Funny / Monster House

  • One moment that stands out is in the trailer is when a boy throws a newspaper on the house's front lawn as he's riding past, muttering "Stupid house." The house apparently throws the paper back at the boy from offscreen, knocking him off of his bike.
  • Chowder's sadness over losing his basketball in Nebbercracker's yard:
    Chowder: I paid 28 dollars for that ball. I raked ten yards and asked my mom for a dollar 26 times. I never worked that hard in my life.
  • This dialogue when DJ and Chowder are escaping from the Monster House.
    DJ: (as he and Chowder flee back into his house) Don't look back!
    Chowder: (looks back anyway and the house makes a scary face) AHHHH, I LOOKED BACK!
  • Chowder's insults at the house in the climax.
    You're a shed! You're an out-house!
    • And DJ's attempt at lightening a situation at the end.
    Sorry about your wife. .. And your house. .. Your house-wife.
  • This gem of a pun:
    Jenny: If those are the teeth and thatís the tongue, then that must be the uvula.
    Chowder: Oh. So itís a girl house.
    Jenny: *disgusted* What? No. It stimulates the gag reflex. Everyone has a uvula.
    Chowder: Not me.

  • TV spots and trailers for the movie showed the house swallowing the police car whole with the cops inside, and all that there's left is the car's hubcap, which continues to spin in the middle of the street. Trust me, it's funnier when you watch it