Funny / Monster Hunter

Throughout the series
  • To start, whenever you're defeated in battle, you see yourself keel over...and then the game cuts to a shot of you being rolled back to camp on a cart that is attended to by Felynes, then dumped off unceremoniously as the Felynes turn back around.
  • Some of the weapons you can make:
    • The weapons that can be made with Nibelsnarf carves. For example: the Soldier's Snarfonica.
    • The Nibelsnarf Dual Swords, aka the DEATHSNARFS.
    • You can run around carrying a Plesioth's head on a stick for a weapon.
      • The Pressurized Plaser's attachments. Take your pick between Plesioth fins (Shield) or Plesioth head (Power Barrel).
    • There are Hammers made out of Kut Ku heads, with the beak obviously being the pointy business end. The Yian Garuga hammer is less amusing, but still.
    • The Sharq Attack lance. The lance itself is a whole Sharq, while the shield is a "No Swimming" sign.
    • The Hyper Vacuum lance, which sounds awesome...until you realize it's just a toilet plunger.
    • The Frozen Speartuna great sword. That's right, you can hack off monster tails with frozen seafood.
    • The Ragdoll series of bowguns. You're essentially shooting monsters to death with plushies. Similar models exist for other weapon types.
    • The giant cutlery your character holds while waiting for a meal? Those are a set of Dual Blades. Similarly, one of the Sword and Shield models is a restaurateur-approved meat cleaver.
    • One of the hammers you can craft is a giant Chinese wok, complete with a cooked meal stuck on the inside.
    • The Corn Gunlance, which comes with a straw hat for a shield and even makes wonky cartoon noises with each move. Amusingly, it's also one of the best Gunlances in the game due to its shelling power. The description is what sells it:
    Scenes of country living pop into mind with an explosive power.
  • A bit of Black Comedy, but: When you hit a wild Felyne or Melynx, they go flying and fluttering as if they were on the moon!
  • Hit a Felyne or Melynx with a Felvine Bomb, and watch them act completely drunk.
  • After a quest is completed, but during the wait time until exiting the map, all participating players are granted damage immunity...but not knockback immunity. Result: Players celebrate by beating the snot out of each other.
  • Hunters for Hire are known for occasionally failing quests that, given the number of hunters you assign and their Hunter Ranks, your hired hunters have virtually no chance of failing. For example, there are Hunters for Hire that have failed a quest to hunt a Great Jaggi, as well as a quest to deliver honey. You're only shown whether the hunting team cleared or failed the quest and their spoils, so let your imagination run wild.
  • Successfully cooking a Well-Done Steak results in a "SO TASTY!" sound clip.
  • Consuming one of the drinks alongside a dairy item or another drink for your meal results in the "Tipsy" status, in which your character stumbles around and falls over drunkenly.
    "That washn't sho bad...hic!"
  • The Prance emote, complete with Jazz Hands.
  • If you pet your Poogie for too long, it will Freak Out and run away.
  • Cherry Tapping a monster to death through any number of means: Kicking it, with the Kinsect, from one of your CPU companions, through a paintball, and so on. You can even kill a monster with a Tranq Bomb, although if the quest was a capture quest then it's probably not funny.
  • Fighting a monster that is significantly larger or smaller than it usually is. For example, 3 Ultimate has the Phantom Uragaan, while 4 Ultimate has a tiny Tetsucabra, tiny Yian Kut-Ku, and a triple-size Lagombi.
  • The Felyne Courier in the 3DS version of 3 Ultimate and 4 Ultimate has different animations depending on how many Guilds Cards you've gotten from using StreetPass. Get a few and he happily throws his mail about. Get some more and he lays on the ground carrying a bag full of cards. Get even more and he'll be lying under his bag. Reach the card limit and he's somehow found the willpower to stand up with a full bag.

2nd Generation
  • MHF2 and Unite has skills, which one of them involves adding the power of thrown things like paintballs and stones, but the name of the skill? "Throwing Up"

3rd Generation

4th Generation
  • One of 4U's new Felyne Combo Weapons is called the Flying F-Bomb.
  • The Caravaneer says this wonderful gem after the hunter insists on getting the old man's hat back by jumping on the Dah'ren Mohran's back.
    "Criminy, Hunter, ya got some Duramboros-sized...Well, alright then."
  • The Caravaneer posts posters of you around town advertising your services on your behalf. Naturally, you never see the posters, but everybody you talk to reacts in either surprise or disappointment that you don't have Big Ol' Eyebrows.
  • The Fishing Machine in 4 allows you to catch, among other things, an entire Plesioth. Which dies upon landing on the wharf. Satisfying too, particularly if you ever had to deal with its infamous disjointed-hitbox hipcheck in previous games.
  • Similar to the Truth Unmasked cinematic from 3 Ultimate, the post-credits cinematic for 4U after repelling the Kushala Daora is a hilarious Call Back to the game's intro. Remember those two guys from the intro who tried taking out a Tigrex and got interrupted by a Gore Magala? Or how about the desert hunting party who got caught between a Diablos and a Seregios? Turns out both teams failed their respective quests miserably, but at least they got home alive.
  • In 4U, the Guildmarm goes on at length about how she met the man of her dreams while in the mountains, but didn't get the courage to talk to him. After going on about how dreamy he is, she creates a quest for you to meet him and let him know her feelings. The quest? Hunt a Brachydios.
  • The intro cutscene to the Meownster Hunter minigame in 4 Ultimate. Your Palicoes take off in a barrel boat...only to launch sky high and get thrown out of the boat, chasing it afterwards.
  • In 4 Ultimate, the Street Cook will provide a quip about what your selected food combination is best suited for (for example, he informs you that seafood + grains is good for defense, meat + dairy is good for Gunner offense, etc.) But if your combination is two drinksnote ?
  • The entire intro for Zamtrios is pretty funny. After being saved, the Meownster Hunters make really wimpy slaps at the Zamtrios. The Zamtrios replies by forming its spiky ice armor, causing them to run away while making sound effects from The Flintstones.
  • The Zamtrios's inflation mode, which to many looks like a giant beanbag chair with a shark lodged in it. It doesn't stop when the Zamtrios then attacks by bouncing all over the place or rolling around. If you kill it in this form (and you most likely will, as its belly is the weakest area when inflated), it will not deflate.
  • The existence of an entire syndicate dedicated to egg delivery quests. Its Don turns out to be His Immenseness, the oversized Wyvernian leader of Dundorma.
  • The Support Palico repeatedly giving out data in percentages is funny enough, but while gathering items, they will occasionally mention something suspicious:
  • Dismissing a Palico from your roster is both a Tear Jerker and a Funny Moment. If you decide to let one of them go, they'll be shown sulking against a dark background with a single Dramatic Spotlight, then walk over to a dark shape which is revealed to be a Flying F-Bomb rocket. The Palico will then climb on board, then ask you one more time if you really want to let them go. Choosing "No" will cause the rocket to take off without the Palico, who will proceed to do a Meadow Run at the camera, complete with CGI flowers blooming around the screen while the rocket careens in the background...and slams into the hapless Palico. They get up and resume running towards you anyway.
  • The flavor text for the Khezu's G-Rank rare item, the Khezu Special Cut, takes sarcasm to a whole new level:
    "An extremely high-quality cut of red Khezu flesh. <beat> ...Yuck."
  • Occasionally, when you visit your house in Dundorma, the music will be replaced with some disco and you'll see the Funky Felyne rummaging through your stuff.note 
  • A Konchu manages to take out a Diablos by rolling into its broken horn...
  • The recruitable Palicoes can end up with a hilarious combination of features. For example, the gatering ones claim to be pacifists to justify their lack of participation in fights, but can have Rath-of-Meow as their team attack. They can also have a name that comes off as highly inappropriate for their forte.
  • One of the Treasure forte Palico's lines when a large monster appears is this:
    "Meownster? What meown— AAAAAAH!"
  • If you kill a Congalala while it's trapped in a canopy, webbing, or a Pitfall Trap, it will collapse with its butt sticking out.
  • The "Of Masks and Monsters" quest line brings back Cha-Cha and Kayamba from Tri and 3 Ultimate, who once again constantly bicker with each other. The first quest, issued by Kayamba, has you rescuing Cha-Cha from the tail of a Congalala, with poor Cha-Cha fainting every time the Congalala farts. For the second quest, Cha-Cha tells you that if you fail the quest by killing the Kecha Wachas before breaking their ears, he'll blame Kayamba. For the last of the three quests, the Moga Sweetheart tells you to not only rescue them from a Deviljho, she also tells you to kick them in the butt.
  • At the end of the Instructor's Episodic Quest line, he wonders to himself what to do with the Dah'ren Mohran materials, and comes up with the idea of a Dah'ren Mohran body pillow. He then verbally slaps himself for it.
  • The Guildmarm, like all the Sweethearts, is often funny:
    "Whenever I see the flocks of birds crossing the Primal Forest's skies, I start to tear up. *sniff* ...Yes, I know. It's probably gas from the Conga. The danged stuff gets in your eyes, doesn't it?"
    "Doodle, I wish I could unsee what I just saw. Birds of every color just delivered a package to the Wycoon, and I THINK they broke into a musical number.
  • The Protection forte Palicoes are perpetually hungry and approaching a gathering point will sometimes make them ask if there is anything edible there. The piece of dialogue can get triggered when they approach a mining spot.