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Trivia: Monster Hunter
  • Fan Nicknames: The Monster Hunter series lends itself to fans creating short and/or outlandish nicknames due to the titular monsters having odd classifications and names. Examples:
  • No Export for You: A little under half the games are only available in Japan.
    • Also, unless you have custom firmware or a (friend with a) Japanese copy of the game, you can't get some of the extra goodies that come from Japanese-only download quests for the Freedom games. Some are joke items like a giant stuffed animal Hammer (Polytan) while others, like the Jolly Roger set, are quite useful.
    • Reversed in Monster Hunter Tri, in which you can get three exclusive fan-designed weapons only in the international version of the game. And the WiiSpeak support for online play.
      • Any event items in the game that aren't the same between regions each have a Japanese and a foreign variant. While the two versions are different in appearance, they have the exact same stats. For example, the Pirate Axe J has the exact same stats as the Sinister Saints.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will feature these weapons designed by a European and an American fan, respectively.
  • Portmanteau Series Nickname: モンハン (monhan) or "MonHun".
  • What Could Have Been: Some of the monsters in 3 Ultimate went through different names during the localization process.
    • Arzuros was derived from azure and ursus, resulting in various Punny Names before they could settle on the final spelling.
    • "Zeograth" was considered for Zinogre at one point, being a combination of Zeus and wrath. However, because Zinogre's name already appeared on some merchandise in English, the director requested that its name stay Zinogre.
    • The Stygian Zinogre's initial name was "Scarlet Zinogre", but the Japanese development team wanted its name to have more emphasis on its Hellhound appearance.
    • The translators wanted to call the Purple Ludroth "Purple Royal Ludroth", but the maximum length a monster's name can be was 16 characters, so they had to drop the "Royal" part.
    • The Baleful Gigginox's initial name was "Copper Gigginox" due to its normal skin color, but the dev team wanted to emphasize its electrical attacks.
    • "Rouge Qurupeco" was considered for Crimson Qurupeco at one point, but due to how easy it was to mix up "rouge" with "rogue", they decided to stick with crimson.

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