Awesome / Nintendo

  • How about bringing the entire American game industry Back from the Dead, basically single-handed? Others took up the torch, but Ninty led the way after Atari screwed the pooch.
  • Nintendo showed why they were top banana after Universal Studios tried to sue them for Donkey Kong. Nintendo tried to be reasonable and offered partnership. Universal refused, hoping to destroy the video game company. At a formal dinner where Universal expected Nintendo to agree to pay profits from their game they were slapped with the truth: the story King Kong is actually public domainnote , and Nintendo were now taking Universal to court.
  • E3 2010. While Microsoft was going gaga over the Kinect, and Sony showed little of note (except perhaps Playstation Move), when Nintendo's press conference came, and the public was expecting waggling and casual games, Nintendo instead announced (and showed of) AAA-title upon AAA-title upon AAA-title, and topped it off with the announcement of the Nintendo 3DS! Sure, some of those games are kinda divisive today, and the 3DS got hampered a bit by some unpleasant news, but at that time it was nothing less than awesome and proved to us why Nintendo was still in this industry! Saying that the fandom rejoiced is an understatement. Summed up here. (Slightly NSFW)
  • E3 2014. How do you start off the event? By making Iwata and Reggie fight each other to the death!
    • At the end of the Smash Bros. Invitational, Reggie congratulates the champion and officially sums up his Memetic Badass status with this:
    Reggie: "And next time I'll come kick your ass!"
  • E3 2015 hasn't even started yet and they've already won in some people's eyes. How you ask? Reviving the Nintendo World Championships on its 25th anniversary!
  • So a local group of Moral Guardians were bashing Nintendo for releasing MadWorld on the Wii console despite Nintendo saying that the Wii was meant for everyone. Their response: That the Wii is indeed for everyone... and gamers that play games like Mad World are included with everyone.
  • The page image for Made of Indestructium is a Game Boy that still worked after being inside a building that was bombed during the Persian Gulf War. And in a Heartwarming Moment, Nintendo sent the nurse who owned it a free replacement anyway.
  • As of late August 2015, Nintendo's stocks went up 1,019,966.20% at ¥246,550,000.
  • A fan-related example: A fan-made Satoru Iwata Amiibo sold for 1900 dollars, all going to charity.
  • The Wii U, the console everyone claims is on its way out, manged to be one of the top selling items at Target Black Friday 2015. Its competitors were iPads. Not the other consoles, iPads! Nintendo is never truly down, it seems.
  • In the announcement trailer for Nintendo Switch, a guy is shown playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which so far showcases nothing special. Then his dog barks at him, telling him that it wants to go out. Does the man save the game and turn the console off? No, he removes both sides of the Joy-Con controller, places them on both sides of a tablet inside the console, takes said tablet out of the console, and continues playing as he and his dog go out. This marked the moment when we all knew that this was not going to be your usual gaming platform.
    • The fact that Nintendo has the balls to release a cartridge based console in an age where the video game world is dominated by either digital platforms or disc based physical releases. Even better, as since chips aren't left behind when Technology Marches On, there's a good chance it could actually work!
  • You'd think all the friendly rivalry between two major video game companies would get in the way of general platitudes? Yeah, nope. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • In 2016, Nintendo raised a lot of eyebrows when they said the only game they'd be bringing to E3 was Breath of the Wild, then unnamed. Many were skeptical the idea was wise, especially when the group assumption thought that it meant that that was the only game they would be showing. Then the game was revealed, and the lines that formed afterward showed that they weren't nearly as crazy as people thought they were.