping at Bed, Bath and Table, one of the hanging signs says "Your Father" with an arrow pointing down at him!
  • Shortly after the "second" date between Isobel/Jack in the film, the two of them are at work and are whispering/smiling/flirting across the room...the production crew have caught on and are snickering away.
  • Isobel and Jack kissing LONG after the director tells them to cut. The audience meanwhile is hooting.
  • Iris/Endora.
  • Maria "running" around the set.

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