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Hot Blooded: Other Anime And Manga
  • Vegeta from Dragon Ball is such this trope that it really can just be called "The Vegeta." He is almost nothing but pure anger, pride and bloodlust. In fact, this seems to be the main attribute of the Saiyan Race in general, with Goku being the exception to the rule. Goku's still a Determinator, which is bad news for his opponents.
  • And Akira Fudo from Devilman. He can give Vegeta from Dragon Ball a run for his money any day.
  • Tower of God: Ja Wangnan and Rak Wraithraiser.
  • Naruto and Might Guy from Naruto, in Shippuden, Guy actually uses a high-level technique to shoot fire from his fists. And no, it's not ninjutsu; he's just so damn hot-blooded the friction of his fist against the air starts a fire.
    • And Rock Lee too. He's Guy's protege, so he's like this also. He was nicknamed the "Hot-Blooded Dropout".
      • When Lee and Guy hug, the sheer amount of passion generated is enough to warp reality and cause a cliffside sunset to appear... indoors in the middle of a perfectly level forest.
      • Fanon is that it's Guy's Genjutsu.
    • Kiba's also quite Hot-Blooded - according to Naruto, even more so than he himself is. Whenever Kiba's name is posted on this site, it is a link back to this page.
    • Apparently Naruto's mom, Kushina, was more Hot-Blooded than everyone else, earning the nickname Red Hot-Blooded Habanero.
    • Didn't someone say "hotblooded Sakura Haruno" in another article?
    • When the seventh gate is opened, Gai's hot blood goes supernova. Instead of his punches that shoot fireballs, he can punch a tiger face made of awesomeness into existence. Just ask Kisame.
  • Ash Ketchum from Pokémon, almost to the point of Flanderization (alongside Idiot Hero). He's gotten a good deal more mature in recent years, but being Hot-Blooded to the max comes naturally considering he's voiced by Mrs. Rica Matsumoto. A good example comes in the first movie, when he faces down the Physical God Mewtwo, who has uses his near-infinite psychic powers to disable all the other Pokemon present. Ordinary 10-year-old boy Ash's response? Punch him in the face! Unfortunately, Reality Ensues.
    • Some rivals of Ash are also pretty Hot-Blooded, specially Gym Leader Chuck (Shijima) from Johto, Morrison (Masamune) from the Hoenn tournament and Chuck's disciple, Arena Tycoon Greta (Arena Captain Kogomi) from the Frontier Brains group. Greta was actually so Hot-Blooded that when she and Ash faced it off, they often stared at each other and fire erupted in the background, with Brock and May lampshading the trope by commenting on how passionate and similar they were.
      • Canalave Gym Leader Byron (Tougan) is the newest one in the list of passionate Gym Leaders, and may be the most hot blooded of them all — he shares the same seiyuu as Franky of One Piece (the dub successfully matches this performance with Dan Green), and most of his scenes in the battle with Ash looked like they may have been inspired from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!
    • Crossing into the manga, we have our share of hot blood pumping around. Gold and Pearl in particular demonstrate this quality in spades.
      • And Black manages to beat them all. He feels the need to scream out his dreams over a cliff on a near daily basis. He can't think of anything else besides becoming "THE CHAMPION OF THE POKEMON LEAGUE!" and being unable to function in daily life without his Munna eating his dreams.
    • Other manga have their share of Hot-Blooded protagonists. Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure has Hareta, Pokémon Golden Boys has Gold, Pocket Monsters has Red, etc.
  • Don Kanonji of Bleach, and Renji and Isshin Kurosaki too Or his public persona, at least.
    • Keigo also fits this trope in a way, since the dude lives his entire life in a colorful, energetic fast-forward. He does everything big and passionate! He's not particularly brave and enthusiastic about fighting, though. Then he partially lampshades this by playing Hisagi Shuuhei, since that character, despite being many things is not hot-blooded.
    • Also Grimmjow is about as hot blooded as they come, and so is Nobuyuki Hiyama's Madarame Ikkaku.
    • Avirama Redder, Barragan's hyperactive, battle-hungry fraccion, beats them all in hot-bloodedness. He's even color-coded.
    • The Vandenreich give us Bambietta Basterbine, Candice Catnipp and Bazz-B. All of them are passionate and quick-tempered people, and they all have matching powers.
    • Byakuya was this as a kid. The present storyline all but confirms that he's still this — he's just very, very, very good at hiding it.
  • Major Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist, resident Large Ham, WHOSE HOT-BLOODEDNESS HAS BEEN PASSED DOWN THE ARMSTRONG LINE FOR GENERATIONS!
  • Kazuma from S-Cry-ed.
  • Luffy from One Piece.
    • Luffy's "Gear Second" form which involves him using his rubberman powers to pump his blood around faster than normal with the resulting increase in temperature causing steam to rise from his body. In other words, when in Gear Second, he's powered by hot blood!
    • Sanji too. He burns with the passion of love! In fact, his blood burns so hot that it's the reason he can avoid injury from setting his own leg on fire.
      • Post-timeskip, his "Hell Memories" technique sets his entire body on fire.
    • And Zoro as a kid, before...stuff happened.
    • Boa Hancock gets this way whenever Luffy is involved (except whenever he's actually in her presence, though).
  • Sachie from Wild Ones has this in spades whenever she gets riled up.
  • In JoJos Bizarre Adventure ,it's practically a requirement to be Hot Blooded to be a Jo Jo, along with being Badass.
  • Every main hero in every Digimon canon ever, except Takato who, like the rest of Tamers, was a deliberate breaking of the mold. They all have the matching Personality Powers, and some do it much more than others.
  • Code Geass has Kallen and Jeremiah. Jeremiah is also one of the world's largest hams in a World of Ham, making his character so epic that the creators decided to avert his death Arthur Weasley style.
  • Sanosuke Sagara (mostly), Sagara's father Kamishimoemon, and Yahiko Myoujin from Rurouni Kenshin.
    • By now, you, dear viewer, are probably thinking that this is a heroic trope alone. So when you hear about the Japanese pseudo-Mummy by the name of Makoto Shishio, you might think he's the Bad Ass protagonist of a shonen manga. You got the Bad Ass part right, but as for the hero part... not so much. In fact, Shishio is actually SO Hot-Blooded that he dies when his blood overheats and he spontaneously combusts.
  • Subaru of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, who's a massive Shout-Out to GaoGaiGar and Super Robots in general.
    • Subaru is something of a subversion as outside of battle, she's actually more of a mild-mannered Genki Girl, who serves as a foil for her Tsundere teammate, Teana.
    • Vita is even more Hot-Blooded. She attacks and destroys everybody with pure Hot-Blooded anger. Her hammer Graf Eisen is also a Shout-Out to Guy's Goldion Hammer.
    • The series in general, especially considering it's a Magical Girl anime.
  • Parodied by Meito Anizawa, AKA Anime Tenchou, the Mascot of anime outlet Animate and frequent special guest on Lucky Star: So Hot-Blooded he sets fire to bystanders and has to be put out by a fire hose. He's sort of a parody of Domon Kasshu, who was voiced by the same actor as Anisawa.
    • In the Lucky Star in Budokan live event, Tomokazu Seki even cosplayed as Anizawa and he attacked Minoru Shiraishi with Shining Finger.
    • The rest of the Animate staff are almost at his level, including a rookie introduced later in the series. It seems to be part of standard staff training at Animate.
      • Even the President is Hotblooded, even moreso than Anisawa. Sadly he only makes one brief appearance at Comiket.
    • Anime Tenchou is so Hot-Blooded, in fact, that demons summon him to set enemies on fire.
  • Jouji Gouda from Akane Maniax who is pretty similar to the above
    • Ryouko Subaru from the same anime is a lot more Genre Savvy and competent, but loves performing the archetypal Hot-Blooded battle cry "Ora ora ora ora!" when charging the enemy.
  • Princess Amelia wil Tesla Saillune of Slayers—adrenalin-charged Warrioress of Justice! Who fought bandits and monsters and made vigorous proclamation speeches of the In the Name of the Moon style and was all fired up to Defeat Evil! Save the Helpless! and Speak In Capital Letters With Exclamation Points! And her father, Crown Prince Philionel of Saillune, was much the same. *shudder*
    • Amelia's actually calmed down quite a bit by the time Slayers TRY comes around as she's had time to also mature (considering her canon age is only 14 or 15 in the first series), to the point of where she almost has her embarrassed moments with her own father being so Hot Blooded. Her hot blood can be justified in that she has had no mother figure in her life with only her father to raise her. So it's less hot blooded by nature and more hot blooded by nurture?
  • Rosette Christopher from Chrono Crusade, particularly the manga. A hyper, hot-tempered, tomboyish nun who fights demons using bullets charged with holy power, and often gets so into her battles that she causes massive property damage.
  • Ryohei Sasagawa from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! runs on Hot Blood - TO THE EXTREME. Reborn and Tsuna were surprised when the "Dying Will Shot" did nothing to him except give him the cool "burning flame" on his forehead - apparently, he lives his normal life doing things as if he were to die.
  • For a mere school teacher, Great Teacher Onizuka is quite Hot-Blooded. Let's just say he always goes the extra mile; If you're got a problem, he'll tear your wall down with a sledgehammer. Guaranteed.
    • And that was just the first story arc. Later in the series, he's driving motorcycles off highway overpasses and coming back from the dead to teach life lessons.
  • Obviously, the Navis belonging to Hino Ken of RockmanEXE, but Fireman takes the prize for the line, "There's nothing I can't burn... no, there's nothing we can't burn!" Dubbed by Sho Pro into an extremely generic teamwork speech, which is why the example isn't cited under Mega Man NT Warrior.
  • Taishi from Comic Party. Did you know manga is Serious Business? If not, then you don't know Taishi, a grandiose drama king who treats everything as a matter of life or death.
    • Yuu Inagawa, who gives a rousing speech about "Burning Passion" and "Passionate Love", which culminates in a vast inferno starting up behind her. She was trying to motivate a friend to... be more passionate about doujinshi.
    • And Subaru, who honestly seems to think her life is a shounen manga (and that she's the star).
  • Shizuma Kusanagi from Real Bout High School, a pompous showboat with explosive moves and the only one who can hold a candle to The Hero, Ryoko Mitsurugi.
  • As Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple receives Training from Hell he also becomes distinctly more Hot-Blooded.
    • His masters Appachai and Sakaki were like this to begin with.
  • Ryo Sanada aka Rekka No Ryo/Ryo of Wildfire in Yoroiden Samurai Troopers/ Ronin Warriors is the passionate Playing with Fire leader. While hotblooded, not the most hotblooded on the team. That title goes to Kento/Shu Rei Faun and they both sport Hot-Blooded Sideburns.
  • Fist of the North Star has a number of hot-blooded characters, but curiously, the main character isn't one of them. Raoh seems to go from Aloof Big Brother to Hot-Blooded Badass at the drop of a hat, in particular when he's confronted with a Worthy Opponent. In fact, his death was so hot-blooded that he burned away the constantly overcast clouds while sending his own soul to Heaven, lifting a good amount of depression from the Crapsack World on his way to, presumably, go kick God's ass.
  • Takashi Kawamura from The Prince of Tennis looks meek and gentle and a bit of a doormat, but if you give him a racket, he wakes up to his hidden Hot-Blooded side and nothing can stop him. BUUUUUURRRRRRNIIIIIIINNNNNGGG, indeed. His kouhai Takeshi Momoshiro (who also is a power player, like Kawamura) and local Genki Girl cheerleader Tomoka Osakada are also Hot-Blooded, but not to the Crazy Awesome level of Kawamura... yet.
    • For the rival teams there's Ryoh Shishido of Hyoutei, who subjected himself to ridiculously harsh training to earn back his spot on the team. He loses his temper often, and is vocal about it, he this same passion can also bring up morale on his team.
    • Mukahi Gakuto of Hyoutei, whom immediately did his acrobatics because of Kikumaru. Also oftens bicker with Shishido.
    • Akaya Kirihara from Rikkaidai counts as this, until his Blood Knight side arises.
    • Akira Kamio from Fudomine as well. He'll do it WITH RHYTHM~
    • And what about Kintarou "Kin-chan" Tooyama, huh?
    • And there's also Kunimitsu Tezuka. Yes, THAT Tezuka. But exclusively in regards to tennis.
    • In the TV series, Kevin Smith also has his Hot-Blooded moments.
  • I'm a basketball genius... My name is SAKURAGI HANAMICHIIIII!!!
  • Prussia from Axis Powers Hetalia is a crazier version of this. "Mission complete! Praise me! Hail me! On your knees!"
    • In his official profile, Iceland is described as "hot-blooded and passionate." Although, in the very few strips he's shown up in, he seems to be just as stoic as his older brother Norway, that is, until the "Onii-chan" thing comes up, in which he gets into an irritated fit.
    • Denmark is also an example, right down to being boisterous and having a lot of fun in fights.
    • Hungary isn't that hotblooded at first sight, as she's a sweet and kind Team Mom. Give her a weapon and send her out to protect Austria, though...
    Hungary: "Crush vital regions, crush vital regions... CRUSH PRUSSIA! CRUSH PRUSSIA!"
    • Among the other girls, Seychelles and Belarus have their own Hotblooded moments. The first rejects England's claims on her without hesitation, the second goes very competitive in Hetaween 2011.
    • Turkey is also pretty hotblooded when he wants to. Put him next to Greece and both of them will go Hot-Blooded. and start fighting each other.
    • Among the Asians, the closest to the Hot-Blooded archetype is South Korea.
  • The entire cast of Saint Seiya run on Hot Bloodedness with the arguable expection of Saori. They even sport Hot-Blooded Sideburns.
  • Inuyasha, voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi, who also voiced Ranma Saotome, the character the former's based on.
  • In Death Note this is averted with L, who's generally calm and level-headed. Light too is generally pretty stoical though he's pretty passionate about his cause in private and gets quite hammy with his speeches. Mikami has his moments as well [1]. But Mello is definitely the most Hot-Blooded one in the series.
  • Yankumi in Gokusen is another example, although many other characters also qualify.
  • Sakigake!! Otokojuku parodies this sort of character.utCthulhu god itself]].''
  • Keroberos of Cardcaptor Sakura counts a great deal of the time. Especially when he's demanding food, eating food, freaking out over the latest mishap, or protecting Sakura.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya approaches this on occasion, mainly when she's accepting a challenge (like in "The Day Of Sagittarius"). But hey, maybe it's just megalomania!
  • One of BoBoBo's secret techniques is the "Romanticized Heat Flame Macho Men", where the enemy's soul is burned by the heroes's sheer HotBloodedness. They're so Hot-Blooded that they defeat death and eventually destroy the sun. Then the macho men went home on the train.
  • Manga artist Kazuhiko Shimamoto loves hot-bloodedness to the point that it's something of a trademark for him (and often parodied). His many works include Blazing Transfer Student (about hot-blooded high school fighting), Gyakkyou Nine (hot-blooded baseball) and Moeyo Pen (hot-blooded manga writing), and he was the designer of such characters as Meito Anisawa, the entire cast of G Gundam and Hayato Nekketsu from Rival Schools.
    • Here he is singing the opening to one of his own series, Blazing Transfer Student [2]. You can feel the hot-blooded passion. Set to a video of G Gundam, naturally.
  • Nora isn't hot-blooded; hot-blooded characters are merely infected with the Nora Plague.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!
    • Jack Rakan is hot-blooded to the point of utter absurdity. And any problem can be solved by summoning a big enough sword. Or by flexing.
    • Ricardo is a hot-blooded senator of a major country. The two used to be drinking buddies before Ricardo started doing the politician thing.
    • On the villain side, we have Secundum, the Psycho Electro of Kosmo Entelecheia. His creator admitted to dialing all his emotions Up to Eleven in an attempt to understand Nagi's Heroic Willpower.
  • In some ways Vinland Saga is a deconstruction of the hot blooded Shonen hero. Nearly every character is a Screaming Warrior, and Bad Ass to boot, but it's the cool headed ones that are the truly dangerous fighters.
  • Ken of Yakitate!! Japan: not only is he filled with passion, but he also built up his arm muscles so that the increased circulation would warm his hands, creating an effect similar to Solar Hands.
  • Kogoro of Sgt. Frog is so passionate, he wastes three thousand calories just picking up a ten yen coin. If it wasn't for his incredible stupidity, he might actually accomplish something.
  • Kaoru of Zettai Karen Children. Not only is she lecherous, ridiculously over the top in her day to day life, but she calls her attacks when it's completely unnecessary as her powers are psychic in nature. Minamoto also does this whenever he releases the girls' psychic limiters for no other reason than adhering to the Rule of Cool.
  • Judai Yuuki (a.k.a Jaden) of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. More than once in the series, Judai actually tries to use his brains for playing... and loses horribly as a consequence! But god help those who face him when he plays with his heart!
    • He's but one member of a long pedigree of Hot-Blooded main characters. Formermost had Katsuya Jounouchi who uses this approach to Take a Level in Badass over the course of the series, Lattermost has the Idiot Hero Tsukumo Yuuma with his Leeroy Jenkins approach, and lastly, we have Jack Atlas and his (And I quote) BUUUURRRRNNNIINNNG SOOOOOUUUL!!!
      • Jack is so hot-blooded that when confronted with Scar-Red Nova (Red Nova in the English), an Earthbound Immortal more powerful than any other to date, he forcibly steals its power and seals it into a card that spontaneously appears in his hand, thereby creating his new ace monster (Scar-)Red Nova Dragon, by the sheer force of his own hot-blooded awesomeness. I reiterate: He stole an all-powerful demon's power and created a new card for himself out of sheer hot-blooded awesomeness.
  • Fairy Tail. The guild, but particularly Natsu.
  • Sengoku Basara's Date Masamune, for starters... but Hot Blooded though he is, Masamune still manages to be the Blue Oni to Sanada Genjiro Yukimura's Red Oni because Yukimura is that much more Hot Blooded. Yukimura and his boss Takeda Shingen - but especially Yukimura - are both so Hot Blooded that they set things on fire.
    • Chosokabe Motochika, the pirate lord and his followers. Even old nannies wanted to join the fight.
  • They Are My Noble Masters is a show about... butlers. Doesn't sound like a subject to inspire hot-bloodedness, right? One is voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama. Another, who is also the main character, is voiced by Tomokazu Seki. A third, the main character's tough-as-nails ex-mercenary mentor, has the voice of Master Asia. Your head may now asplode.
    • No, no, not until you actually get to see the end result. Your scheduled head-explody may now re-commence.
  • The main character of the upcoming TAILENDERS is a race car driver so hot-blooded that his heart is the engine running the machine. As in, a race car engine. Now that's what I call Hot-Blooded.
  • Oboro in Utawarerumono is like this, and has his base element as fire. The rest of the cast does not approve, because despite his best intentions he tends to slide into another trope if left to his own devices. By the end of the story, he's become mature enough to realize how immature he is and leaves the empire in the control of Benawi while he takes Yuzuha's baby to see the world.
  • YuYu Hakusho is filled with hot blooded characters. Yusuke (mostly if you threaten his friends) and Kuwabara (if you threaten Yukina, he will beat you up) are two of the most prominent, but Hiei and Kurama (though he's more of a Beware the Nice Ones kind of guy) have their moments too.
  • Kenji Harima from School Rumble. Attempting to list all of the hotblooded things he does is a futile effort, but his CMOA of hotblooded-ness was probably when he fought with Karasuma at the end of the series. He handcuffed them together just so that it'd be easier for the two of them to beat each other up.
    • Haruki Hanai!
  • Black Star from Soul Eater lives on this trope, brandishing it at almost every opportunity he gets.
    • Maka's not far behind.
  • Jin, the main character in Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh is so hot blooded that one of his image songs is all about the phrase. The song is called Hot Blooded! Hot Blooded! Men are Hot Blooded!
  • The Bakunetsu Bancho from Kongoh Bancho is exactly this. Repeatedly screams that "Men who aren't hot-blooded should die!", as seen here.
    • Appropriately, his hair seems to be on fire.
  • Tasuki of Fushigi Yuugi is a Fiery Redhead who uses a screaming fire attack as his main mode of offense... and in what is part of his Crowning Moment Of Awesome, he becomes genuinely and completely enraged when brainwashed Tamahome breaks Miaka's heart, and proceeds to give a furious lecture expounding on how horrible it is. That's right, he is so Hot-Blooded that speechifying in defense of a 15-year-old schoolgirl's feelings somehow only makes him look MORE badass.
  • Touma of A Certain Magical Index can get rather hot blooded on occasion. The trigger varies, but mainly when a friend someone he knows someone is in danger or hurt.
  • Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket. Short-tempered, passionate, competitive, and persistent, he rivals Vegeta in the possible Trope Namer category. He even has his own Goku of sorts in Yuki whom he has a poor relationship with for most of the series. However, his qualification for this trope fades away as Character Development takes its place.
  • Megane from the anime version of Urusei Yatsura. In one memorable scene from episode 64, he runs up the wall, breaks through the ceiling, and stands on the roof shouting into a megaphone. Voiced by Shigeru Chiba.
    • Patlabor has an expy of him: the second-in-command mechanic Shigeo Shiba. (In addition to having the same voice actor as Megane, the Patlabor OAV series has the same directornote  as part of the Urusei Yatsura TV series.)
  • Hayato Kazami, the protagonist of Future GPX Cyber Formula, is this. Also being a determinator, with the help of Asurada, he often comes out on top every time.
  • Ryogoku from Miracle Train definitely has his moments.
  • Phantom F. Harlock from Captain Harlock who is a very passionate man, despite being The Stoic.
  • Super Atragon features Go Arasaka, who gets into a fight inside a helicopter, nearly punches the Ra's captain (his father) and impulsively steals a Diesel Punk seaplane to go rescue his girlfriend. All this while hamming up his lines, especially when impulsively going to rescue his girlfriend in the seaplane he jacked from the Ra.
  • Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, aka Wild Tiger of Tiger & Bunny, is extremely passionate about saving lives as a superhero. Passionate enough that he tends to ignore things like property rights and damages. It's even the highest stat on his trading card.
    Kotetsu: The most important thing for a hero to do is protect the people! Destroy buildings if you have to!
  • As a sports manga, Kuroko no Basuke naturally has this all over the place, but special mention goes to Kagami.
  • Akane Hino/Cure Sunny of Smile Pretty Cure!. She even describes herself as "hot-blooded" in her I Am Hero, Hear Me ROAR! speech.
  • In Sangatsu no Lion, Issa Matsumoto is about as hot-blooded as one could be as a shogi player, vowing to defeat Rei in an early match using his "Way of Shogi."
  • Oniisama e... is a melodramatic oldschool shoujo, so it has intensely emotional characters. Among the most hotblooded girls we have Kaoru "Kaoru-no-Kimi" Orihara, Tomoko Arikura and specially Mariko Shinobu.
  • NG Knight Lamune 40 and its sequels have generations of hotblooded idiot heroes who have a common tendency of shouting their emotions out loud in the most dramatic ways possible. "I'm feeling so Hot-Blooded right now!" is pretty much the series' Catch Phrase.
  • Many characters in Attack on Titan, which is often the only thing that keeps them going due to the hopelessness of their situation.
    • Deconstructed, when Eren's Hot Bloodedness ends up getting his entire squad killed within the first few minutes of combat. The only reason anyone survives is because Eren's Lovecraftian Superpower manifests for the first time, saving him after he's swallowed by a Titan and also saving Armin in the process. But since Eren runs on The Power of Hate and pure, terrifying determination it more often than not works out for him otherwise.
    • Reiner Braun is almost as hot-blooded as Eren, but a little smarter about it. It results in some truly epic moments of badassery, though he tempers his passion by being very group-minded. Clinging to it is the only thing that snaps him out of his Villainous BSOD.
    • Pick any battle scene. More than likely, the soldiers will be pumped up on this to counter the Primal Fear of being Eaten Alive and the high likelihood of having Red Shirt status.
  • Two of them in Daily Life with Monster Girl; ironically, one is physically cold blooded and the other just cold:
  • Ryuko from Kill la Kill is this in more ways than one. Not only does she fit this trope in her traditional sense, but during her Unstoppable Rage in episode 12, her blood literally boils with rage.
  • Deconstructed with Ban Shogo from Bambino. Ban is quick-tempered and gets easily riled up at minor provocations, and his brash reactions tend to get himself and other people into trouble.

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