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Funny: Daily Life with Monster Girl

  • In the volume one omake, the first three girls (Miia, Papi and Centorea) clamoring to know what Kimihito's fetish is. His response?
  • Any time Centorea gets flustered, really. A prime example would be the first time she and Kimihito hold hands. It doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
    • The aftermath of her and Miia's fantasies about starting a family with Kimihito. While Miia is happy as can be, Centorea is mortified.
    • And then there's her Intimate Healing moments in Chapter 13: her Headbutt Thermometer, and her warming Kimihito (Suu) with her own body temperature, both ending with her face-down on a table and muttering to herself. note 
    • Chapter 17 has her enjoying her reward: holding hands with her master. That she is so out-there is hilarious and very cute.

Chapter 2

Chapter 9

Chapter 11

  • The Orcs' list of "Demands," which consist entirely of wanting "OrcxSomething" Eroge. Or porn.

Chapter 12

  • Miia doing her level best to try and get Kimihito's attention away from Mero. And her frustration at everyone else falling for her charms.
    • And to top it off, while Mero may be romantically interested in Kimihito, she wants to have a "tragic romance".

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

  • Suu beating on Kimihito, simply because Miia, Centorea, and Mero were doing the same thing. It's really her clueless, confused expression while holding a club that makes it.

Chapter 16

  • Rachnera's Blatant Lies about Kimihito surprising her on the toilet. It's really her clearing her throat beforehand that takes the cake.

Chapter 17

  • Papi and Suu wearing Centoria's bra on their heads.
  • After overexerting themselves swimming and suffering from cold/chlorinated water, Miia and Meron claim their prize at the finish line: A bop on the head and a scolding from Kimihito for nearly hurting themselves in this race.
    • Then they find out Centoria won the race, despite her body not being built for swimming at all.
  • How Rachnera—who volunteered to keep an eye on Suu and Papi while everyone else was out swimming—is seen in the last panel of Ch. 17 completely worn out, with her charges playing in swings made out of her own silk?
    Rachnera: [completely frazzled] H...hurry up and get home already...

Chapter 18

  • Upon learning who Kimihito is going out with, the girls all have horrified looks except Papi, who is blissfully oblivious, as usual.
  • Suu chugging a water bottle she swiped while pretending to be Papi's outfit.
  • Miia picking a super bad time to call Papi. Namely, when her cellphone falls into her panties.
  • Miia and Centoria when their attempts to spy on Kimihito using Suu as a disguise inevitably go wrong.
  • Miia sneaking to the love hotel, Solid Snake style (complete with costume), with Suu as a box. It's really the slime's eyes and antenna that make the scene.
    Miia: This is Sna... Miia!
  • Not to mention, Rachnera is dressed as The Boss when Miia runs into her.
  • A small one, but you can't help but smile at Papi's face when the girls finally sit down and learn the truth.
  • When Rachnera gets Blank White Eyes, it extends to all of them. Nice touch there, Okayado.

Chapter 19

  • When Miia and Kimihito see a pair of fish kissing, they are about to share one too, before Mero suddenly pops in to reveal that those are actually male fish competing with each other. Miia's reaction to this only adds to the moment: she's so apoplectic she can't even DO anything for a panel except stand there frozen with FOUR Cross-Popping Veins on the back of her head and one on the back of her hand.
    Miia: ..........!!!!
  • Kimihito and Miia notice a crab in the aquarium straddling a pipe apparently asleep. Kimihito notes that it reminds him of Rachnee, with a picture in the background of the arachne in question in the exact same position: straddling a web fast asleep, with a bag of chips held limply in one of her hands.
  • While Tionishia is keeping an eye on Miia, it's revealed that she's carrying a real dolphin, with Blank White Eyes no less. Never has animal cruelty and a living being's distress been so hilarious.
    Aquarium Worker: Miss, I know I said you can touch the dolphins, but you can't take the dolphins with you! Miss!
  • Draco realizes the oars are missing. Cut to a shot of Mero several feet away, said oars in her hands.
  • The Reveal of Draco's gender. Suddenly, lingerie!
  • Kimihito giving Miia a snake pendant coiled in the shape of a heart and the resulting hug. At first it's heartwarming, but it goes right into funny as Miia's hug starts breaking Kimihito's skeleton.

Chapter 20

  • Zombina succinctly summarizes the entirety of this chapter: "What's going on?!"
    • Followed up by her reaction to Giant Suu and Giant Kii about to fall on her. It's her expression that makes it.
    Zombina: Uh...
  • What seems like a lovely barbecue in the beautiful outdoors is revealed to be an illegal dumping site.
  • Papi's brain overheating from trying to actually remember something for once.
    • Also this exchange:
    Papi: Beats me! I forgot all about her after I planted her!
    Kimihito: You're horrible!
  • Giant!Suu.
  • How do you shrink a giant Dryad who's been enlarged by illegal super fertilizer? Suck it out of her. Through where, exactly? Her breasts.
  • Kii can't write.
  • The Stinger: they forgot about Zombina this time.

Chapter 21

  • Before the chapter even starts, we are treated to this full-colour gem:
    Centorea: Well, being sexually accosted by Suu is the norm around here.
    Miia: Just be patient until Suu lets go of you, alright?
    Rachnera: I'm never taking a bath with you guys ever again!
  • Centorea dons full armour for her date with Kimihito so she can protect him. According to one line, she even wanted to put on more—lance, shield, bow, and full quiver.
    • Later on, her blazing hot dedication to her master's safety.
  • Centorea's steering Kimihito away from "danger," which includes:
    • Walking too close to the street.
    • Schoolgirls looking for donations
    • A pimp
    • His ringing cellphone, because it could be a scam
  • Manako gets no breaks:
    • Being intimidated by Centorea's over-protectiveness
    • Getting trolled by Lilith, the demon girl
  • Rachnera merrily waving from the alleyway:
    Rachnera: I'll be watching from the shadows today~ Plus, it's fun to watch you and Centorea-chan! So have fun on your date, you two~
    Centorea: (burning bright red) Th-this is not a date!
  • Centorea's rear end getting stuck in some automatic sliding doors.
    Centorea: Kh... pray forgive me.
  • Hypnotized!Centorea giving Kimihito Marshmallow Hell.
  • Boar Ex Machina
    Lilith: Hey, who's there? Be quiet, they'll see us! (later) Why is there a boar here!?
    • Later on, the look on its face after Centorea drills it with a slab of wood.
  • Rachnera got a new toy.
    Rachnera: Okay, then. Now what should I do with you~?
  • Lilith realizing it was a bad idea to push Rachnera's buttons like that.
  • Centorea's apron doesn't fit. It's clearly straining because of her extremely ample chest.
  • Papi's little tantrum regarding Centorea's cooking.
    Papi: Papi wants meat! Meat, meat, MEAT!
  • Miia and Papi trying to feed Suu vegetables, ala feeding a dog under the table.

Chapter 22

  • Zombina "accidentally" dropping her boob and forcing Kimihito to sew it back on.
  • Tionisha dragging Kimihito around (by the leg at one point) on their "date".

Chapter 23

  • The dullahan's body has its own speech bubbles, in case she is beheaded. Its reaction to being offered cookies is just priceless. (≻∀≺)
  • When Kimihito finally finds the dullahan's head, she starts portentously declaiming about how he's going to serve her, to blank looks from Kimihito, who doesn't have a clue what she's going on about. In the end, she gets adorkably embarrassed, and admits she just wants him to return her head to her body.
  • Rachnera offers to reattach the dullahan's head to her body. The dullahan, remembering just what Rachnera did when she was left with her body, hides behind Kimihito.
  • The dullahan drinking a cup of tea. Naturally, head and body being separate, she can't simply use her mouth... so she pours it down her neck. Miia and Centorea's reactions are priceless.
    • Even better: the tea's still too hot and both her body and severed head start sweating and panicking.

Chapter 24

  • Centorea's beautiful medieval fantasy of becoming disgraced knights with her master, adventuring through the lands together, is almost immediately interrupted by Kimihito falling off the saddle and smashing his head against the pavement.
  • Kimihito decides to prove he isn't actually going to die by raising as many Death Flags as possible. When he walks into the street, it looks like he's about to get hit by a truck. Instead, he gets hit by a toy truck that's only as tall as his knee. There's also a guy with a remote controller in the background saying "Sorry!" for hitting him.
  • Kimihito's Dark Past. In middle school, he basically tried to invoke as many cool tropes as possible, like Eyepatch of Power, Handwraps of Awesome, Coat Cape, and Gratuitous Foreign Language, to no avail.

Chapter 25

  • Lala becoming the latest victim of Miia's cooking: whatever Miia whipped up, it was so incomprehensibly vile it turned Lala into a Yukkuri, complete with a little ghost floating out of her mouth saying "Take it easy in the afterlife!" Her body is a few feet away, slumped in a chair twitching, with smoke coming out of her neck.
  • When the girls are out shopping Papi is giving rides with all the children are hoping to fly next. While this is happening Suu is giving kids rides with her tentacles all of which are completely terrified.
  • Poisoned!Suu.
  • Cerea is offended at the mere mention of carrying groceries, as she is not a pack horse. Then Kimihito asks her to carry the groceries and she does it anyway. Mero's expression is priceless.
    Mero: Miss... Centora...
    Centora: Ng, not a word!
  • Kimihito shoves his head inside Suu's body & screams his lungs out after Ms. Smith tells him that all living expenses for his household will be reimbursed & covered by The Organization.
  • The ending:
    The next day, they ate out for all three meals. They ate at a steak restaurant during a half-off sale. Cerea had a salad.
    They were then banned from the restaurant.

Chapter 26

Chapter 26.5
  • Anytime the girls call Miia mushy.
  • Centorea breaks Miia's special sofa, and in a panic decides to use Suu as a substitute while she orders a new one. Then Rachnera decides to give the "sofa" a try, and realises it's the one housemate she's powerless against just a little too late...

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