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Awesome: "Weird Al" Yankovic
  • When Devo admits to being jealous of Dare To Be Stupid and a critic comments that Weird Al had out-Devoed Devo.
    • To a lesser extent, but still pretty awesome; The Presidents Of The United States Of America loved Al's parody of "Lump" (rechristened "Gump") so much that they changed the last line of the song to Al's whenever they played "Lump" from then on.
    • B.B. King stated that Weird Al's Generic Blues was one of his top ten favorite blues songs.
  • Reportedly, Kurt Cobain said that he only really knew he hit the big time when Weird Al parodied one of his songs.
    • He also, reportedly, cracked up the entire time when he first saw the video for "Smells Like Nirvana".
    • Cobain is by no means the only guy who's expressed this particular sentiment (either example).
    • Also a Moment Of Awesome for Cobain, considering he had to have a good sense of humor when Al told him what the song is about. This was a real exchange
      Kurt: Uh, [your parody]'s not going to be about food, is it?
    • In the words of Chamillionaire:
      "It's one thing to go platinum. Where do you go from there? Then Weird Al calls."
  • Weird Al's even Covered Up with a parody song. Chamillionaire, whose song "Ridin'" was the basis for "White & Nerdy", reported that he received praise from people overseas, saying "people were telling me they had heard my version of Weird Al's song".
  • Al wrote the lyrics to "The Saga Begins" with 99% accuracy... without having seen The Phantom Menace. He got all of his information from fan sites and went to see a pre-screening only to check his work.
    • It's said that, when Weird Al went to watch the pre-screening, he actually cheered when Anakin told Shmi that he was going to be a Jedi.
    • According to one report, he sent the song to George Lucas before the album released, and was told later, "You should have seen the smile on his [George's] face."
    • And Don McLean admitted that since his kids also played the song so often, when Don performs "American Pie" in concert, at times he accidentally sings Al's lyrics.
  • ALBUQUERQUE. (Superfly, "I. HATE. SAUERKRAUT.", the Hermaphrodite, and the point where he loses track of the story all count.)
  • The breathless list of items in "Hardware Store".
    • To the point where Weird Al won't sing the song live. Why? Because he doesn't think he'll ever be able to do that again.
  • Hey, remember the time Al conducted the Jr. Philharmonic Orchestra of California?
  • Weird Al + Pokemon = Crowning Moment of Awesome for all. EVERYBODY POLKAMON!
  • "Everything You Know Is Wrong" gets one for being the song that pretty much perfectly summarizes the concept of Mind Screw while being a Mind Screw itself.
    Everything you know is wrong!
    Black is white, up is down, and short is long,
    And everything you though
    Was just so important doesn't matter!
    Everything you know is wrong!
    Just forget the words and sing along!
    All you need to understand is
    Everything you know is wrong!
  • "Genius in France", Al's nine-minute long tribute song to Frank Zappa, made entirely from repurposed riffsnote  and featuring a opening guitar solo from Dweezil.
  • And of course, Al gets one of the highest honors a man of his caliber could ever receive: a supply closet named in his honor.
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