Heartwarming / Monster Hunter

Just because it's light on the plot and heavier on gameplay doesn't mean Monster Hunter can't have its share of genuine heartwarming moments.
  • Any time a fellow hunter manages to heal you right as a monster or a status effect (particularly poison or Fireblight) is about to finish you off. Or better yet, slays the monster that was about to send you back to camp, especially if the party's already taken two faints out of three.
  • In Tri, as you complete 5-star quests, when news comes around of the Ceadeus threatening to destroy Moga Village with its earthquakes, the Guild orders Moga Village to evacuate, you included. But do the villagers leave? Hell no, because all of the villagers, from the kids to the Chief himself, trust you and cheer you on to tear the Ceadeus a new one. The Guild Sweetheart puts her job on the line, even going as far as to lie to the Guild about the villagers evacuating, just so you can drive away the Ceadeus yourself. Which you do. Afterwards you get a cutscene of yourself coming back to Moga Village, with the villagers all thanking you personally for putting the plug on the disasters befalling the village and the island, thus ensuring peace for generations to come. The title of the cutscene? "Spoken of Forever."
  • The Rathian Ecology video in Freedom Unite. While other monster ecologies are about them performing displays of power or predation, the Rathian is shown feeding her young.
  • While the Guildmarm and Guild Sweetheart are often either making corny jokes or throwing jabs at the player, they'll nonetheless show real signs of concern for your well-being should you opt to select a particularly dangerous quest.
    Guild Sweetheart: Hey, Hunter?...Stay safe.
  • Beating the Zinogre from Portable 3rd has the entire village celebrate by way of inviting everyone from the past games to the village for a massive summer festival. Faces old and new come in to relish in you vanquishing the monster, from captains to guildmasters and everyone in between. The credits even show how they got invited, a Felyne delivering the invitations as music and monsters from each game play in the background.
  • The Ace Palico in 4 Ultimate may be a bit of a hardcase early on, what with him declaring that he's the Master and you're the Minion in the partnership. However, not only does he occasionally give you crafting items as gifts while blushing, the Guildmarm also eventually reveals that the Ace does regard you as his real Master all along.
  • The Cowardly Palico from Cheeko Sands in 4, who speaks with a stutter, kindly asks you to do a series of side quests. You then find out about what happened to his old master. The last side quest requires you to defeat the same Akantor that his old master failed to hunt. The final reward? By defeating the Akantor, you give him back his courage, then he asks you to hire him and to be his new master.
    • The icing on the cake? As mentioned on the Wild Mass Guessing page, one of the other felynes on Cheeko Sands mentions finding a Message in a Bottle that simply said "Hunter with the Sword and Shield looking for Cheeko Sands" in a bit of minor dialogue. Since the Felyne Elder's husband used a Sword and Shield, as evidenced by the Heroic Blade he left behind on nearby Sunsnug Isle, it carries the implication that Whitescruff's master may still be alive and is trying to reunite with his family.
      • Confirmed in one of the G-Rank event quests, where the client, listed as Sword and Shield Hunter, asks you to slay "an old adversary", an Akantor. Said client says he's looking for a village, and that "someone is waiting for him".
  • And even the generic Palicoes. Talk to your 1st Stringers in your room or Sunsnug Isle. The little fellas are over the moon you hired them and eager to live up to your expectations. One of their possible lines of dialog explains the Enthusiasm system, and considering the way they word it, it's not that deploying them with low enthusiasm irritates them - they're worried they won't be putting in 100% for you.
  • The post beating Shagaru Magala cinematic from 4 has a few. The members of the Capital C Caravan take a little break from each other. Little Miss Forge goes back to Harth and has a big hug with her father. The Street Cook settles in Cheeko Sands and the island's population is lining up to eat his food. The Ace Palico and the Ace Lancer hunt as a pair for what must be the first time in quite a while.
  • In 4, the High Questatrix, who you receive High Rank quests from in the Gathering Hall, is frequently trying to behave like an evil mastermind. She suggests that she sabotaged your transportation on multiple occasions, is known to laugh evilly at your misfortune, and will sarcastically tell you to come back safe. However, when it comes time to fight the Dalamadur, the High Questatrix tries to put on her usual evil mastermind show, but she stops because she simply can't pretend that she doesn't care about you when you're about to go off to slay a monster that's capable of such mass destruction. She has a very sweet heart to heart with you before begging you to come back safe, for real this time.
  • A meta example, but why did the Great Jaggi never appear in Generations? Word of God claims that it needed a break from being the game's punching bag. To spare them the pain like that is kinda sweet.
  • In Generations, if you have a pet inside your house and save your game by sleeping on the bed, the pet will hop in to sleep next to you.
  • The Moofahs in Generations can be petted, which leads to them making some pretty wriggly and happy reactions. When you finish petting one, you kiss it on the nose.
  • The fact that many missions give you the option (or require you) to simply capture the monster in question instead of slaying it. There's something oddly sweet about the fact that, not only do you survive, but you spare the lives of what are essentially non-malevolent wild animals (albeit very aggressive ones).
    • One of the monsters you can do this with is the Brachydios, which the Guildmarm—who is head over heels for it—wants you to pay a visit with. Rather than crush her dreams by killing it, you can humor her for a bit by defeating it, but letting it live instead.
  • One quest in 4 Ultimate requires you to catch a Khezu for someone's girlfriend. The reason? She finds them to be cute. Aww.
  • The Spin-Off game Monster Hunter: Stories focuses on not hunting the monsters, but on the bond between monsters and Riders (people who are able to tame and ride monsters). Zinogre? Rathalos? Even the Kirin? Now they can be your loyal companions.
  • Not only does the Spin-Off Arcade game Monster Hunter: Spirits allow you to team up with various monsters, but it also features baby monsters as well. And, they are adorable.