Funny / "Weird Al" Yankovic

"Weird Al" Yankovic is practically the personification of "funny". His songs have at least one Funny Moment by their very nature.

Songs and Videos

  • The video for "Eat It". From the Spit Take onward, it skews every visual cue from Michael Jackson's "Beat It" video with unerring accuracy. And funny as hell.
    • It's also the parody song that put Weird Al on the map.
  • Special mention for the "Smells Like Nirvana" music video. ALL OF IT.
    • To put it in perspective - Kurt Cobain himself cracked up at the video. When the author of a song laughs at its parody, that's a non-subjective Funny Moment right there.
    • Speaking of "Smells Like Nirvana", here's a lyric from the live version:
    "And I forgot the next verse....
    (Several beats)
    ...Oh well, whatever, never mind"
    • The original lyrics for that point in the song are pretty funny, too:
    '"And I forgot the next verse,
    oh well I guess it pays to rehearse...
    The lyric sheet's so hard to find,
    What are the words? Oh, nevermind"
    • You can tell this helped Kurt crack up quite a bit from this.
    Well I'm yellin', and we're playing,
    But I don't know what I'm saying!
    A banana, dadadada, nananana, badabada... *cue gibberish*
    • "*garglegarglegarglegarglegarglegargle...*"
    • Al's guitar turning into rubber.
    • It's hard to bargle nawdle zouss ??? / With all these marbles in my mouth.
  • Amish Paradise, particularly this gem:
    ''A local boy kicked me in the butt last week
    ''I just smiled at him and turned the other cheek
    ''I really don't care, in fact I wish him well
  • "Dare To Be Stupid" has his announcement that "Mashed potatoes can be your friends"...while emerging from a large pot with a finger raised and an "And Knowing Is Half the Battle" expression. It takes a great comedian to keep a straight face saying that line and having mashed potatoes in his hair.
    • All of "Dare to be Stupid" counts, really.
    • "I can't hear you! (Dare to be stupid!) Okay, I can hear you now..."
    • The song is a style-parody of Devo. Mark Mothersbaugh once stated that he hated Weird Al for doing the song before he could.
  • "Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch", just from how deliberately bad he made it.
  • "Party in the CIA" is hilarious, as one fan put it "It's hauntingly accurate, I hope we don't have to kill him."
    • "Better put your hands up and get in the van, Or else you'll get blown away!"
    • "We only torture the folks we don't like, You're probably gonna be OK!"
    • "Burn that microfilm, buddy, will you? I'd tell you why, but then I'd have to kill you."
  • The video for "Perform This Way". Weird Al's face superimposed over a woman's body, exhibiting outfits so outrageous that they manage to out-Gaga Lady Gaga. (with a few real Gaga outfits thrown in, such as the one made of raw meat - though good luck figuring out without doing the research which ones were the real thing) Highlights include a singing porcupine on his/her head, a Taj Mahal/Octopus combo, and a cameo by Madonna impersonator Holly Beavon who appears during the line "I'm so completely original" and later throws in the "Express yourself" reference.
    • For those wondering about the French he speaks "for no reason", it literally translates to, "Excuse me, who farted?"
    • When doing live performances of this song, expect Al to be wearing something like an octopus suit with an ice cream cone for a hat, with the band's outfits being only slightly less bizarre.
  • From Trapped In The Drive-Thru:
    "Then we drive to the drive-thru
    Heading off to the drive-thru
    We're approaching the drive-thru
    Getting close to the drive-thru!
    Almost there at the drive-thru
    Now we're here at the drive thru
    Here in line at the drive-thru
    • The fact that the original version is so over-the-topnote  that the only way Al could made it funny was to have the lyrics be as banal as possible.
    • And of course, the ending - [[spoiler: they wo. We all feel just horrible about this. Well, I guess you'll have to listen really carefully and try to figure out the words yourself. Good luck."''
  • "You Don't Love Me Anymore" is borderline disturbing... and totally hilarious.
    I knew that we were having problems when
    You put those piranhas in my bathtub again
    You're still the light of my life
    Oh darling, I´m beggin', won´t you put down that knife?
  • Pretty much the entity of "A Complicated Song", but special mention goes to the final two choruses.
    Tell me,
    Why'd I have to go and get myself decapitated?
    Oh man, I really hate it
    It's such a drag now
    I can't eat, I can't breathe, I can't snore, I can't belch or yodel anymore,
    Can't spit or blow my nose or even read Sports Illustrated
  • Al's unfailing cheerful delivery of all the terrible things predicted in "That's Your Horoscope for Today":
    Your birthday party will be ruined once again by your explosive flatulence
    Your love life will run into trouble when your fiancé hurls a javelin through your chest
    The position of Jupiter says that you should spend the rest of the week face down in the mud
    Try not to shove a roll of duct tape up your nose while taking your driver's test
    All your friends are laughing behind your back... KILL THEM.
    Take down all those naked pictures of Ernest Borgnine you've got hanging in your den
    The stars say that you're an exciting and wonderful person, but you know they're lying
    If I were you, I'd lock my doors and windows, and never never never never ever leave my house again!
  • "White & Nerdy"
    • Al, dressed as a nerd, mowing the front lawn when he stops and waves enthusiastically at the gangsters (Key & Peele) who frown in response. Al then walks up to them wanting to shake their hands, but they drive away as he gets near the car.
    • Al showing off the rims on his car: they're stock rims on a Toyota Prius.
    • Al vandalizing the Atlantic Records Wikipedia page by writing "YOU SUCK!"
    • Donny Osmond.
    • "They see me roll on / My Segway" Followed by Those Two Guys giving him the bird.
    • Al making out with a large roll of bubble wrap, hoping "no one sees me get freaky."
  • It wasn't enough for Al to do pitch-perfect Talking Heads style parody in "Dog Eat Dog"... he dons a gigantic blazer a la David Byrne in "Stop Making Sense" to perform it.
  • The "Another Tattoo" video. Highlights include the tattoos of 4 of his ex-girlfriends (and Clay Aiken), zombie Ronald Reagan, his grocery list, and the geisha tattoo that is actually a tentacle monster.
  • "Stop Draggin' My Car Around", because only Weird Al can make a song about your car being impounded hilarious.
    But, man, that car of yours is so uncool
    Like wow, I'm sorry, but we towed it away!

    Look out the window, there's tow truck in the driveway
    I grabbed the driver and I asked him why
    He said, "I'm sorry kid, you're late with the payments
    It's time to kiss your little car goodbye"

    Hey! Hey! I left a sandwich in the backseat!
  • A clever transition in "Hot Rocks Polka", Al's polka tribute to The Rolling Stones:
    So goodbye, Ruby Tuesday
    Who could hang a name on you
    When you change with every new day
    Still... I'm gonna miss you
    (silly woo-woo version of the hook from "Miss You")
  • The entirety of the song "Tacky" and the accompanying music video, but special mention must go to the cameos by Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, Eric Stonestreet, Kristen Schaal, and Jack Black.
    I met some chick, ask her this and that
    Like "Are you pregnant, girl, or just really fat?" "WHAT?!"
    • The stuff involving practicing twerking moves at the D.M.V & taking off one's shirt (at least) at the bank.
      • Not helped by the twerking in the video being done by Jack Black. Wearing a sequined fanny pack.
    • "I would live-tweet a funeral, take selfies with the deceased..." followed by, "...If I'm bit by a zombie, I'm probably not telling you...if you're okay with that then you're probably tacky, too!" I guess the subject of the funeral got up and bit him.
  • "Scream & Shout" has a portion in the polka medley "That's What I Call Polka!", in which the lyrics are accompanied by realistic screaming in the background (provided by Al's wife), and the line "let it out" is accompanied by a fart noise.
    • "Best Song Ever" is changed slightly.
      I think it went *guh guh guh*
      I think it went *guh guh guh*
  • Weird Al's take on Gangnam Style with "HEEEEEYYYY SEXY LAAAADDDY" a la Jerry Lewis.
  • The song "Foil" starts out as a seemingly normal song about food, par for the course for Al... and then veers off halfway through into conspiracy theories, New World Order, alien abduction, and Illuminati, and how a foil hat will protect you. It's doubly funny because Weird Al is so well known for songs about food that you'd never see it coming.
  • This awesome line in the Robin Thicke parody "Word Crimes": "You should neeeeverrrrrr... write words using numbers! Unless you're seven! Or your name is Prince!"
    • Even better because not only has Prince consistently denied Al the right to parody his songs, but the number 7 is an arc number for him. Weird Al ribbed him in more ways than one.
    And I thought that you’d gotten it through your skull / ‘Bout what’s figurative and what’s literal / Oh, but just now you said / You “literally couldn’t get out of bed” / That really makes me want to literally / Smack a crowbar upside your stupid head!
    "Your prose is dopey / think you should only / write in emoji / Oh you're a lost cause!"
    • The little details are just as hilarious, like how when the video gets to 'you're a lost cause', the screen changes to look like an ad for the show Lost, and in the corner, where the ABC logo goes, it says 'learn your abc's, doofus'. In addition, when Clippy shows up, the 'dismiss' button says 'go away forever', something a lot of users probably agree with.
    • The line "Irony is not coincidence" is accompanied by a picture of a bride and groom getting rained on.
  • "Mission Statement" takes a load of corporate buzzwords and makes them into a Crosby, Stills, Nash (And Young)-styled song.
  • "Jackson Park Express" is a lengthy story about a out-of-control Facial Dialogue conversation, but amid the general escalation and silliness, one line stands out.
    Then I glanced down at her shirt for a second
    In a way that clearly implied "I like your boobs"
    • Another from the same song (and potentially useful as a real pick-up line): "You are my answer to everything, which is why I'll probably do very poorly on the written part of my driver's test."
    • And the implication that most of what's said is clearly just in the delusional mind of the protagonist while the woman of his affection is wondering why this weirdo is gawking at her.
  • The entirety of "My Own Eyes". Brain Bleach at its funniest and most disturbing.
    • Especially the "diabetic chicks" who snort Pixy Stix while belching Stairway To Heaven, the drag queens cracker nose-stuffing contest & the Hara Kiri Guinea pig-turned-hackey sack.
  • "Angry White Boy Polka":
    (In an incredibly cheerful voice) "I cry, when angels deserve to die, die, die, d-d-die-die-die-die-die. HEY!"
  • "Good Old Days" has this disturbing, yet hilarious verse about a grocery store owner:
    Always treated me nice, gave me kindly advice
    I don't know why I set fire to his place
    Oh, I'll never forget the day I bashed in his head
    Well, you should've seen the look on his face
  • "Jerry Springer" has this bit of dialouge:
    Man: Baby, I've been sleepin' with your sister.
    Woman: Oh? well, which one?
    Man: All of them...
    Woman: Oh! Well, I've been sleepin' with your best friend Jake!
    Man: Yeah? Well, me too!
    Woman: Oh!
    Man: And I've been sleepin' with your dog Woofie!
    Woman: Woofie, you b(BLEEP)tch!
    Woman: Well, I'm also sleeping with your pet goat!
    Man: That goat doesn't love you!
  • "Hardware Store"'s infamous Motor Mouth list includes many things one would expect to find at a typical hardware store...with "automatic circumcisers" slipped into the middle of it.
  • The fact that Weird Al managed to turn Charles Nelson Reilly, a goofy Camp Gay comedian famous for being on Match Game, into a Memetic Badass who would put Chuck Norris Facts to shame.

Fake Interviews

  • "We all got cellphones, so come on let's get real..."
  • The whole of the Avril Lavigne one, helped by Avril being clearly batshit insane.
    Avril: (scared, paranoid) Oh my god, cameras, oh my god!
    Weird Al: No, no, Avril! Cameras are your friends! Cameras are here to help you! Cameras gooood...
    Avril: (happy) Cameras!
    • Also from the Avril interview:
      Weird Al: Okay, now do your impression of one of those automatic lawn sprinkler things.
      Avril: (nodding while moving her head around the room): Okay, 'sup, 'sup, 'sup, 'sup...
    • Behold: Avril's favorite punk song:
      Avril: The Y... MCA song.
      Weird Al: Ah, yes, the Village People, how very... punk...
  • The Eminem interview. The "you know what I'm saying" bit, Eminem talking about coming out, his triple negatives and the f^))&^king trees!
  • Asking Ozzy Osbourne if he's ever seen Ernest Goes to Camp — and when Ozzy answers no, Al offering to have it projected on his own butt.
  • Requesting Bruce Springsteen to say something completely incoherent, and Bruce obliges.
  • The Kevin Federline interview. All of it. Al seems to express a genuine disdain for the man, unlike his other interviews.

Behind the Music

Live Shows

  • In live performances, each member of the band gets a chance to show off their skills at one point, except bassist Steve Jay, who will just play one note.
    • Guitarist Jim West will also sometimes screw up the last note playing something like "Mary Had a Little Lamb", and drummer Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz's "drum solo" will usually consist of him hitting his snare drum once.
    • Keyboardist Ruben Valtierra, being the group's Butt-Monkey, doesn't really get a chance to show off his keyboard skills, but that doesn't stop him from trying. Usually he'll play a rather grandiose piano solo, which is what he does during Al's lead-in story before the song "One More Minute" in "Weird Al" Yankovic Live!. Al stops and turns to Ruben, who sees him and ceases his piano playing, then Al goes back to his story... and Ruben busts out a catchy Mexican salsa piano beat, interrupting Al's story again. To finally get Ruben to stop, Al eventually grabs a gun from the stage and shoots him.
  • During the "Hooooo!" instrumental break in "Fat", Santa Claus suddenly bounds onto the stage shouting "Ho-ho-ho!" and Al just as promptly beats him up.
  • Anytime they play the "Jurassic Park" video during his concerts, whenever they show the scene where Barney the Dinosaur gets his head bitten off by a dinosaur, expect the audience to cheer in delight.
  • Before the huge fan-favorite "Albuquerque" was actually added to the set list, Al would often tease the audience with references to the song and hints that his band would play it. During one such performance:
    Al: So... anyone here tonight from Albuquerque? [audience cheers] Well, we've got just the song for you! [audience cheers even louder] It's called "One More Minute"!
  • Wanna B Ur Lovr. Just... yeah.


  • Weird Al in Alanis Morissette's "Ironic" video.
  • When he was on Wheel of Fortune in 1994, all sorts of crazy stuff occurred- he tried to buy an umlaut (that's the twin-dot thing heavy metal bands use), he tried to buy a TV for $500, and when it came time for the Bonus Round, he spent all ten seconds slowly saying the solution, then ran around the set cheering before leaping into Pat's arms. And then in 2013, he recounted a story from behind-the-scenes regarding fellow contestant James Brown...
  • One night in the mid-'80s, Al repeatedly called up his drummer Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz and left one bizarre, rambling message after another on his answering machine. 25 years later, the tape containing the messages was uploaded to YouTube. Hear it in all of its bizarre, random glory.
    • Hilarious in Hindsight: He pitches two song ideas to Jon which are parodies of songs he's parody properly on Dare To Be Stupid: "I Want A New Dog/Goat" and "Girls Just Want To Eat Cheese."
    • "That's not Lassie... it's some bitch that's not Lassie!"
    • Al playing "State Of Shock," "Another One Bites The Dust" and "Smoke On The Water" on the phone keypad!
  • His interview for the Pokémon 2000 soundtrack, for which he wrote and performed "Polkamon," discussing how the root of all great music is polka and voicing genuine concern that there might be another polka on the soundtrack.
  • His grizzled coach character in "Every Sports Press Conference Ever"