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"Staying Alive" Dance Pose

A Stock Parody and Stock Pose, when somebody dances in fiction, they're likely to mimic John Travolta's iconic pose from Saturday Night Fever, with their arm stretched out and hand pointing toward the sky.

Related to the Gratuitous Disco Sequence.

Compare "Risky Business" Dance.


  • In Airplane!, during Ted Stryker's flashback about how he first met Elaine, before dancing with her, he throws his jacket off and strikes the pose, only for someone to throw the jacket back at him.
  • Tony P. does the move in Mystery Men, while dancing the Hustle in the Disco room. A couple of the other Disco Boys do it while fighting the Mystery Men; it seems to be not just a dance for them but also a part of their martial arts style.
  • Bigfoot is seen doing it in the background on A Goofy Movie, listening to "Staying Alive" on a Walkman, no less.
  • Chicken Run is supposed to take place in The Fifties, but that doesn't stop the rats Nick and Fetcher from striking the pose during "Flip, Flop and Fly".

Live-Action TV

  • MAD: Alfred E. Neuman strikes the pose on the cover of an issue spoofing Saturday Night Fever.
  • Newspaper comics: There's a Garfield strip where Jon does this at a party. The disco ball then falls on his head.
    Jon: *strikes pose* BOOGIE! BOOGIE! BOOGIE! *ball falls on head*
    Garfield: Let's boogie on home. I'll lead.
  • In one of his Star Trek memoirs, William Shatner included a picture of himself as Captain Kirk inadvertently striking this pose, with a snarky caption.

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alternative title(s): Disco Point; Standard Disco Dance Pose; Skyward Pointing Dance Pose
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