Nightmare Fuel / Monster House

Plenty of it. Though you probably wouldn't expect anything less from a movie named Monster House.
  • Just the house in general.. Not to mention the part near the end, when it sprouts legs.
    • The fact that all the planks cut irregularly when the house turns into a monster is especially scary since those planks are sharp and could tear clothes, or worse, leave bloody wounds, scratches, or splinters. Some scenes that deal with so many of those planks could have been sharp enough to deal fatal injuries.
    • When the house is upset, it can make the creepiest of faces.
    • Its One-Winged Angel form during the climax.
    • As an added bonus, an early draft of the movie reveals that originally the interior of the house was supposed to be filled with actual human internal organs rather than wooden walls and floors.
  • The part where the protagonists find the skeleton in the house's dark, grotesque basement.
  • Whenever the house "eats" someone or something with its carpet-tongue.
    • It ate a whole car, for crying out loud! Then it tries to eat the kids. Visually, this scene is particularily disturbing because the first scene where the house looks at its angriest and deformed. It wasn't just attacking on instinct, it felt merciless rage towards the kids for everything that they had planned to do to her with the vacuum cleaner dummy and their attempt to report it to the police.
  • In another unsettling scene in the movie, DJ has a nightmare in which a shadow of a giant hand attacks him in his sleep. The entire room glows an eerie shade of red, and the music intensifies the tension.

    • Some of the original concept art of the movie reveals that in DJ's original nightmare scene, he was supposed to be inside the house, where he would be walking down an eerie, empty hallway with pipes bursting through the walls.
  • Another early draft of the movie, Zee, DJ's babysitter was originally supposed to be grabbed by one of the house's trees.

  • The house calling DJ on his phone. All he hears is its breathing.
  • Mr. Nebbercracker was a little frightening in the beginning of the movie.
  • Constance's death by concrete-drowning.

  • The Monster House video game. Everything about it. It was surprisingly dark for a game with only E+ 10 rating.
    • Constance's mannequin. Its appereance in the GBA version of the game is arguably even worse, as you encounter it several times throughout the game, and it gets more deformed each time you come across it. The music during the boss battle doesn't help this.

    • The constant Paranoia Fuel you'll experience throughout the entire game. Literally anything in the house can attack you