Funny: Nintendo

  • A majority of what they did at E3 2012, which usually got those moments turned into memes.
    • The Wii U software montage is preceded by a piece of footage of Iwata holding a bunch of bananas in his hand for no reason and looking at it as if it was a skull from Shakespeare's Hamlet.
  • To promote Sonic Lost World, Nintendo changed their Facebook cover photo accordingly. To someone who only knows of gaming from the The Seventh Generation of Console Video Games onwards, this is nothing. To someone who grew up in the days of the Super NES and the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, back when Nintendo and SEGA were bitter rivals, well...
  • The announcement of Nintendo's plans for E3 in the form of a Mega64 skit. Rocco attempts to sneak into Nintendo headquarters and learn about their E3 plans and upcoming games by using a robot replica of Reggie Fils-Aime. There's many humorous moments such as the robot vaporising an executive with laser eyes and Erik Peterson blowing up the robot with a glass of water, but what takes the cake is when Rocco bumps into the real Reggie.
    • Music from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is used hilariously throughout. Such as Ghirahim's boss battle music when the Fils-A-Mech is walking, and when the real Reggie shows up and looks at the robot in confusion, the music from when you are spotted in the Silent Realm plays.
  • E3 2014's introduction by the team behind Robot Chicken.
    TP!Link: HEY! They promised me you wouldn't be here!
    • We have four words that should describe most of the fanbase, "GIVE US MOTHER 3!!!" Which is then followed up by Reggie becoming Fire Reggie and hurling fireballs at the fan. Immediately following:
    Fan: Wait a second! If the heroes are backstage, who's watching the bad guys?
    Reggie: Not my probl- (Wario and Ganondorf drop in)
    Wario: It's a-me, Wario!
    Reggie: I guess this is my problem. While I go Reggie on these fools, here's what's new. (cue Reggie charging Wario and Ganondorf screaming)
    • To promote the Mii Fighters, we have Iwata and Reggie fighting each other.
    • The two in-between scenes are hilarious in their own right:
      • Bowser and Peach reach for the last donut, and an awkward moment ensues when Bowser tries to apologize to Peach for kidnapping her "80+ times".
      • Fox questions why Little Mac wears his boxing gloves all the time. While Little Mac tries to get some coffee.
    Little Mac: SHUT UP!
    • The last scene opens after Mario and Reggie flatten Wario and Ganondorf. Mario then asks Reggie to reconsider Mario Ballet, much to Reggie's embarrassment. This is followed by the now charred fan screaming "WHAT ABOUT STAR FOX?!", to which Reggie incinerates him with Eye Beams. Extra funny because Miyamoto is making a Star Fox game for the Wii U.
  • During Reggie's announcement of games that support the Amiibo, when he states that there's one people are currently playing (Mario Kart 8), it cuts to the famous Luigi Death Stare.
  • The January 14, 2015 Direct demonstrated Amiibo Party for Mario Party 10 with the new Super Mario Amiibo. A dice roll was done, and it proceeds to knock over only Luigi.

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