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Awesome Music: Shin Megami Tensei
Megami Tensei II
  • With the power of the N163 chip at his fingertips, Tsukasa Masuko gives the Famicom one of its finest boss battle songs: "Death Match".
  • And who could forget the earworm that is "Explorer".
  • Hallucination, the overworld theme for Makai, is quite good as well.
  • Devil Speak, the theme of the Jakyou Manor/Mansion of Heresy/Cathedral of Shadows all began with this.
  • OMEGA, the theme for Final Boss Satan and True Final Boss YHVH.

Shin Megami Tensei I
  • One of the most famously awesome songs of the series comes from the original: Ginza has to be one of the coolest songs in the series.
  • The Battle Theme, which is pretty hard rocking for being one of the earlier games.
  • The Boss Theme, note that this link is for the track from the official soundtrack, and the full version isn't heard in game until it's reused in Shin Megami Tensei If.... Before then, the first part of the song is just looped.
  • Arcade, which was remixed admirably in Nocturne as the Ginza theme.
  • The Law alignment's theme, quite fitting of the Messians.
    • It got remixed in Nocturne - now even more awesome!
  • Embassy, and just like the boss battle, the full version can only be heard in the soundtrack.
  • Cathedral for the final dungeon. Of which only the first 20 seconds are looped in the game.
  • The PSX version of the OST.

Shin Megami Tensei II

Majin Tensei

Majin Tensei II Spiral Nemesis

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne
  • Mysterious and foreboding, the opening is the perfect foreshadowing of what is to come.
  • The music that occurs during the scenes before and during the Conception. It starts with a somber yet peaceful piano intro during the conversation with Yuko before steadily begins to build up moments before the Conception occurs. Once the apocalypse starts in full sway, a majestic and epic organ plays throughout the following destruction of the world and the forming of the Vortex World, building up to a magnificent crescendo before being followed by an epic rock piece mixed with the organs to show that shit just got real.
  • Fierce and bestial, Beelzebub's battle song will make you fear flies.
  • The Reason boss battle song is as dignified as an angry god. Nothing says you're fighting the god behind an entire world's philosophy quite like that.
  • A two-fer! Demon World Master lets you know who exactly is in charge, while Metatron's battle song does the same.
  • And then there's Battle with Dante/Raidou.
    • When you hear this song, you know that badassery is just around the corner.
  • The Normal Battle theme. The fact that it's used during the Bonus Boss fight in Digital Devil Saga over the half dozen others themes is proof that it is that badass.
    • The best part of the theme (which you don't get when listening to a single recording of it) is that it has multiple variations of the main riff that are chosen randomly during the actual game. It really helps to keep it sounding fresh.
  • When you look death in the face, you don't hear yourself laughing. You hear this.
  • This boss battle theme is pretty badass, too.
  • There's also Large Map: Last Area. If there were ever a theme that would perfectly underscore a Power Walk, this would be it.
  • From among the other regular battle themes: World Map Battle goes for straight up rocking. Town Battle throws in a jazzy flair to complement the rocking. Amala Network Battle which is originally from Shin Megami Tensei If.. And finally, there's the Amala Bonus Dungeon Battle Theme.
  • Get to the final boss and you get this.
  • Metatron's battle theme. A perfect fit for the voice of god.

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey
  • From Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, we have The Fear of God. It's the random battle theme.
    • You know you've got yourself a game with good music if the normal battle theme is awesome.
  • And then we have the title screen music, where we see the Red Sprite, Blue Jet, Elve, and Gigantic racing toward the Antarctic storm that is the Schwarzwelt, while listening to this.
  • The first dungeon music that plays is A Scorched Nation. The game has no pretenses about making it clear that you're entering hell.
  • Take the Shield, Raise the Spear
  • It doesn't end there, since when you fight an unknown enemy or a Mini-Boss, you get An Honor Befitting That Name.
  • At the lowest points of the game's story where you feel like you can't go on, you'll definitely need inspirational speeches and Morale.
  • In the Master's Name, which plays whenever you're in a situation where shit just got real.
  • Holy Miracle. Never before has the phrase "God is PISSED!" been more appropriate.
  • And then there's Vehement Rage, the track for a sector boss.
  • The Tyrannical Hero is perhaps the best battle them in the whole game, and it really captures the emotion of a battle to the death with Jimenez, pretty much your closest friend on the Red Sprite.
  • Scepter of Justice.

Shin Megami Tensei IV
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV's music has plenty of candidates, such as the hard-rocking Boss Battle and The Archangels, which plays against Uriel, Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael, who are fought in DLC. The main boss theme also plays during several of the ultimate Bonus Bosses (such as Astaroth and Beelzebub), to hammer home how dangerous these particular demons are.
  • The Tokyo Overworld theme is incredible as well. It is both epic and sad at the same time. Fitting for a world that is about to end.
  • As you and your fellow Samurai reach Ueno Station shortly after arriving in Tokyo, the rather dreary Ueno Underground District theme plays, highlighting just how much of a Crapsack World Tokyo is compared to Mikado.
  • And as you get accustomed to Tokyo and arrive in Shinjuku Station, the more upbeat Shinjuku Underground District theme plays.
  • The Infernal Tokyo Theme is also quite good.
  • The Tokyo Battle Theme can quickly excite a player.
  • Tired of listening to that theme? Don't worry, the Blasted Tokyo Battle Theme (a very similar song is used for the Infernal Tokyo Battle Theme) will have you rocking again.
  • The Domain Boss Theme, despite rarely playing in the main story, is one of the best battle themes in the game.
  • The Infernal Kasumigaseki is a simple but heavy theme that gets your blood pumping. Sadly, it's only used in one room in the entire game.
  • Merkabah II, which plays for the One Winged Angel form for the fusion of the Archangels and Jonathan who serves as the leader of the Law forces.
  • Challenge Quest Alpha, which plays while a Challenge Quest to slay demons is activated, keeps your blood pumped for the quest.
    • Challenge Quest Beta, which plays while an exploration or escort Challenge Quest is activated, keeps you focused on your task.
  • The Ikebukuro Underground District gets some pretty snazzy music after you liberate it from Xi Wangmu.
  • So you're just beating up hordes of reasonably difficult mooks for a quest, finish off the last one, and breathe a sigh of relief. Then David appears and the Fiend theme from III comes back in all its "prepare to get wrecked" glory!
  • The theme for Camp Ichigaya, an ideal synth piece for the last dungeon before you go to the alternate versions of Tokyo.
  • Isabeau's Theme. A really epic yet sad piece, perfect for late in the story when you are forced to fight her to the death in the Law and Chaos routes.
  • The final area for the Law and Neutral routes is a great, heavy, piece that captures the atmosphere of the place. Note, the song title contains spoilers for the final boss of said routes.
  • Kiyoharu's theme, which plays in Blasted Shinjuku. As a subdued arrangement of the Shin Megami Tensei I Law theme, it reflects the catastrophic damage that the forces of Law inflicted upon Tokyo, forcing humans to corral up in the last bastion of safety.


Persona 2

Persona 3
  • Aria of the Soul, a remix of the original Velvet Room theme. Dignified and mysterious, perfect for Igor, and so amazing that it's re-used in Persona 4. Then...
  • The opening movie sets the tone with Burn My Dread.
  • Heartful Cry from The Answer accompanies three of the most emotionally rending boss fights in the game.
  • And for a dark horse favorite, there's Shadow, the theme as The Magician's attacking the dorm.
  • Persona 3 Portable brings some new songs to the table, from the epic new opening Soul Phrase to the Female Protagonist's new battle theme and boss battle.
  • Memories of You.
  • Listen to this [1] of "Heartful Cry". In fact, just listen to the whole live concert.
  • Mass Destruction, the song when you fight random battles.
    • You know what's even better than that? A dual-mix version
    • This version, which plays during random battles of The Answer.
  • Unavoidable battle, especially with a fight against certain Bonus boss.
  • Master of Tartarus deserves a mention also.
  • Once you get to the last month of the game, the themes for the locations around the city get changed. And the city theme, Memories of the City is the best one of them all. The more somber-sounding theme really fits the darker look of the city, as well as the sheer weight of what the characters are preparing to do.
    • Living with Determination often plays during sad moments and when someone reaches the resolution they need to evolve their persona. A remix plays after New Year's Eve in the dorm. It pumps the player up to prepare for the arrival of Nyx.
  • Master of Shadow, the theme of the Moon Shadow bosses. Otherworldly awesome.
  • Deep Breath Deep Breath, the song only plays during when you're on the train going to fight the first shadow. But it's still awesome.
    • It also plays during Operation Babe Hunt!
  • Darkness, the theme for the final boss fight of The Answer. Sounds a bit like "Divine Identity" (see the Digital Devil Saga section), and evokes the same feeling: "Let's go kick ass!"
  • Snow Queen, a truly awesome remix of the Megami Ibunroku Persona song of the same name.
    • Speaking of remixes, Maya's theme is a huge tearjerker, especially if you know the game.
  • Brand New Days, which is the P3 main screen theme. It also is the theme of choice for one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in the game.
  • A vocalized remix plays during the credits to The Answer.
  • School would be much more popular if they piped the upbeat and catchy Want to be Close into the halls. Oddly, take away the percussion and piano and you've got the appropriately titled Tranquility.
  • The Spring of Birth movie brings us "More Than One Heart". Appropriate to the movie's title, the song makes you feel like you're out in the middle of a spring day, basking in the sunlight.

Persona 4

Persona 4 Arena

Devil Summoner

Digital Devil Saga

Devil Survivor
  • Demon Of Darkness, which plays during the opening and manages Soundtrack Dissonance without sounding any less epic.
  • Pinch Battle, the stage theme for your Big Damn Heroes moments; you'll feel like a badass every time you hear it.
  • Depending on what ending you got, Deep Darkness will make you feel like either a powerful god or a total jerk.
  • Last Decision, the final boss theme in most routes.
  • And of course the main theme, in both vocal and instrumental flavours.
  • Deep Night, the map music that plays during a boss fight, manages to sum up the battle in four words using music alone: "Shit just got real."
  • Garuda, the map music that plays when you fight against the final boss, and the bonus boss. It manages to rock your socks off, and still maintain a majestic feel to it.
  • Rival Battle, the wonderfully creepy map music that plays when fighting a formerly friendly character.
  • Even the standard battle songs, Battle Beat and Aggressive Tune, are utterly awesome rock pieces.
  • Soul Survive. The opening theme of Overclocked is just amazing.
  • Overclocked gives us Confusion as the map theme for the final fight of the 8th Days, with High touch being the new fast-paced final boss theme.
  • Cool Jam, the demon auction music, which also plays when Black Frost joins the party and functions as a sort of theme tune for him.

Devil Survivor 2
  • Mugen no Sekai, which can be translated variously as "Infinite World" or "Dream World". The opening theme of the game has a sweet and hopeful vibe to its deadly-sounding title.
    • The final battlefield theme: Akashic Records which is a rearrangement of the title theme.
  • The Septentriones' themes, both the obviously-titled field theme Septentrion and the battle theme Break Out. The field theme is appropriate for when you're readying yourself to attack a incomprehensible enemy, but when you get to the actual battle theme, you realise just how much weight the battle holds.
    • The remix of Septentrion used in the second phase of the final battle, Will of the Species, is truly excellent as well.
    • Speaking of the final battle, here is The World's Administrator, playing during battles against the last form of Polaris; giving the feel that he is no longer tolerant of your party of "foolish humans". All the sweeter when you kick his ass!
  • Not to mention Desperate Situation. You're fighting against unfathomable odds, but you have awesome music to pull you through.
  • A Gloomy Person. It's enough of a reason to talk to the Anguished One at every opportunity, even discounting the fact that his path is a "good" ending.
  • No matter what ending you take, it feels good and fulfilling when you get this theme here to greet you.
  • Beyond the Firmament. One of the most beautiful and Tear jerking piano pieces ever composed. You've outdone yourself Kenji Ito.
  • Shudder, the boss music when you fight really strong unlockable demons. Plays in every optional boss.
  • Even the standard battle music is cool.
  • Battle Against a Sworn Friend, which plays when you fight Ronaldo the first time, as well as when everyone goes their separate ways on Saturday. On a certain route, you fight EVERYONE, though that ending is considered to be one of the few genuinely happy endings.
  • Break Out. The Septentrion battle theme. Really gives you the feeling shit is about to go down.
  • Battle of the Brave. When you hear it, it means you and your party are going to be doing something awesome.
  • Challenging Fate, so-named because it's usually played in battles where you save someone from their fated death.


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