Quotes: Nintendo

"Now you're playing with power!"
— Tagline during the NES era

"Now you're playing with power. Super power."
— Tagline during the SNES era

"Who are you?"
— Tagline during the GameCube era

"Wii would like to play."
— Tagline during the Wii era

"Take a look inside."
— Tagline for the Nintendo 3DS

"How U will play next"
— Tagline for the Wii U

"A delayed game is eventually good. A bad game is bad forever."

"My body is ready!"
Reggie Fils Aime during the Wii Fit demonstration at E3 2007

"...Directly to you."
Satoru Iwata and any guests who show up in Nintendo Direct

"Please, take a look."
Satoru Iwata beckoning us to take a look at anything they've announced.

"Please understand."
Satoru Iwata on any unfortunate announcements

Just sit back and relax, my friend. Today's lesson won't take too long,
and to make it more interesting, it takes the form of this nerdy song.
The year is 1889, before the accolades and awards...
Nintendo got its start from making hanafuda cards!
For a century, they grew and planned to discover just what sells,
making vacuums and Ultra Hand and love testers and Love Hotels.
But they soon zeroed in on games like the Game & Watch and Color TV...
In '81, they made Donkey Kong, and the rest is history!

This is the history of Nintendo!
Spanning the years, hanafuda to Mario...
Straight from Kyoto, with a guy named Miyamoto,
This is the history of Nintendo!

2004, the DS, 2006, the Wii.
2011, the 3DS, a DS in 3D.
2012, the Wii U, out by this year's end,
And so my friend, well now you know the history of Nintend...o.

This is the history of Nintendo!
From Nester to Ness, Waluigi to Wario...
Soon to be taught in schools all over Tokyo,
To solve the mysteries of Nintendo...
This was the history of Nintendo!