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1st Generation
  • Taking down Lao Shan Lung for the first time. You take down a building-sized dragon with what is essentially a toothpick to it.
    • Then you find out that's it's a baby, and the adults will most likely never be seen......

2nd Generation
  • One for one of the monsters: in the Akantor ecology, the eponymous Akantor duels a Gravios. The Akantor not only resists a full blast of the Gravios' Heat Beam, it takes out the Gravios in one blow and then tosses the corpse like a rag doll. Then it roars triumphantly over the Gravios as the volcanoes in the background erupt. Seen here.

3rd Generation
  • Sometimes during a hunt, the ground suddenly splits open like a portal to Hell and the nomadic monster Deviljho comes barreling out. Your first instinct will definitely be an urge to pee, but the Deviljho always targets the biggest meal it can find, which will most likely be the monster you were already hunting. Now you can sit back, relax, and watch whatever annoying boss you were getting so angry at get the shit smacked out of it by a starving dinosaur.
  • In Tri, the first time you unexpectedly encounter the Lagiacrus during the one-star "Guts: It's What's For Dinner" quest, he's too powerful for you and your only option is to finish collecting Monster Guts and then hightail it back to base camp. After ascending to three-star quests, an Urgent Quest comes up and you're granted permission to take on the Lagiacrus, this time with more experience and equipment better-suited to attack it, and you make it run away instead. The third time you encounter it is in a five-star Urgent Quest, and this time, as a villager states, it's after your blood. Only then do you finally get to kill the creature that probably gave you a source of Nightmare Fuel at the beginning of the game. Unfortunately, killing it doesn't stop the earthquakes that have been tormenting Moga Village.
  • Later in Tri, driving off the Ceadeus. Even if you had help in the form of ancient weaponry, you still took down a sea-dragon larger than your base camp. You broke the mighty horns that caused earthquakes every time he rammed the ocean. You dodged torrents of water that would have ended your life not too long ago, and you made a dragon, who is deserving of the name "sea god", one that the Guild would need to send an army after, run away. And in doing so, you save Moga Village. In-story, the final cutscene marks this as your crowning achievement. A masterwork of bravery and skill that will be Spoken Of Forever. Now imagine doing this without using the ancient weapons, using only the armor you have on your back and the weapon you had spent hours forging just for moments like these.
  • Brachydios vs. Agnaktor. While both creatures are a force to be reckoned with, one side is clearly dominant.
  • Two words. Jhen. Mohran.

4th Generation
  • The first thing you do in the game is help repel a Dah'ren Mohran, a massive whale-like Elder Dragon similar to the Jhen Mohran, in the middle of a desert voyage. No weapons, no armor, just using the sandship's artillery to keep it at bay and prevent it from destroying Val Habar. At one point, the Caravaneer's Nice Hat falls off, and just as he decides to give up on it—mind you, the hat contains a valuable MacGuffinyou get it back for him anyway. It's this very act that cements the Caravaneer's unwavering faith and trust in you.
  • The cutscene before the fight with the Final Boss of 4, the Shagaru Magala, with both the hunter and the Elder Dragon seeing the other as an equal, carefully strafing each other, before the creature swoops to the sky and unfurls its star-like wings.
  • In 4 Ultimate, the Ace Palico solidifies himself as a badass when he goes into the Everwood to hunt the Gore Magala, and thus save two of the Ace Hunters, BY HIMSELF while everyone else, including you, was standing around wondering what to do. Sure, he ultimately failed by himself and you had to go save him too in an animated cutscene, but he still managed to stall it long enough for you to save everyone.
  • Another Felyne that warrants mention is Whitescruff, the cowardly scaredy-cat on Cheeko Sands. The first time you meet him, he keeps whining about how easily frightened he is and how he's a good-for-nothing loser for it. After you take down the Akantor who defeated his original Master and caused him to become paranoid in the first place, not only does he ask you to hire him as one of your Palicoes, he's also revealed to be an aggressive Fighter-type felyne who not only prioritizes attacking larger monsters, but whose two main abilities involve gaining more attack and defense power after a KO and what tantamounts to jumping right in a monster's face to claw its eyes out while you beat the loving crap out of the thing! Cowardly Lion, indeed.
  • The entirety of the battle against the Rusted Kushala Daora. To begin, you fight alongside the Ace Hunters, with one of them providing cover fire, another healing the party with Lifepowders and the commander himself helping you load a cannon that is powerful enough to knock the dragon out of the sky with a direct hit. After a few cannon blasts, you impale it with a Dragonator and the fight continues until the Master of Defense announces that the Demolisher cannon is ready to fire. The gunner manages to pin the dragon down, letting you deal the final blow.
  • Knocking the Apex status out of a monster. Faced with a monster with a condition that makes it an automatic That One Boss, you manage to outsmart it and strike back enough to restore it back to its basic glory, if only for a few minutes.
    • Made even better if you do it against Apex Zinogre, where its theme will immediately start playing over the intimidating Apex Monster theme, almost as if the song is cheering you on.


  • Hunters can get mini-size Awesome moments whenever they can kill off the monsters either really quickly OR with a weapon that most people would advise you NOT to use.
  • Generally, killing any elder dragon counts as this. You, an ordinary human with no magical powers, no Supernatural Martial Arts, no artefact to do all the hard work for you, face down a creature that will at least fill the average room entirely, with access to nigh-supernatural elemental power, hide impenetratable to any normal weapon and the sheer strength to snap your whole body in two with a flick of its wrist. You go at this beast with nothing but good physical condition, weapons and armor you carved the ingredients for from the still-warm corpses of weaker monsters, whatever ragtag Band of Brothers you can pull together and sheer force of will. Kill it, and were this at all like real life, you would likely go down forever in history and legend. It's that time when you realize you'be come a long way from farming guts and beating off raptors.
    • It gets more awesome when you manage to kill it by yourself.
  • A meta example really, but David Gibson said that Monster Hunter Tri G wouldn't get localized in the U.S. or Europe. Christian Svensson of Capcom said, "I'd like to see him cite a source."
  • On the meta side, Japanese gamers have a flashy style of playing Monster Hunter, referred to as "Roman Hunting"note . Very heavily based on theorycrafting, "Roman Hunters" tend to forego efficient methods in lieu of extravagant tricks, dragging out a fight to showcase techniques usually regarded as impractical and dangerous, but which actually require a detailed knowledge of the game mechanics to pull off successfully. Not to mention that accomplishing said techniques looks extremely cool at that. The Gunlance tends to be favored by these types of players, though other weapons are fair game. Some examples here.
  • Any time you successfully save a teammate from the brink of collapse with a well-timed Area of Effect healing item or spell (e.g. Lifepowders, Antidote Horn, a Nulberry with the Wide Range skill on you) right before they're about to get struck, poisoned, or burned unconscious, jumping in front of an oncoming breath attack, or even knocking the would-be victim out of the way of an oncoming attack. Can also count as a Heartwarming Moment considering that if your team takes three faints combined, it's Quest Failed for everybody.

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