Heartwarming / Nintendo

  • Inside the firmware of every copy of the Nintendo Switch, There is a copy of NES Golf, a game created by Satoru Iwata. How do you play it? Well... First you have to have a brand-new Switch, still running system version 1.0.0, that has never been connected to the internet. Then, on July 11(the actual internal system clock, not just setting the system to that date), the day of Satoru's passing, you take the joycons and make Iwata's signature "Straight to you" gesture. So yeah, you're probably not going to be able to unlock it on your Switch. But that's okay, it's not meant to be opened. The game is there as an Omamori, a Japanese charm usually carried in a bag. Opening it is said to let the blessing out, so you're not supposed to. It's just one final good-luck charm from Iwata, to carry with you wherever you go.