Quotes: Calling the Old Man Out

Fire Lord Ozai: GET OUT! Get out of my sight right now if you know what's good for you!
Zuko: That's another thing. I'm not taking orders from you anymore.
Ozai: You will obey me, or this defiant breath will be your last! (starts bearing down on Zuko)
Zuko: (draws swords) Think again! I am going to speak my mind... and you are going to listen.

LordChewy: so my dad found my porn folder
LordChewy: and he was getting all pissed
LordChewy: so its all like "does this surprise you? i'm not stupid you know"
LordChewy: "i know dad"
LordChewy: "what do you have to say for yourself?"
LordChewy: at this point i stare at him straight in the eyes and say "C:\Documents and Settings\Ricky\My Documents\faxes\sent faxes"
LordChewy: and he just shut up
kingKahn: what is it?
LordChewy: its his porn folder

"I'm sorry, Dad. I never would have tried to save River's life if I knew there was a dinner party at stake!"
Simon Tam, Firefly

Sun: All right, Dad! Admit it! This is your doing, isn't it?! [points to Shark Fujishiro] Now apologize to Nagasumi!
Gozaburo: What?! I can't do that! C'mon, Sun!
Sun: Apologize! I can't respect a father who won't even act like a man!

"Why would you ever want to seal the Nine-Tails inside of your own son?! Do you have any idea what I went through because you did that?! All of the grownups just looked at me with contempt, or with fear, and I couldn't make any friends! I just wanted people to accept me, or at least not hate me, so I trained really hard to become as strong as I could! Then I met Iruka-sensei, Kakashi-sensei, and Pervy Sage, and I was happy 'cause they helped make me stronger! And just when things were looking up, a group called the Akatsuki came after me, so I had to train even harder than I did before! I got stronger, but I couldn't stop the Akatsuki from killing my friends!! And I just... I mean... I don't know what I'm saying anymore!!! Damn it! Am I supposed to be happy or mad?! I don't even know!!"
Naruto Uzumaki to Minato Namikaze, Naruto Shippuden

"All this time that I was locked away in that dark room, I was looking forward to the day we'd meet. You'd say, 'come out,' and there you'd be with Mommy, waiting to take me home so we could be a real family. You and Mommy would tell me, 'Mariko, we love you so much.' And now, we meet, just like in my dreams. How could you do this to me? How could you?! You were supposed to take care of me!!"
Mariko to Kurama, Elfen Lied

Frollo: Now - now - l-listen to me, Quasimodo -
Quasimodo: No, you listen! All my life you've told me the world is a dark, cruel place, but now I see that the only thing dark and cruel about it is people like you!

Alighiero: Go on, use me as an excuse! Blame me for everything!
Dante: You're so full of greed and hate. Is that all you had to offer me?
Alighiero: I'm not responsible for the man you are!
Dante: And I will not be damned like you!

"But if everything you've been through with Mom and Eric and Grandpa and the literal forces of the cosmos hasn't made you want to be a better man, I doubt a one-liner from me is going to do the trick now. You are who you are, and every time I stoop to the level of engaging you with another tirade, I'm a little more like you and a little less like Mom. So, see you around, I guess."
Roy Greenhilt, addressing his father in the 500th The Order of the Stick strip. And probably the calmest example on this page.

"You want to die alone? Fine. You want to keep coming back and never die? That's fine too. In fact, I hope you go on living as the unhappy person you are in the hell you've created for yourself. I hope you live forever. I really do."
Peggy Hill, King of the Hill

Well, I knew that snake was my own sweet dad
From a worn-out picture that my mother'd had,
And I knew that scar on his cheek and his evil eye.
He was big and bent and gray and old,
And I looked at him and my blood ran cold
And I said: "My name is 'Sue!' How do you do!
"Now you gonna die!!"
Johnny Cash, A Boy Named Sue

Eddie: How dare you! You think I fought a war just so a mouthy little scum like you could call me a coward?
Tommy: You donít get it, do you? You fought against fascism, remember? People telling you how to live. Who you could be friends with. Who you could fall in love with. Who could live and who had to die. Donít you get it? You were fighting so that little twerps like me could do what we want, say what we want. Now youíve become just like them. Youíve been informing on everyone, havenít you? Even Gran. All to protect your precious reputation.
Doctor Who, "The Idiot's Lantern"

"What was that moment? I want to know that there was an actual reason! (...) That's it? You created a harem and played king? Ten years in a juvenile fantasy! What happened here, I should vent his head! But he's not worth the pull of a trigger. I don't know who you are. Because you're not any father I remember."
Jacob Taylor, Mass Effect 2

"Naw, that's okay! Keep talkin'! Keep talkin', daddy! That's the eulogy this old woman deserves! Oh she did this ta you, and now you doing this ta me! You've been doin' it our whole lives! And it's gein ol, it's gein REAL ol', ol' man! So get it out yo system, and sit down, AND SHUT! THE FUCK! UP!"
Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks

"Now, wait a minute! I may not be perfect, but at least I love my kids enough not to spend every minute of the day workin'. I'm a damn good father and that's more than anyone can say about you!"
Peter Griffin, Family Guy

"Hey! When's the last time either of you were the American Dragon? Well as the little troll girl currently filling the position, let me tell you it's stinkin' hard! I can't imagine doing it two more days let alone two more years. And to think about everything Jake's gone through; he's had to save magical creatures on a daily basis, lie to his own dad about who he is, say good-bye to the girl he loved, all to protect a mystical world that nobody knows about. He may be the American Dragon but he is also a 14 year old kid who just wanted a couple days off. If that makes him immature, fine, but self-serving? With all due respect to both of you, STEP OFF!!"
Haley Long, American Dragon Jake Long

Mike: (About Nathan's half-brother) It's complicated.
Nathan: Try me.
Mike: I didn't see the point in telling you about him; it would have just upset your mother.
Nathan: Oh, more than you cheating on her, or walking out on us, and generally being a complete twat? And you never even tried to contact him? Brilliant. Yeah, first-class parenting there, dad, well done!
Mike: I thought about seeing him. The longer it went on, it just... got harder.
Nathan: And you wonder why he hit you in the head with a toaster and put you in the boot of his car?
Mike: He just turned up out of the blue! I didn't know what to say to him.
Nathan: Even for you, that is just unbelievably shit.
Mike: Like you never got anything wrong? We're not so different, you know.
Nathan: We are completely different! I'm gracefully tall, you're freakishly short!
Mike: Where do you get this stuff?
Nathan: I dunno, it just comes to me, I have a gift. So, what're you gonna do about him?
Mike: What am I supposed to do?
Nathan: You're supposed to be a dad to him!
Mike: Well, I don't even know him.
Nathan: Yeah, what's your excuse with me?
Mike: (Through gritted teeth) Everytime I try to work things out with you, you just throw it back in my face!
Nathan: (Voice beginning to crack) Don't change the subject now! We're talking about your other son!
Mike: The little shit should be grateful I am not pressing charges!
Nathan: You know what? He's better off not knowing you! I wish, I wish I was him!
(Mike gets to his feet, thinks for a moment, and then leaves)
Nathan: Where're you going? That's right Dad, walk away with your tiny little legs, you FUCKIN' midget!

You really are a horrible father.
Asami Sato, The Legend of Korra

Children expect their parents to protect them, the only thing I've ever been to you was a science experiment!!
Timber Wolf, Legion Of Superheroes

You are not the Messiah grandpa!.
Kio Asuno, Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

"Dad...I have to tell you something. You're an asshole."
Angel, to Handsome Jack, Borderlands 2

"And if there's one thing we can agree on, it's that you were a TERRIBLE father."
Hades to Kronos, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Last Olympian

Shifu: You were never meant to be the Dragon Warrior! That was not my fault!
Tai Lung: Not your fault? Who filled my head with dreams? Who pushed me to train until my bones cracked? Who denied me my destiny?!

"I'm sorry I can't make you proud of me. But I haven't finished yet. I'll do everything I can to make you glad I'm your son. You'll never make me ashamed of who I am or what I look like."
Crookedstar, Warrior Cats: Crookedstar's Promise

"You may have created me, but you were never my father! Fathers are kind! Fathers protect you! Fathers raise you! I was protected by the monks of Azarath. I was raised by my friends! They are my family. This is my home. And you are not welcome here!"
Raven to Trigon, Teen Titans

"Give Bob-omb to own kids? Glad you not my dad!"
Oogtar to King Koopa, Super Mario World

Why didn't you tell me all this from the beginning? If I'd known what kind of scum you were fighting against, of course I would have helped you! Instead, you jerked me around my whole life, manipulating me just like they do! And you think you're better than them?
Liquid Snake to his Father, Big Boss, The Last Days of FOXHOUND

Nale: I don't want your hand-outs!
Tarquin: You rather I stand aside and let Malack hunt you down?
Nale: Yes! Malack was my problem, not yours! And I solved it my own way, without your help!
Tarquin: That makes no— I swear, Nale, I don't even know what you want from me anymore.
Nale: NOTHING! I want NOTHING from you! I am my own man, not some cog in your latest oh-so-clever scheme! I don't want your nepotism or your charity or your pity! I want NOTHING!
Tarquin:...Is that really how you feel?
Nale: YES!
Tarquin: [sigh] As you wish, son. [kills him]

"Give me a break! What do you know about them? Nothing! You don't know me either actually! We haven't talked for a year!"
Ulrich to his father, Code Lyoko

Ruth DeWitt Bukater: Will the lifeboats be seated according to class? I hope they're not too crowded.
Rose: ...oh Mother, SHUT UP! Don't you understand?! The water is freezing, and there aren't enough boats! Not enough by half! Half the people on the ship are going to die!

"Grandma, your defense minister is a failure and 3,000 of your grandchildren are dead."
Motti Ashkenazi