Nightmare Fuel: Persona 4: Dancing All Night

  • Whomever watches the video may never wake up again. Could Apathy Syndrome be making a comeback?
    • In fact Naoto mentions how similar this case is, to the Apathy Syndrome incident at Tatsumi Port Island.
    • The mention of "another world" and the area being dubbed the Midnight Stage also raises concerns that the Midnight Channel is relapsing into the Death World it once was. This was fortunately Jossed as Teddie describes the Stage as "being in the same neighborhood, but not his home."
  • The opening cutscenes for the story mode has Kanami as a child walking into a dark room to follow an idol singer Yuko Osada, only for the singer to drop from the ceiling, hanged from the neck.
  • The way the Midnight Stage works: your sense of self is broken down until you're absorbed into one big, slavish hivemind, and can only act how others want you to. The voice of the entity controlling the place is also pretty creepy.
  • The...unsettling music that plays in the Midnight Stage (actually a reversed, distorted version of Kanami singing Yuko's Calystegia). Yosuke outright calls it hellish, and for good reason.
  • The true form of Mikuratana-no-Kami is rather disturbing to look at. She looks like a purple-skinned giant with her skin melting off while her body is covered with large faces what look like they are screaming in agony.