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Ship Tease: Western Animation
  • The writers of Avatar: The Last Airbender are (not without basis) accused of teasing the incessant Zutara (Zuko/Katara) shippers, as traces of hinting can be found in the Avatar-dedicated Nick Mag issue and within various interviews. Most notably, trailers for the second season teased a hookup between the two - they get Locked in a Room, and they don't go the route most characters go afterwards (despite her thumb on his mouth). Followed in the same episode by a thorough and brutal Ship Sinking.
    • The four-part finale, in which the ship teasing is as brutally epic as the storyline itself, threw out more bait to the Zutara fans than the entire rest of the series combined. It even includes such classics as She Is Not My Girlfriend and Taking the Bullet, only to shoot it all down in flames with two heartfelt love scenes - Aang/Katara and Zuko/Mai - in the very last minutes of the last episode. (And they still have time to start a Toph/Zuko Ship Tease.) The amount of ship teasing present in the finale actually confused many casual watchers as to the ending pairings, since Katara and Aang don't interact except for the start and the very end of the finale.
    • The Last Airbender somehow managed to make the Zuko/Katara fight at the North Pole full of even more Ship Teasing goodness. Probably because they skipped "The Waterbending Scroll".
    • The writers teased the Kataang (Katara/Aang) shippers in an earlier episode, where they set up a True Love's Kiss plot - but had the lights go out at the crucial moment, leaving viewers to wonder Did They Or Didn't They?
    • The Season 3, part 2 trailer, which one Katara/Aang shipper described as "a giant kick in the groin," proved that the PR staff were still up to their old tricks, and the shippers still hadn't learned their lesson.
    • Lampshaded (like everything else on the show) in "The Ember Island Players". This also contained a legitimate ship tease, where Toph punches Zuko in the arm and then says "It's how I show affection." (Which would make other previous moments where she punches her friends a ship tease...)
    • The writers apparently enjoyed the Ship-to-Ship Combat somewhat, as evidenced by their Super-Deformed Short "School Day Shipping."
    • And they did it again with a marathon of Avatar reruns, with pop-up jokes and factoids appearing on the screen. (One pop-up quips "Love at first sight" during Aang and Katara's first meeting, and another teases "Zuko was originally going to be a love interest for Katara.") The guy who wrote these is the same one behind "Ember Island Players", so the odds of it being unintentional are probably nil.
    • The Sokka/Toph moment in "The Serpent's Pass". "You can just go ahead and let me drown now" indeed.
      • In "Sokka's Master," when Sokka returns to the group, Toph dismissively says that the others missed him... and then turns around so he can't see her, smiles, and blushes.
      • A small but notable scene in "The Western Air Temple" where Sokka actually picks Toph up and cradles her as he walks to camp.
    • Most of the Azula / Zuko shipping can be chalked up to the fact that she's The Vamp and acts vaguely seductive toward everyone as opposed to intentional teasing, but the bedroom scene is a bit much....
      • The scene where Zuko dreams about a dragon with Azula's voice that says some very suggestive things to him an a very seductive tone goes a little overboard as well.
  • Sequel Series The Legend of Korra, picks up right where they left off.
    • No sooner than the second episode did they manage an obscene amount of ship teasing between Mako and Korra. This continued for a vengeance for multiple episodes, until they become the Official Couple in the season 1 finale.
    • For Korra and Bolin we have Bolin's attempts at impressing Korra, but most importantly his words to Mako after the latter berates him for bringing into their prep room another one of his fangirls (or so he assumes). Bolin tells him, "There's something special about this girl. I can feel it."
    • Episode 5 can be summed up as an episode devoted to Ship Tease. Bolin and Korra end up on a date together, with Bolin clearly showing feelings for Korra, while Korra herself shows that she has feelings for Mako through the course of the episode, reaching a climax when Korra kisses Mako.
    • Episode 6 of Book 2 has a moment where Asami kisses Mako after the latter says in a suggestive way "I won't give up on you" after admitting to having a falling out with Korra while the former had her life practically destroyed. It doesn't help that the Book before,they were dating
    • The last scene between Korra and Asami in the Book 3 finale is seen as a very Shippy moment amongst fans. After Korra's battle with Zaheer which has left her wheelchair bound Asami fixes up Korra's hair for Jinora's tattoo ceremony, when its clear that Korra is still depressed Asami tells Korra that she is there for her if she ever wants to talk or "anything." What really sells it is the fact that the screen focuses on Asami taking Korra's hand in hers while saying all this. The fact that Asami remains at Korra's side during the ceremony doesn't hurt.
  • Kim Possible, from day one, had all manner of Ship Tease going on between Kim and Ron. Certain exchanges ("If she saw us coming out of a date movie together, she might, you know..." "You. And me. On a date?" "Not that we, y'know, would or anything...") and certain scenes (the parody of the famous upside-down kiss) littered various episodes, and "Emotion Sickness" was one big tease from start to finish, while simultaneously teasing Drakken and Shego. The first episode has Ron declare "And contrary to popular belief, I am not dating Kim Possible" in what could be the quickest series-start-to-ship-tease since Mulder and Scully. All of which inevitably lead to their Relationship Upgrade at the end of season three.
    • "Homecoming Upset" had its fair share of Ron/Bonnie teases.
    • How can we forget Shego and Kim? The amount of Ship Tease they get ALONE could take up a whole page...
  • The Boondocks: Huey and Jazmine, in several episodes. They even have their own Shipper on Deck in the form of Granddad.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door has teased Kuki and Wally fans repeatedly: for instance, in The Movie, playing with Dying Declaration of Love by having one of them infected with The Virus (and passing it on just in time for Kissing Under the Influence). The final episode's Distant Finale framing sequence hints at a Last Minute Hookup between Kuki and Hoagie, before revealing at the last moment that they were just sitting together and having Wally berate Hoagie to take his hands of Kuki, his wife.
    • In the case of unresolved ship tease, we have Nigel/Numbuh One and Rachel/Numbuh 362. The season 5 finale showed them as very close friends, with Nigel constantly trying to snap her out of her Heroic BSOD. Then came "Operation: G.I.R.L.F.R.I.E.N.D.", which has them on a First Name Basis and did everything short of waving a flag in your face saying "SHE'S MADLY IN LOVE WITH HIM!"
  • In Justice League Bruce Timm admitted to doing this with Batman and Wonder Woman after shippers misintepreted a gesture of thanks as flirting in "The Brave and the Bold". Anybody who's familiar with the DCAU (specifically Batman Beyond) knows that Batman is going to end up bitter and alone...
  • Teen Titans had Robin and Starfire Ship Tease in spades...and that's not even getting into the Psychic Link between Robin and Raven. Or the constant conflict between Raven and Beast Boy. Or Terra/Beast Boy.
    • Some of that is Shout-Out to the source material. Dick and Kory have been on again off again since the Bronze Age. Geoff Johns had a bit between Gar and Raven on his run that didn't work so well. And then the Squick implications of the Terra/Slade stuff is worse when you've actually read Judas Contract.
      • They did tease Beast Boy and Raven in the Teen Titans Go! comics, which were based off the animated series. They also continue to do so in the newer Teen Titans Go! series, which is loosely based on the previous cartoon.
  • The Backyardigans: Plenty of ship tease, but what crossed the final line was the song "I Need a Hand" during "Caveman's Best Friend". It's the end of the song, folks. When they're holding hands. Doesn't that scream "LOVE" to you?! I guess it does.
  • There are numerous Ship-Teasing with Gwen and Kevin in Ben 10: Alien Force .
  • Babs and Buster Bunny (No relation) in Tiny Toon Adventures.
  • The DuckTales episode "Duck to the Future" was pretty Ship tease-y in the Magica/Scrooge department, what with Magica embracing Scrooge when the two escape from the Hindenburg...and reaching down his shirt for his Number One Dime.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The promos for the 10th anniversary special "Truth Or Square" all focused on a scene where Spongebob and Sandy get married. In the actual episode it turns out it's all part of a play. Fan reaction has not been too hostile (albeit it was disappointing for some), which is good because it would look really foolish considering it wasn't a Ship Sinking.
  • While Fillmore! was mostly a No Hugging, No Kissing series, the writers definitely gave a Toy Ship vibe between the two leading characters. Mostly because their dialogue had a tendency to sound flirtatious at times, coupled with all the subtext of a Buddy Cop Show.
  • The Fairly Oddparents special "Wishology" seems to finally lean the show in the Timmy/Trixie direction (and at the same time, gives the Timmy/Tootie shippers reason to be very sad), but at the end, the Reset Button returns Trixie to her normal self.
  • The Phineas and Ferb episode "That Sinking Feeling" has the two title characters try to help their friend impress a girl. Phineas later invites Isabella along (but not in the way you'd think), providing plenty of this trope. The episode even occurs on a cruise ship.
    • Phineas/Isabella gets teased a lot. For example, Isabella spends the whole episode "Out to Launch" trying to ask Phineas to a dance... only to have him misunderstand her and invite Ferb along as a third wheel. In "One Good Scare Ought to Do It", Phineas not only spends the whole episode trying to help her, but holds her hand practically through the entire song. Many smaller examples also exist.
      • An example that has shippers up on cloud nine occurs in "The Chronicles of Meap". Isabella spends the whole episode trying to get registered by Phineas's "Cute Tracker", to no effect. Then Phineas explains he already took her cuteness into account and set the device to ignore her from the start. When he resets it to stop ignoring her, it immediately shorts out. This promptly spawned a number of Epileptic Trees stating Phineas may not be as Oblivious to Love as he seems.
      • In The Movie, Phineas seems rather pleased when Isabella kisses him, and makes like he's going to do/say something else, but never gets the chance.
    • The episode "Vanessessary Roughness" does this for Ferb/Vanessa, especially given the cheek-kiss at the end.
    • The hour-long special "Summer Belongs To You" teased two of the three most prominent pairings in the show: Phineas/Isabella and Ferb/Vanessa (and Buford/Baljeet, of all things). It didn't tease Candace/Jeremy however, considering they became an Official Couple at the end of the special.
    • "Phineas and Ferb's Quantumn Boogaloo" almost confirms the ship, while at the same time opening a new can of worms. While 20 years in the future Isabella is ecstatic to hear Candace's kids comment she looks like their Aunt Isabella, proving she must marry Phineas. Then past!Candace points out she could also marry Ferb and still be their aunt, prompting a look of shock from Isabella - and a point and a wink from the usually-stoic Ferb.
    • For some reason, despite the species difference, the show loves teasing Doofenshmirtz and Perry.
  • Arthur teased Arthur/Francine a few times with a She Is Not My Girlfriend episode at one point and a few glimpses into the future (which may or may not be Imagine Spots) that imply both will eventually get married.
  • Despite their relationship being explicitly platonic, My Life as a Teenage Robot threw in some teasing for Brad and Jenny from time to time.
  • Iron Man: Armored Adventures is loaded with this. Tony/Pepper, Tony/Whitney, and Rhodey/Whitney all get ship teases in the series, but that's just the intentional ones. Unintentionally there's hints of Pepper/Gene all over the place, though Word of God has it they were meant to just come across as friends.
  • Scooby-Doo is infamous for possibly the longest ever (still ongoing!!) never-resolved Will They or Won't They? between Fred and Daphne (if you're not counting the live action movies).
    • Finally They Will in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated where Fred even proposes to Daphne. The first season finale cancels their engagement to look for his natural parents.
      • Episode 51 had Fred come right out and say he loves Daphne followed by a Big Damn Kiss. However, after the gang destroys the Nibiru curse and jumps the timeline into a different Crystal Cove, it's unclear if Fred's intentions were still valid at that point.
  • Even The Magic School Bus, which was primarily an Edutainment Show and aimed at little kids, managed to sneak in some hints between most of the kids. The most consistently teased pairings were the three cases of Opposites Attract: Ralphie/Keesha, Carlos/Dorothy Ann, and Arnold/Wanda.
    • Arnold was a veritable Chick Magnet; he was also teased with Phoebe ("The Busasaurus") and Dorothy Ann ("Cracks a Yolk"), and a girl in another class named Tiffany ("Wet All Over"). One episode teased him with both Phoebe and Wanda at once ("Goes Cellular").
  • On Jimmy Two-Shoes, Jimmy comes into Heloise's room when the rest of the town is in hibernation. After trying to wake her up normally, he looks into the book she's holding, reading that a princess was awakened by a kiss. He looks at Heloise for a moment, who has sparkles over her...then tosses the book aside, muttering, "You can't believe everything you read."
    • Another episode focusing on Hiccup Hijinks had a doctor suggesting that Jimmy cure Heloise's hiccups with a slight obstruction of the air passage, such as a prolonged kiss. Jimmy reluctantly decides to provide it. In the ensuing hilarity, Heloise ends up kissing Beezy instead.
    • Yet another episode ends with Jimmy and Heloise fused together. They end up at the movies. When Jimmy asks when she'll reverse the process, she merely shrugs, saying "I'm in no rush."
  • A season 4 episode of KaBlam! featured Henry falling in love with a one-shot character, Dawn. June was mad. So were the H/J Shippers. Did the creators forget about episode 29? (Oh wait, never mind. They did.)
  • During season 2 of Total Drama Island the writers loved to tease Duncan with girls other than his canon love interest Courtney. Mostly this was with Gwen but he also ended up kissing Heather (as part of a challenge) and going on a 'date' with Lindsay (to deliberately infuriate Courtney). Then season three, the tease with Gwen became the truth!
  • According to the Writer's Bible of Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures, the writers wanted to Ship Tease Jonny/Jessie in the first season. When a new head writer took over in season 2, Ship Tease was also planned for Hadji/Jessie while continuing the Jonny/Jessie teasing from the previous season, hinting at a possible Two Guys and a Girl Love Triangle. The Jonny/Jessie teasing culminated in the second season episode "Ghost Quest" where Jonny and Jessie kiss while possessed by the ghosts of two former lovers.
  • Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers had quite a bit of this between Shane and Niko, especially if Chris Rowley was writing. "Scarecrow" is positively loaded. There's one scene where Shane was dancing with a local girl. Niko asks him later about his "girlfriend," and he remarks "She already has a date...and so do I." Then, there's the scene where Scarecrow busts into an injured Niko's room and attacks her. Shane breaks in and brawls Scarecrow, but is knocked against a wall. Before the Scarecrow can kill him, Niko grabs her BFG and shoots, scaring the thing off. As she swoons from the injuries she already has, Shane catches her, and says softly. "Easy, babe, sleep now." It was rather amusing when Rowley discovered the Fan Fic fifteen years later...
  • Hey Arnold! does this with some of the lesser characters: Harold with both Rhonda and Patty, Sid and Rhonda (in the episode "Wheezin' Ed"), Sheena and Eugene. Phoebe and Gerald also count earlier on, but they're more or less the official Beta Couple by season 4.
  • Used on several occasions with Odd and Sissi in Code Lyoko, who share an almost Slap-Slap-Kiss dynamic.
    • Odd also gets a lot of Ship Tease with Aelita, calling her "Princess" and mentioning how pretty she is on more than one occasion. Aelita also seems to worry about him more often, usuaully running to help him every time he gets hurt in Lyoko, and prefers riding on the Overboard with him. And then, of course, there's their kiss in season 4. According to Word of God, though, nothing comes of it.
  • There's actually been a pretty good amount of ship teasing in Transformers Prime after only a season, including Cliffjumper and Arcee.
    • The worst is probably "Metal Attraction", which deliberately plays with Bulkhead/Arcee, right down to Miko acting jealous (a tease in an of itself depending on you want to look at it).
    • The biggest amount of shipping seems to be between Arcee and Jack. If only because the writers seem to like teasing nearly every type of relationship the two of them could possibly have.
  • Chowder: There are a few such moments between Shnitzel and Ms. Endive, even though Endive has a Does Not Like Men attitude and Shnitzel is The Unintelligible of the group. They are ultimately Happily Married in the Grand Finale.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: Edd was teased for Edd/Nazz in "the day the Edd stood still." See the kiss scene which we ALL remember.
    • Eddy gets a kiss from Nazz too in the movie. It's adorable.
  • The Powerpuff Girls has the Foe Yay variety of this at times between Him and Bubbles, Mojo Jojo and Blossom, Buttercup and Him, and Buttercup and Ace.
  • X-Men: Evolution:
    • Being the Official Couple, it's only natural that Scott and Jean had plenty of Ship Tease before their Relationship Upgrade in early season 3. Remy and Rogue also had their share of Ship Tease, likely as a reference to their relationship in the comics.
    • Despite them both getting love interests in season 2, Kurt and Kitty had a lot of Ship Tease throughout the show. There is some debate over whether the writers did this deliberately to please (or torture) the Kurt/Kitty shippers, if it's a case of Relationship Writing Fumble, or if Kurt and Kitty would have gotten together had there been a season five.
    • Everyone had a Ship Tease moment with everyone at some point, listing it all would be impossible but the fansite Beyond Evolution has a list of a number of possible couples. Each one lists the episodes that had a ship tease moment. It organizes the couples based on their possibility of existance. Some of the listed Ship Teases are with Shipping Goggles (Lance/Kitty in No Good Deed? They didn't even interact, Jean/Lucas? He kidnapped her).
    • The New Mutants had a truckload of it. From Iceman making an ice ballerina spin for Jubilee, to everything Sunspot and Wolfsbane did in "Retreat", to how much time Cannonball and Magma spend together.
  • Young Justice: Between Robin/Artemis, although they end up Sharing a Big Damn Kiss with Wally and Zatanna respectively in the first season fanale, with Artemis and Wally becoming an Official Couple.
  • Depending on the episode, Gadget from Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers was either interested in Chip, interested in Dale, interested in someone else (usually a oneshot character like Sparky), not interested in anyone, or unaware of the concept of romance. Trying to figure out which viewpoint has the most support, however, is the hottest and most divisive topic in the fandom, and bringing it up is either the fastest way to start a Flame War, or the fastest way to get someone to step in and change the subject.
    • Then you also had other one-shot teases like Dale and Foxglove, which carried over into the brief comic revival by Boom! To a lesser degree you have Tammy and Chip, although this was rather one-sided on Tammy's part.
  • In ThunderCats, Cheetara is teased with both Lion-O (they spend an episode psychically linked, he's been shoved into her, and she has a throwaway line in the pilot about how handsome he'd become) and Tygra, who she eventually gets together with in the tie-in comics.
  • The writers of ThunderCats (2011) have decided to take the original concept above and run with it, making Tygra Lion-O's adoptive older brother, giving them a longstanding, deep-seated Sibling Rivalry and a shared attraction to Cheetara. They're now all teenagers, which adds to the moodiness. So far:
    • In "Omens Part One", The Charmer Tygra openly flirted with Cheetara while she's clad in priestly vestments that leave only her eyes visible.
    • In "Song of the Petalars", Lion-O had a moment holding hands with Cheetara as she comforts him during a moment of grief... promptly killed by Snarf's glomping his face.
    • In "Journey to the Tower of Omens", Lion-O is a bit nervous over Cheetara's Hands-On Approach towards coaching him in the Sword of Omens' use, (which Wilykit notices, and merrily mocks with smooching noises) while Tygra later gapes over Cheetara's Super Speed, to which a smirking Panthro quips:
    Panthro: Close that mouth; you're drooling.
  • Despite the theme of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic being, well, friendship, it does have a number of these moments:
    • The episode "Secret of My Excess" was basically one big Spike/Rarity tease. In the next episode where they're actually shown togethernote , ''Dragon Quest'', Rarity is extremely affectionate towards Spike. It should be noted that this is the only case in which one of the parties involved (Spike) is canonically in love with the other.
    • During the Photo Montage in "A Canterlot Wedding Part 2", Rainbow Dash is seen with Soarin' (one of the Wonderbolts), Rarity with Fancy Pants, and Spike dancing alongside Sweetie Belle. A catchy love song is playing when this happens.
    • In "Rainbow Falls", there are a few moments that look like Fluttershy is flirting with Bulk Biceps of all ponies.
    • "Hearts and Hooves Day" is essentially an extended Ship Tease between Big Macintosh and Cheerilee. The two of them spend most of the episode under the effects of a Love Potion, but when they come out of, it's left thoroughly ambiguous whether there are real romantic feelings between them or whether they were just trolling the CMC. The two are seen walking together in a later episode, and in "Filli Vanilli", Cheerilee swoons at Big Mac's singing (though it isn't actually Big Mac singing; he is just lip synching).
    • In Twilights Kingdom Part 1, a few of Fluttershy and Discord's moments show them being very close, plus the passing mention of the two having a get-together for tea. When confronting Tirek, Discord tells him he's only capturing him for Fluttershy's sake. He also has a photo of him and Fluttershy together.
    • In Twilight's Kingdom Part 2:

      If you look closely at the captured Mane 5 after Discord is drained, you can see Spike holding Rarity.

      Near the end, Discord gives Celestia a bouquet of flowers and winks at her. It does seem like a possible acknowledgement of the fan idea that the two of them had a thing once.

      The Discord/Fluttershy tease is still going strong - Discord softly apologizes to her, and she forgives him. And then there's this little exchange:
    Fluttershy: (to Twilight, on her Heroic Sacrifice) We're not worth it!
    Discord: Oh, but you are, Fluttershy. You're the pony who taught me that Friendship is Magic. I had magic and friendship, and now, I don't have either.
    • Since Equestria Girls, Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry. Even though Flash Sentry has made a couple appearances so far.
  • Adventure Time:
    • The two-parter "Mortal Folly"/"Mortal Recoil" is filled with Finn/Bubblegum teasing. Even beyond Finn defeating The Lich with the The Power of L-l-liking Someone a Lot thanks to the sweater Bubblegum gave him, and Finn's subsequent ineffective attempt at admitting this to Bubblegum, the two-parter ends with Bubblegum turned thirteen years old and giving Finn a congratulatory hug. "Too Young" continued this teasing with a vengeance, only to swerve into a Ship Sinking ending.
    • Intentionally or not, "What Was Missing" is seen as one colossal tease for Bubblegum/Marceline, the pinnacle of which was either A) a song that hinted at some incredible emotional pain in their past relationship with all the subtlety of a mountain, or B) that Bubblegum's stolen treasure was a shirt Marceline gave her (directly paralleling Finn's stolen treasure; a wad of Bubblegum's hair). The publically released storyboard reveals that originally there were even more hints planned.
      • "Sky Witch", holy crap. The episode literally opens with Bubblegum sensually sniffing the shirt Marceline gave her, and the end reveals that said shirt has more emotional significance attached to it than Hambo (Marceline's stuffed animal, the only thing she has to remember her Parental Substitute after he became the Ice King).
    • "Go With Me" is odd in that it seems to be both teasing and sinking Finn/Marceline at once—the whole episode makes a point of showing how they get along better than either does with Bubblegum, but Marceline pointedly turns Finn down when he seems to be asking her on a date. When it turns out to be Not a Date she goes, and they bond over their hatred of romance in the most romantically platonic way possible.
    • "Hot to the Touch" is dedicated to nothing other than teasing Finn and the Flame Princess.
      • And "Burning Low" caused a veritable explosion in the Finn/FP shippers, what with Jake calling Bubblegum out as being jealous that Finn likes FP, and the huge kiss and heroic rescue at the end.
    • "Gotcha!" teases Lumpy Space Princess/Finn, oddly enough, with the episode revolving around LSP trying to charm Finn and Jake only to fall for Finn's kindness and sincerity ("His hot lumps are on the inside!"). Near the end, LSP even admits that she thinks Finn is "hot".
    • Ever since "You Made Me" aired, fans have shipped Lemongrab with his clone. In what can only be described as something straddling the line between a Ship Tease and full-blown Word of Gay, Adventure Time writer Thomas Herpich once drew a picture of the Lemongrabs smiling and hugging each other... while butt naked. And in "All Your Fault," the Lemongrabs actually have children together.
    • "Too Old" refloats the Finn/Bubblegum ship to tease it briefly, only for Bubblegum to harshly shut down Finn towards the end of the episode, followed by Finn seemingly learning for the final time that the age difference between the two make them incompatible.
  • South Park: Stan and Wendy are an Official Couple, but he does have some Ship Tease with his best friend, Kyle. Kyle, in the meantime, has some pretty thick Foe Yay subtext with Cartman, who has in turn been teased with Wendy before.
    • While not necessarily played straight (it's more a parody of shipping, if anything), Cartman Finds Love makes Cartman's only previously implied intimate relationship with Kyle canon. Kind of. Cartman obsessively ships Token/Nichole, since they're both black, and when he hears that Nichole likes Kyle, he tells her that he and Kyle are in a relationship, so therefore she can't date him. She then procedes to get together with Token. Kyle, in the mean time, learns about Cartman's rumor about the two of them and demands he tell the truth, but Cartman convinces him to keep quiet so he won't ruin Nichole's happy relationship. Nichole, however, dumps Token when she fears they're only dating because they're both black, and once Cartman learns Kyle is taking Nichole to a basketball game, he follows them, gets on the megatron, proclaims his love for Kyle (complete with singing him a love ballad and calling him "babe") in front of thousands. Kyle, who was an unwilling participant in Cartman's plan since he did really like Nichole, storms out angrily.
  • In the Gravity Falls episode "Summerween", Candy Chiu hanging on to Dipper after the Trickster's threat was enough to send some shippers into fits of squeeing. There were already Candy/Dipper shippers before, but this was the first remotely shippy real interaction they could grasp.
  • Archer has unimaginable amounts of everyone on everyone but in the current season 4 episodes, the most prominent is Archer and Lana, who have plunged into the Will They or Won't They? category. They used to date but since Archer's an unrepentant asshole, Lana has no desire to be in a relationship with him. However, they've slept together at least once since the break up and Archer is showing signs of actually caring about her while she flip-flops between hating his guts and realizing he isn't a total Jerk Ass.
    • This is taken even further in Archer: Vice. Along with comforting her several times whenever things got too dire, Archer has tried his damndest to be the father figure he feels Lana's unborn child is going to need.
  • Lots of this in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012). The writers are using Donnie's crush on April as comic relief, but some fans are taking it seriously. They detest the Official Couple, Casey and April, and desperately want April to end up with Donnie for once.
    • Despite this, the writers do include some ship tease for Casey and April.
    • On top of that, Leonardo has a variance of Dating Catwoman with Karai. They seek each other out for fun, they both care about the other's well being despite technically being enemies, and their battles absolutely reek of sexual tension.
  • In the kids show PAW Patrol, the main ship tease is Chase/Skye. In the episode "Pups Save the Sea Turtles" he gets worried about her, even gushing to her how worried he was. This happens again in "Pups Save the Camping Trip" but this time, Skye replies by calling him very "sweet".
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