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Memes: Touhou
This page wants you to take it easy.

For a simple danmaku game, Touhou has spawned more memes than any others of its kind. Sometimes, the memes even become canon. Plus, these memes are breeding.

Please add entries in the following format:
  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 

  • Marisa Stole The Precious Thing. Explanation 
  • Overdrive! Explanation 
  • The McRoll. Explanation 
    • It should be noted that calling Flandre's theme the McRoll generally aggravates any nearby fans.
    • "Death Waltz" by John Stump Explanation 
    • Versions exist for several other Touhou themes as well. Here is one of "Deaf To All But The Song"
  • "Yukkuri shiteitte ne!" Explanation 
    • The meme is so popular it has its own Wiki and a series of comics. It's also one of the most divisive memes - many fans absolutely hate yukkuris.
    • A word to the wise: yukkuri "fandom" often has very nasty things in it. The aforementioned hatred of yukkuris turns into entire manga series dedicated to making the poor things' lives as miserable as possible, often to the point of humans torturing them for giggles. Serious Bile Fascination or a tolerance for Gorn is highly recommended, even necessary, before looking too closely into yukkuri.
    • There's the fact that Yukkuris recieved some rather unpleasant traits from fans, though there are some renditions that are cute and likable.
    • "Yukkuris are now canon!" Explanation 
  • Yukarin is 17~ Explanation 
    • It should be noted that there were jokes about Yukari hiding her true age before this, but the above meme standardized them.
    • "BBA" Explanation 
      • Old Maids Alliance Warning, NSFW. Explanation 
    • This is preposterous, of course. Yukari's age is actually <gap> Explanation 
  • Cirno is known as ⑨ (pronounced Nineball) after this image in the manual for Phantasmagoria of Flower View, indicating Cirno as ⑨: Baka.
    • The infamous Icicle Fall -Easy-. Explanation 
      • What many fans overlook is this though: On normal or higher, Icicle Fall doesn't have that blind spot (trying to abuse it in this case results in getting point-blanked by the bullets that she fires straight ahead).
      • There are a few videos demonstrating similar (if less reliable or blaringly obvious) blindspots in other spellcards. No matter who is being mocked, these videos are always titled "Ice Sign: "Icicle Fall" -Easy-" and use Cirno's theme. Some targets include Kaguya, Mokou, and Mystia.
      • It's even spread beyond Touhou. Explanation 
    • Cirno's Perfect Math Class. Explanation 
      • Ne youkaiyskiy, I ne lunariskiy, A ya rossiyskiy novyy pirat. I ne fairy'skiy, I ne oniskiy, A ya rossiyskiy novyy pirat.Explanation 
      • There are no buses in Gensoukyou. Explanation 
      • Probably not officially a meme, but there is a series of videos with two guys getting an increasingly large group of people to dance with them to Cirno's Perfect Math Class.
    • "I'm the strongest!" Explanation 
      • "I'm a genius!" Explanation 
    • September the 9th, 2009 (the 9th of the 9th of 2009) was celebrated as Cirno Day by her fans, also known as the strongest day ever.
    • Atai Cirno. Explanation 
      • There have been jokes about other characters that use Atai, but Cirno's the most (in)famous.
    • "I'll cryo-freeze you together with some English beef!" Explanation 
    • Team ⑨ Explanation 
    • MMD Cup 9 included "⑨" as one of the themes for the competition, prompting a larger number of Touhou MMD videos that usual (with and without Cirno).
    • And then Cirno got a rival. However...
      • And then a proper one, since the safespot is literally right in front of the boss.
  • Utsuho has been dubbed ⑥ (pronounced Sixball) after the revelation in Hisoutensoku that she is even dumber than Cirno. (Apparently all of her brainpower is devoted to nuclear physics, with no room for irrelevant crap like COMMON SENSE.)
  • Undead Zombie Miko Reimu. Explanation 
    • I am NOT an undead zombie, so SHUT THE HELL UP already!
      • But Reimu is an undead zombie, so YEAH!
    • ZUN ART IS BEST ART. Explanation 
  • Cho-Marisa and MANnosuke. Explanation 
      • Suck my... duck? Explanation 
  • ZA WARUDO! Explanation 
  • Night Of Nights, an absurdly fast arrange of Flowering Night.
  • Due to the Art Shift between The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil and Immaterial and Missing Power, some fans have theorized that Sakuya pads her bra.
    • iPad. Explanation 
    • You can't say that Sakuya has pads! Otherwi-knifed- Explanation 
    • Meiling: Mine are real! Mine are—-knifed- Explanation 
    • It should be noted that this meme is considered to be worn out in a great deal of Touhou fandom sites, though it continues to be popular among newbies and casual players.
    • Sakuya playing the original Super Mario Bros. 1; adhering to this meme, the results should be predictable.
  • I GOT CAVED BY EX-KEINE! Explanation 
  • Sanae is a good girl. Explanation 
    • Sanae the sadist. Explanation 
      • At the end of Sanae B's extra, Sanae invites Nue to the Moriya Shrine. This has somehow evolved into this instead...
    • "You can't let yourself be held back by common sense!" Explanation 
      • Gensoukyou: The land where common sense is a weakness. Explanation 
      • Gensokyo not having common sense is actually canon, in a way.
    • Sanae is a different kind of "good girl". Explanation 
  • Kanako is a Guncannon. Explanation 
  • Fanart of Nitori drawn as a missile are common, due to her Boss Subtitle being "Super Youkai Warhead". Cemented by Subterranean Animism, her connection to Marisa giving the latter (unguided) missiles, the only weapon in the game that is even vaguely technological.
  • Kaguya is a NEET. Explanation 
  • Thanks to the Space Probe Kaguya, she's also been forced to go back to the Moon.
    • From the way ZUN talked about the Apollo Project concealing a war between the Humans and the Lunarians, Neil Armstrong has become a totally awesome dude who could take on Yorihime the Moonbitch - and WIN.
    • Fan-artists are now expecting to have fun now that Kaguya has crashed into the moon. As seen here.
    • With the latest announcement that NASA has sent a missile into the side of the moon, it seems like the Lunar War is starting up again. Yorihime must be annoyed.
  • "TASUKETE EIRIN!" Explanation 
    • _, ,_ ∩
      ( ゜∀゜)彡 えーりん!えーりん!
  • Reisen is just a useless little bunny, only good for her sex appeal. Explanation 
    • On Nico Nico Douga, she's also known as "newbie bait", i.e. ZUN's clever plan to attract new fans with useless little bunnies. That or doujin artists.
    • "Suppository", due to the shape of her bullets.
  • Are You Happy? ToHo KInema kan! Make You Happy?
  • Yuugi's sake NOT EVEN DROP! Explanation 
    • Fans overlook this when talking about Letty and Yuyuko in her Ten Desires Stage One appearance, resulting in their respective memes.
  • BRO FIST. Respond or you're not a bro. Explanation 
    • Ichirin Kujo Explanation 
    • Ichirin is just Unzan's hitbox. Explanation 
  • Ran is the amazing Suppa Tenko! Explanation 
  • JAAAAOOOOOOOOOO! Explanation 
  • Everyone Is Gay in Gensoukyou. Explanation 
    • May be debunked on Hopeless Masquerade's release as shots of its Human Village stage have a sizable male population. It should also be noted that ZUN mentioned in interviews before that Gensoukyou's population is not made up of a One-Gender Race, males just don't have much importance since most youkai are female-looking.
  • Spot an inconsistency? Need an explanation? Pick one:
    • Magic. Explanation 
    • Eirin's shady new drug. Explanation 
    • Yukari is fooling around again. Explanation 
    • It's a Moriya Shrine conspiracy. Explanation 
    • "Templates like that are forbidden." Explanation 
      • Said Shrine conspiracy started due to fan's belief that it was Kanako that wanted to take over the Hakurei Shrine (Not true; just Sanae being overzealous), though two of the shrine's faith gathering plans did go on to result in incidents (SA and 12.3).
  • Reimu is a bitch. Explanation 
    • Part of that being due to Reimu rarely being seen out of incidents in the games, where she's nicer. Same applies to the three fairies manga where she was shown gently telling a fairy to take shelter from a story. Bitchy Reimu would have shot the fairy on sight.
  • ξ・∀・) Explanation 
    • It also caused Merlin to be shown as the kooky one of the sisters.
  • Reimu's armpits. Explanation 
    • This has extended to Sanae with a helping of Side Boob as she's shown as curvier than Reimu.
  • Donations please! Explanation 
  • Fantasy Heaven. When it starts, You Are Already Dead Explanation 
    • Ayayayayayaya...
    • Aya is ZUN's girlfriend. Explanation 
    • This mainly applies in the western fandom, where as of late it has been dying down in popularity.
  • Videos of the girls exercising. Or not. Explanation 
  • Byakuren died for your sins. Explanation 
  • SO MOE I'M GONNA DIE! Explanation 
  • The girls have seriously begun Idol Dancing/Singing. Granted, they've been doing it for a while now.
  • Yuyuko eating Mystia, in the Ghost Team route in Imperishable Night, solidified Yuyuko's portrayal as a Big Eater surpassed only by a singularity.
    • "Hang on, Youmu, I got a bone stuck in my throat."
    • Which was soon mutated into Yuyuko "eating" Mystia.
    • This has since evolved into Yuyuko eating nearly ANYTHING!
  • Laser is not difficult: Explanation 
    1. Concentrate your mind.
    2. Mutter the spell into the Mini-Hakkero tenderly.
    3. Aim at someone you don't like.
    4. Unleash your annihilation of love!
  • Yuuka is youkai moe~ Explanation 
    • Kogasa is the new youkai moe~ Explanation 
      • Surprise~! :P Explanation 
    • Futo after her introduction in TD has been getting called "Hermit Moe" due to her Fish out of Water tendencies and how good spirited she is about many things, even being beaten in the game.
  • Sakuya-san! Sakuya-san! Cleaning Stop! Room Cleaning Stop! Explanation 
  • Suwako's Nice Hat is often associated with the Hypnotoad meme, depicted as an independant entity using Suwako as her puppet. Though lesser examples have the hat responding differently (seeing what Suwako can't) or mirroring Suwako's feelings.
  • TOUHOU HIJACK LOL Explanation 
  • "Girls do their best now and are preparing. Please wait warmly until it is ready." Explanation 
    • Which ends up with its highly quotable snowclone "Girls are [x]...", such as "Girls are preparing...", "Girls are explaining...", etc.
  • Wriggle Kick! Explanation 
    • Seme Wriggle. Explanation 
  • Memes spawned by the Flash comics on
    • "Hooray!" Explanation 
    • Mokou and Kaguya fighting over a toy "twuck".
    • "Sakuya, what's sex?" Explanation 
    • Hax Sign: "Burn Everything" Explanation 
    • No way! That's impossible!
    • The most exciting time of day has come! Explanation 
      • Further evolved into this video, which is itself a parody of a Touhou 4-koma. 4chan's /jp/ has made it tradition to observe this at 2AM.
    • Shut up Ran! - Sorry. - SHUT UP!
    • DEATH BY YUYUKO! Explanation 
    • Yuyu Co.
    • Have no fear Nitori is here!
    • Oh, that Chen. Explanation 
    • K O Explanation 
    • Keyboard Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!! Explanation 
    • Kaguya Table RPG
  • You're too soft, Youmu! Explanation 
  • In the cross-breeding of memes, somehow the famous Family Mart has opened a branch store in Gensoukyou.
  • Minoriko's delicious grape wine. Explanation 
  • Alright, Patchy! Let's do that bedtop sport for indoor types! Explanation 
    • "Mukyu~" Explanation 
    • "Bonsoir!" Explanation 
  • Pretty much Japanese only, but: Shinki's ponytail has been depicted as an ahoge. And it sprouts legs.
    • Some other fan materials have it become a lethal weapon/tool.
  • MagicalSakuya-chan Versus Miracle★Sanae! Explanation 
  • Reisen+Youmu=Reimu slowly made its way to meme status and made the pairing popular.
  • How much of a memetic juggernaut is Touhou? When it encountered the smooooch・∀・ earworm, it made a Chen's theme remix out of it.
  • Remilia Scarlet swells with charisma. Explanation 
    • CHARISMA BREAK!! Explanation 
    • This has in turn resulted in "chrisma recoveries", where Remilia regains her composure after such an event, sometimes to the point of coming off MORE Charismatic than she was in the first place. An example.
  • More crossbreeding with other memes:
  • Komachi has a NICE BOAT. Explanation 
    • Futo has a NICE BOAT. Explanation 
  • The Soccer Ball is the Most Powerful Thing In Gensoukyou. Explanation 
    • Foul! She kicked the ball! Explanation 
    • Twilight Spark Explanation 
  • Even in the Touhou fandom F.O.E.! Explanation 
  • Between Marisa's dance moves, and other things like Orin's parody of Thriller, it is clear that Michael Jackson is ALIVE in Gensoukyou.
  • Meiling is TOTALLY A DRAGON. Explanation 
  • SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER!! Disco ain't dead when it lives on in Nagae Iku! Explanation 
  • そーなのかー (So- nanoka-) Explanation 
  • Momiji has rabies. Explanation 
  • Bad Apple!! Explanation 
    • Good evening, and you are watching the CIRNO NEWS NETWORK. Explanation 
  • Nue and her Barrage X from a Playstation Star Explanation 
  • Talisman "Exorcism of the Newspaper Subscription Solicitors" Explanation 
  • Rule ⑨ of the internet: If it exists, there is a Touhou version of it. Explanation 
    • Kokoro's otherwordly masks. Explanation 
  • Brohou. Explanation 
  • Nazrin can do just about anything... since she's Nazrin.Explanation 
    • Because she's a TINY TINY CLEVER COMMANDER Explanation 
    • She can find anything with her power, sometimes resulting in some very odd finds.
  • Reisen goes to school by bus.
    • But there are no buses in Gensokyo!
  • Touhou Sweets ~ The Cruel Sisters and the Suffering Maid. It has PAD written all over it. Explanation 
  • Everyone is M for Yuuka. Explanation 
    • Conversely, everyone is S for Tenshi. Explanation 
  • The class change videos of Aoshima cross Touhou with Seiken Densetsu 3. They are quite famous with fans of the actual game. Then there are the random Touhou videos...
  • "Paruparuparuparu..." Explanation 
  • Pichuu~n Explanation 
    • SPOOOOON! Explanation 
    • ZUUUU~N Explanation 
    • Kyuu~! Explanation 
  • Within hours of being announced, Great Fairy Wars was nicknamed Touhou 12.⑨ Freeze The Bullet.
    • Faily Wars. Explanation 
    • Flashlight spark. Explanation 
    • Fat Cirno. Explanation 
  • Fat Letty. Explanation 
  • "Pettan, pettan, tsurupettan / pettan, pettan, tsurupettan / pettan, pettan, mochipettan / pettan, pettan, munepettan~" Explanation 
    • Suika's status as the flattest character in the whole cast, only remotely rivaled by Tenshi.
    • A comic (May not be SFW) with a curvier rendition has caused the paraphrased line "Sorry I can't hear you over my chest" to be used by western fans as a flippant response from curvier characters. Some fans consider a shapely Suika to be disturbing the balance of things.
  • Hataters gonna Hatate.Explanation 
    • Hatate is EMO. Explanation 
  • Mima will appear in the next game. Explanation 
    • Her appearance in the second Touhou Soccer game with her Twilight Spark has caused fans to give Mima a Memetic Badass reputation.
    • Sakuya is the new Mima. Explanation 
  • "Kahen kilon siika!" Explanation 
    • "Sirkku". Explanation 
  • Yoshika Miyako: Cabbie of the Dead Explanation 
    • Zombie Meiling. Explanation 
  • Mamizou Tomoe. Explanation 
    • Miko Sakuraba Explanation 
  • The Touhous Explanation .
    • MY TOUHOUS! Explanation 
  • "My hat is my friend, it helps me relax"Explanation 
    • She's generally seen as particularly kooky by the fandom.
    • She also is shown as a Memetic Molester in some works, with her sister as the target.
  • Hinaface. Explanation 
  • Reimu eats grass/leaves. Explanation 
  • If she does not have a hat, she will die. Explanation 
  • ZUN and alcohol. Explanation 
  • Failice. Explanation 
  • Inaba of the Inaba. Explanation 
  • Now do it with Marisa. Explanation 
  • *Scarlet Devil Mansion explodes* This is now a Touhou manga. Explanation 
    • "Oh, shit! I've been surrounded by raging lesbians! The room is ripe with the stench of bitches!"Explanation 
  • Ichirin's eyelashes in Hopeless Masquerade are slowly becoming a meme due to how ridiculous they look.[1]
  • Remixes of U.N Owen Was Her?, usually involving manipulating phrases and sound effects from various TV shows, games, or themes, as an offshoot of Youtube Poop. The McRoll is perhaps the most infamous of them all.
  • kefit.wav Explanation 
  • Shou's ability to lose her Pagoda has been taken to absurd extents in both frequency and where it ends up. Matches up with Nazrin.
  • Orin's silly dance in Hopeless Masquerade has attracted quite a bit of jokes.
  • Malice Cannon, Marisa-Borked, Marisa Broken, Bugged Marisa. All fan nicknames to whenever Marisa is broken in a game. The first time it spawned was in Imperishable Night, as Malice Cannon, where consantly firing while giving regular taps to the Focus button resulted in absurd DPS! The term "Marisa Bugged" and "Marisa Broken" come from Mountain of Faith, where the Marisa B shottype had glitched damage output on the unfocused shot at 3.0 power, causing the tiny laser to demolish bosses in seconds.
  • Attack on MidgetExplanation 
    • another Shinmyoumaru one is the the use of her magic mallet for...Breast Enhancement..mostly by Sakuya in relation to Sakuya's Padding meme.
  • Sakuya is ZUN's girlfriend again.Explanation 
  • Touhou players don't need an umbrella when it rains. Explanation 
  • Honk honk Explanation 
  • 5th Grade Loli Explanation 
    • HOW 2 DRAW LIEK ZUN Explanation 
  • Black Tewi. Explanation 
  • The games' difficulty and Bullet Hell.Explanation 
  • Seija will flip your shit Explanation 

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