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Fridge: Monster Hunter
Fridge Brilliance
  • Monster Hunter Tri had a bit of one regarding Moga Woods/Deserted Island. Same layout, same resources, different names. Why? Then I read the spoiler on the main page under "Chaotic Good" and it hit me - the Guild was already aware of Ceadeus' presence near Moga Village and had issued the condemnation order in advance, but the bureaucratic maze between Guild headquarters and Moga Village kept the news from reaching the islanders! You were called in to handle the Lagiacrus report, which was also delayed for the same reason. Ah, the joys of bureaucracy...
  • While in the city in online mode in Tri, you can't type any messages while eating to obtain food boosts. You can't talk while eating, because that's bad manners!
    • Also, an excellent way to get food lodged in your windpipe.
  • Normally, when you play a game with Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors, fire is trumped by water. Here, water is weak to fire. At first, someone might find this unusual. But think about it. What does water do in the presence of intense heat? It evaporates. Why do aquatic animals avoid those same temperatures? Because it makes the water in their bodies evaporate. When you use fire attacks, you deprive the monster of the moisture it needs to survive.
  • Given its brethren, you'd think the Great Wroggi is weak to Fire, but no - it's weak to Water and Ice instead. This doesn't make sense until you realize that ice attacks chill the poison into a solid or gelatinous mass, which makes it harder to spray as a fine mist, and water dilutes the poison and weakens it.
    • Plus, having a big solid mass of frozen poison in your throat is probably pretty painful.
  • Many forumites have wondered why the Agnaktor doesn't simply move to the areas of the Vocano hunting grounds with no lava, allowing its armor to harden and prevent being a Tactical Suicide Boss. The reason? Simple: Other monsters can survive contact with magma. But the Agnaktor? It lives in it. Odds are, it probably can't risk cooling down that much for that long, or its body simply won't function properly.
    • That lava covers a good portion of its body. It's possible that without repeated reheating, the lava will solidify so much that it restricts the Agnaktor's movement.
  • The Lagiacrus' weakness to fire could be explained above. However, the most weak part of the lagiacrus to fire is the back, or the crystals that it uses to conduct electricity. One could wonder why, as it is the most hard looking part on the whole body, until one knows that increased heat reduces the electric conductibity of materials. Then it makes much more sense.
  • Why are there no Rusted Kushala Daora materials? Simple, the hunters carve off the body parts and then scrape off the rust. After all, who wants a weapon that's naturally rusty?

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