Trivia / Monster House

  • Artist Disillusionment: Apparently it had enough for one of the screenwriters, Dan Harmon, to write an apology letter. Citing that Executive Meddling had made the movie more scary than intended. The letter also took the opportunity to call Spielberg and company morons regarding decisions made that he was clearly unhappy with.
  • Creator Backlash: Dan Harmon admitted that he was dissatisfied with the film's final result.
  • Defictionalization: The game depicted inside the movie (Thou Art Dead) exists and is entirely playable, though it's not an arcade game; It's located on Sony Picture's website.
  • Executive Meddling: Apparently producer Steven Spielberg and director Gil Kenan made the final product more scary in tone than one of the screenwriters Dan Harmon intended and also added the scene expanding on Constance's origin and death. Considering the film is in fact called Monster House and the backstory is actually very important plot wise, fans of the film would see their influence as a good thing.
  • Missing Trailer Scene: The scene where the house eats the police car whole with its tongue shown in the trailers is never seen in the final film.
  • Real-Life Relative: In the Mexican Spanish dub, DJ and Charlie are played by real-life brothers Alejandro and Luis Fernando Orozco.
  • What Could Have Been: One piece of concept art has Zee standing outside the police car while the kids are in the backseat, with the tree starting to pick her up to suck her inside the house. This was ultimately dropped from the film.