Heartwarming: Monster Hunter

  • In Tri, as you complete 5-star quests, when news comes around of the Ceadeus threatening to destroy Moga Village with its earthquakes, the Guild orders Moga Village to evacuate, you included. But do the villagers leave? Hell no, because all of the villagers, from the kids to the Chief himself, trust you and cheer you on to tear the Ceadeus a new one. The Guild Sweetheart puts her job on the line, even going as far as to lie to the Guild about the villagers evacuating, just so you can drive away the Ceadeus yourself. Which you do. Afterwards you get a cutscene of yourself coming back to Moga Village, with the villagers all thanking you personally for putting the plug on the disasters befalling the village and the island, thus ensuring peace for generations to come. The title of the cutscene? "Spoken of Forever."
  • Go and Lament in front of Cha-Cha and Kyamba.
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