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Hot Blooded: Mecha Anime And Manga

  • The Mazinger saga offered the earliest examples in this section:
    • The earliest anime/manga example and likely the Trope Codifier for this special media is Mazinger Z, the series that codified the Super Robot. Kouji Kabuto is generally the character that all other Hot-Blooded characters come from (and Sayaka the role model for all Hot-Blooded, Tsundere female leads). We HAVE to thank the dude for paving the way for all the hot blooded passionate GAR-fueled heroes that we respect love and admire to this day.
    • Like Tetsuya Tsurugi and Jun Hono from Great Mazinger. Tetsuya, though, is a Deconstruction: his hot-bloodness is due to inner tensions and feelings of inadequacy and lack of self-esteem -due to childhood trauma- that make him being hot-tempered, impatient, hard-headed, arrogant, reckless and very hard to deal with and work with.
    • And Duke Fleed -and his little sister Maria- from UFO Robo Grendizer, although he can also be quiet and calmed when nothing is riling him up. However, when he WAS riled up, he fits here squarely. It is reinforced in the original manga, with the narration stating his fury burned throughout him.
    • Go Nagai in fact loves Hot-Blooded characters. Even his Magical Girl Cutey Honey is Hot-Blooded. Go Nagai characters border on the line of Hot Blood Overdose, which may lead to such noticeable side effects as sketchy art style, crazy eyes, and lots of breaking of the laws of physics.
    • Shin Mazinger has plenty of Hot Blood, being a Mazinger show. The show's Narrator somehow outdoes the actual pilot's efforts. "ZEEEEEEEEEETTO"
  • Getter Robo requires not one, not two, but three hotblooded pilots, and exposure to Getter Rays brings out the burning passion within oneself; even watching or reading Getter Robo can make someone Hot-Blooded.
  • Hiroshi Shiba from Kotetsu Jeeg is a Go Nagai character, so that being Hot-Blooded is a requirement.
  • The Robot Romance Trilogy:
    • Hyoma Aoi from Combattler V simply can't stay calm or quiet. He is so Hot-Blooded that, when The Dragon shot his arms off, he still tried to crawl to his vehicle's cockpit, demanding to be allowed to pilot.
    • Kenichi Go from Voltes V outdoes Hyoma. You only have to watch the scene where he and his brothers finally learn about his father's past. He swears loudly to defeat the enemy, while shedding plenty of Manly Tears.
    • Kazuya Ryuuzaki from Daimos. His emotions are not like a flood; they are like a bloody tsunami. When he is in infatuated, he walks over with a silly, fond smile. When he is upset and sorrowful, he sobs loudly, cries Manly Tears and even punches walls. When he is ''pissed off''... don't bother writing a will. There will be nothing left of you after he is through with you. And God helps you if you make Erika upset...
      Kazuya: The Baam-Seijin are not monsters, Miwa... YOU ARE!
  • Science Ninja Team Gatchaman: Joe (Jason) Asakura, The Lancer, was the most hot-blooded by far: a hot-tempered, emotional, impulsive, impatient, arrogant Blood Knight and trigger-happy The Gunslinger whom his own teammates had to hold back from attacking the enemy. His hastiness and impatience caused conflicts in the team and often got them in troubles. And after the first series, when he got turned into a cyborg, he became even more reckless and more violent, since he knew that his cybernetic body could withstand insane amounts of punishment, hence he could get away with even more dangerous stunts.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann literally runs on Hot Blood- the mecha in the series are fueled by the pilot's "will to fight". The characters themselves often point out that various actions wouldn't work if they didn't will them to do so.
    Kick logic out and do the impossible! That's how team Gurren rolls!
    • Guren Gakuenhen has NIA going hot blooded!!!
    • How hot is Simon's blood? Well, in the Compilation Movie he turns it into a drill and kills the Big Bad with it. Yes, you read that right.
    • Lordgenome, who is so hot blooded, he has a tendency for parts of his body to spontaneously erupt in flames whenever he fights.
    • Kamina is pretty much this trope personified. He brings us most of the quotes people use when descirbing the series(which itself may as well be called "Hot-Blooded: The Series"), such as "Don't believe in yourself! Believe in the Kamina who believes in you!" or "Kick reason to the curb and do the impossible!" the list goes on.
    • Viral definitely deserves a mention. As a beastman, he's unable to generate Spiral Power... and then he becomes so Hot-Blooded he does so anyway.
  • Banjo Haran from Daitarn 3 contains this in dangerous quantities. He even tells the ghost of his dad to piss off, cause he don't need his help to win!
  • GaoGaiGar's Guy Shishio makes the most of it by piloting a Humongous Mecha powered by his own courage. You could make a case for half the GGG, actually, but Guy does most of the fighting.
    • In fact, most people voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama have a tendency to fall into this trope, which also includes Ikkaku Madarame from Bleach, Harunobu Madarame from Genshiken, Viral from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Akutare/Axel from Disgaea 2. Even Link in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (who was voiced by Hiyama for that game) was particularly hotblooded in his screams when being knocked down or attacking.
    • Guy's name can be translated as"Triumphant King Lion."
    • Even in GaoGaiGar, Guy's arguably just the crown prince of hot-blooded shouting. The real crown goes to Koutarou Taiga, GGG chief.
    • Even the AIs for the other robots in the series tend to be pretty hot-blooded, usually in the "red" half of the Red Oni, Blue Oni pairings. Although the combined Forms of said pairings are always hot-blooded. Also Goldymarg, an AI so hot-blooded it leads you to wonder if they programmed him in ALL CAPS.
      • Canonically, his Super AI was based on Geki Hyuuma because they didn't have time to raise it.
      • "LET'S BREAK STUFF!" Famously yelled right before he, now in the form of the Goldion Crusher, is used to DESTROY THE SUN!! (or rather, a false sun that was also an alien superweapon designed to annihilate the universe...but you get the point.)
  • Patlabor: The second-in-command mechanic Shigeo Shiba, and Expy from Urusei Yatsura character Megane, is so hot-blooded that it interferes with his work. He takes great pains to take care of the Labors. And you better does not disrupts his job, or else...
  • Gundam:
    • Mobile Fighter G Gundam does this to the point where it's arguably a parody. All of the main pilots are Hot-Blooded including George De Sand, and he's the stereotypical French gentleman outside his Super Robot. Whenever Rain Mikamura suits up she becomes a Hot-Blooded pilot, and she's the technician! In fact this series is so Hot-Blooded that Fuunsaiki, Master Asia's horse, is Hot-Blooded. Just look at its suit up sequence.
    • Graham Aker of Gundam 00 does a lot of yelling and screaming for a Real Robot pilot, as well as some of the others in his squad. Thankfully, though, he's one of those characters who is hot-blooded AND has the experience, competence and sheer awesomeness to back it up. Some of his burning moments include screaming fallen comrades' names and vowing revenge, and in one instance, he sorties alone to fight a Gundam attack, and yells something about surpassing the Asura while slicing off the Gundam's arm (the first time a 'regular' mobile suit did harm to a Gundam in that series). Did we mention that he has no fear of having his body turned into pulp by G-Forces? Yes, Graham is hot-blooded AND awesome.
      • And "GUNDAM!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!"
      • The aforementioned take-off to singelhandedly fight three Gundams on his own is accompanied by a nearly trope naming worthy 'I shall overcome reasoning with my recklessness!!!!' He does.
      • Patrick Colasour, anyone?
    • Garrod Ran of Gundam X shines this trope. What he lacks in experience he makes up for with sheer adaptability and Hot Blood.
  • Hot blood (or the use of Psycho Serum) powers the Lambda Driver in Full Metal Panic!! Pilots who can be relied upon to use it without fail — mainly the villains — often have this kind of attitude.
  • Gai Daigouji of Martian Successor Nadesico. Poor bastard seemed to think he was in a Super Robot show...
    • That show being Gekiganger 3, whose little-seen full title actually includes the term "nekketsu", as does the title of the Short Anime Movie, and a few of the special move names (Nekketsu-giri, the "Hot-blood Slash")... But surprisingly, it doesn't go nearly as far as some of the real examples.
  • Magic Knight Rayearth has this in spades.
    • Don't let Hikaru's go-lucky personality fool you. That girl will set you on fire if you hurt her precious friends or even people she barely just met...
    • Umi seems to fit the trope rather well too...even though she's supposedly the Water Knight of Selece
    • Lafarga is naturally hot-blooded from moment one of his appearance but surprisingly enough even Lantis who seems as mild-mannered and composed as they get will kick your ass and hand it to you if you challenge him or even remotely threaten Hikaru
    • Among the non-Cephireans, Princess Tata of Chizeta is hotblooded to the max. No wonder she and Umi end up fighting more than once.
  • Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion (she is a Gender Flipped Expy from Tetsuya Tsurugi, so she is also hot-tempered, arrogant, impatient and hard to deal with due to childhood trauma and confidence issues) and Mari from Rebuild of Evangelion (an Ax-Crazy Blood Knight who is not quite sane).
  • Tsubaki Sadamitsu from the little-known manga/anime Hakaima Sadamitsu eats, drinks and breathes this trope. In fact, the entire anime is an over-the-top Affectionate Parody of Hot-Blooded Mecha Shows.
  • Daiya from Gaiking broke the record for youngest hotblooded mecha pilot at 13 years old. This was the kid who lifts CITIES with his hotbloodedness.
  • Nekki Basara from Macross 7 is Super Robot-levels of Hot Blood channeled into a singer.
    • His daughter Sheryl from Macross Frontier while normally an Ojou, becomes a hot blooded Determinator when it comes to her singing.
      • Both can be said to be deconstructions of this trope though. Basara can be plain annoying at times much to the annoyance of the rest of his bandmates. Shery, while trying to be a determinator and fly a Valkyrie out of a battle fails miserably.
    • Ozma Lee from Macross Frontier is also pretty hot blooded, kinda expected as he's a fan of Basara and Fire Bomber.
      • His Crowning Moment Of Awesome comes when, faced with an opponent who has developed immunity to all his regular attacks, he performs a Big Damn Heroes to save the Macross Quarter, then pulls out his mech's knife and proceeds to kick ass while declaring that he will fight with everything, down to his fists, teeth and nails, just to protect his sister as well as the woman that he has come to love, because if he could not, then he wouldn't be a man, all while badly injured. To top it off, Fire Bomber's Try Again plays during this scene.
    • Bobby Margot also from Macross Frontier is, in addition to sporting an afro, being a world class make-up artist, a Bridge Bunny and Ho Yay, one of the most damned hot blooded characters in the show when he pilots the Macross Quarter's battle mode. He's known as GARby for a very good reason.
  • Noriko Takaya from Gunbuster, who may have been one of the first true examples of a female hot blooded protagonist in giant robot history, and still remains one of the best. How hot blooded is she? Let's just say she's got a Spear Counterpart in none other than Simon The Digger!
    • For 4 episodes, Noriko was very insecure and negative about her role as a savior of mankind... and then she finally piloted the Gunbuster at the end of the fourth episode, kicking that lack of confidence to the curb. Then episode 5 comes, which includes the four most action-packed minutes in Super Robot anime history, with BILLIONS of enemies obliterated by Noriko's onslaught of awesome.
    • Lampshaded in the Super Robot Wars games, where one scene has Noriko learning how to scream in Hotblooded fasion by none other than Ryoma Nagare.
  • DieBuster also has its fair share of hot blooded characters, with Nono and Lal'C being the most passionate of the bunch. It is a great advantage, because the Buster Machines from this era are Empathic Weapons that can create powerful physics-defying effects when influenced by its pilot will.
  • Shinkon Gattai Godannar!! is a Super Robot show, so most male protagonists are naturally Hot Blooded. It also makes them vulnerable to The Virus, leaving them with a dilemma: Hold back and risk being defeated by the Monster of the Week, or go all out and risk turning into one yourself?
  • Adeu of Lord Of Lords Ryu Knight.
  • Duck Team from Girls und Panzer. Their Tank is the nigh-useless Japanese Type 89 I-Go. In spite of this, they run on pure Hot-Blooded GUTS!!. They won't flee. They won't stop. Should they retreat, it will be to draw you to a trap, and they'll do it firing all the way. And they are critical to every victory.
  • Escaflowne's Van Fanel seems a little too quiet for this trope at first (despite being voiced by Tomokazu Seki), but then you put the boy in a mech and throw him into battle and...Yeah.

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