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Nightmare Fuel: Monster House
Plenty of it. Though you probably wouldn't expect anything less from a movie named Monster House.
  • Just the house in general.. Not to mention the part near the end, when it sprouts legs.
    • The fact that all the planks cut irregularly when the house turns into a monster is especially scary since those planks are sharp and could tear clothes, or worse, leave bloody wounds, scratches, or splinters. Some scenes that deal with so many of those planks could have been sharp enough to deal fatal injuries.
    • When the house is upset, it can make the creepiest of faces.
    • Its One-Winged Angel form during the climax.
  • The part where the protagonists find the skeleton in the house's dark, grotesque basement.
  • Whenever the house "eats" someone or something.
    • It ate a whole car for crying out loud!
  • Mr. Nebbercracker was a little frightening in the beginning of the movie.

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