Video Game: Persona 4: Dancing All Night

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"All this energy’s got us inspired now,
We couldn’t stop it,
Just set it free, and

Persona 4: Dancing All Night is a 2015 Spin-Off Rhythm Game based on Persona 4 for the PlayStation Vita.

The plot takes place after the extended epilogue of Persona 4 Golden. Rise "Risette" Kujikawa is back in showbiz after her year-long hiatus. Everything goes well until rumors spread that if you watch a particular video on a particular website at exactly midnight, you'll be pulled to the "other side." Sure enough, Rise's Friendly Rival Kanami Mashita goes missing shortly thereafter in a manner eerily similar to the rumor. Fearing the worst, Rise contacts Yu Narukami and the Investigation Team to help solve the mystery and rescue her friend.

Gameplay is largely reminiscent of the Hatsune Miku Project DIVA series of games, as the original development team for Dancing All Night was largely made up of Project DIVA developers before Atlus decided to take over the project. The songs are all remixes of some of the most popular songs in the game covered by various artists. You can play as any of the Investigation Team members plus Kanami, Nanako or Margaret during the songs, though most default to one of the party members.

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